Fairy Tail is a popular Anime tunjuk that's very good. The tunjuk has several good characters. This senarai is about the characters that I like the most.

10. Makarov

Makarov is the boss of the members of the Fairy Tail Guild. Despite being a supporting character he's in charge of the main characters. He's a good leader.

9. Elfman

Elfman is a recurring character who pretty much exists for comedy relief and he's good at being a funny comedy relief.

8. Reedus

Reedus Jonhah is another recurring character who's a comedy relief. He is a likeable and enjoyable comedy relief.

7. Gray

Gray is 1 of Fairy Tail's main characters. He's a cool and entertaining character. He's almost as entertaining as Natsu. Not as much, but close.

6. Natsu

Natsu is 1 of the stars of Fairy Tail. He's 1 of the show's coolest, most entertaining, and funny characters. He works well as being a good hero and comedic character.

5. Duke Everlue

Duke Everlue is my kegemaran Fairy Tail villain. I really like enjoyably corny villains and Duke is a good example of why corny villains are entertaining.

4. Juvia

Juvia is a supporting character. She is the show's cutest character. Her personality and her crush on Gray are so cute. She's a lovable character.

3. Erza

Erza is 1 of Fairy Tail's main characters. She is often considered to be the show's coolest characters which is pretty understandable. She's pretty awesome.

2. Loke

Loke is my kegemaran Fairy Tail guy. He is such a well developed, interesting, and cool character. Plus his personality is pretty great. I wish that he was 1 of the main characters.

1. Lucy

Lucy is 1 of the stars of Fairy Tail. She's a really good protagonist who is likeable, interesting, cool, and funny. Her flaws as a hero make her lebih relatable and make the times where she succeeds lebih important. Lucy isn't perfect which is why she's perfect. That makes sense if anda don't think about it.