Look Meg's my 3rd kegemaran character in the tunjuk after Peter and Stewie. However, her fanbase on websites such as DeviantArt.com and fanfiction.net has gotten way out of control for the past decade and so on. I'm really starting to dislike her because of her overrated fanbase. It's way too toxic. The Meg bashing has died down over the years but the hate art and revenge fanfics of her killing her family has gotten worse to the point of me to almost not care for hér presence on the tunjuk anymore. The Meg bashing wasn't as bad as her peminat-peminat made it out to be. Yes the infamous episode that everyone loves to bash to death was the one where she called her family out on their flaws and the ending pissed nearly everyone off. That's when the hatred for the other characters online got intense to the point of me thinking was Meg really that great of a character? Don't get me wrong Meg's a character, but her fandom sucks. Hell, this crap wouldn't have happened if she was fleshed out in a different direction. LIke I berkata it's not Meg herself, it's her godawful peminat-peminat on other sites not this site. I just wanted to call out the bad aspects of Meg's fanbase and their repetitive hatred towards the other characters mainly Peter who in baru-baru ini years in most Peter-Meg episodes even from the earlier seasons they have plenty of hidden depths in their relationships despite the lack of continuity. All the characters are flawed like us. Even we can be jerk at times. Nobody is perfect. However, the whole family deserves redemption arcs to rehumanize them again. We need band together as non toxic peminat-peminat and support the writers and finally let go of certain episodes that we all find unforgiving and alih on. We need to fight back the hatedom that Phantomstrider, Ben the Loooney, Mr. Enter, and other online critics did to this tunjuk through positive reception of peminat art and heartwarming fanfiction.