Laser senapang
What type of weapon should anda use: Small Pistol atau energy weapons?
Well, Energy Weapons are certainly lebih commonplace in the Capital Wasteland than the Small Guns. Sure, both are very easy to find, but the easiest type of weapon to find are the energy weapons, with the Laser Pistol available early on at the Super Duper Mart. Protectrons and robots are easy sources of energy weapon ammo, as well as the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel. Energy weapons are sejak far most accurate, durable, and have higher criticals.
Small guns, in the other hand, are significantly lebih powerful. A conventional Assault senapang is lebih harmful - in terms of damage - and can hold its own even against the lebih powerful Plasma Rifle.
In conclusion, Energy Weapons is the best option in order to survive lebih easily out there. It has many lebih advantages than the Small Pistol - even though Small Pistol tend to have a higher damage- and is easy to find. In other words, anda won't have to worry about running out of weapons when anda are using an Energy Weapon.
Assault senapang