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*tears* Gaz break my arm back in "stop moving cry baby" she berkata not even caring if I was hurt "you heal...". If your saying how this happen... Well that's for a new time from the past when I started fighting the 3 worm baby's... "ok this will do for now so rest" Gaz berkata in Lil anger for the 3 worm baby's doing this to me... "see bad I told you, anda suck at fighting those 3 girls... Hmm" yeah she's right I didn't knew how powerful they were "maybe if we think of a plan to take them out but for now rest"

I can't even alih my broken arm... I look at Gaz.. She was very pretty for a human... But I'm a alien.. Heh a Irken I don't think it likely go well with humans... atau do they?... Hmm

Gaz look at me for a long time thinking of some thing.. But what... I notice she was sharing at my below body part where hmm human males have if anda get what this mean "uhh Gaz can.. anda stop looking down there I don't think anda find any thing down there any ways" Gaz look at me In anger of what I berkata "yeah I know..." she just didn't wanted to say it... She's in Cinta with me.. ha! I have no feelings to Cinta "I don't know it's just funny..." she rub my bottom low body "uhh Gaz"

I blush blue and look away... What the in Irken she doing.. I'm to weak to even stop her... Damn guess she got me in this round "mhh.. I can't stop now!" I look in shock as she pull down my pants and saw that I was lying "uhh!?" Gaz look at me up "you lier it looks like a male dick" I blush us really hard "ahh... I don't know what anda mean... Nasty human.." she grab it and started going up and down slowly

"what are anda doing.. This is peminat pop I think they won't allow this.. Ahhh" she started to go faster and put it in her mouth "whyyyy... Ohhh" I started feeling really funny down there "uhh... St...op I'm... Feeling... Funny" she kept going and i came in her mouth "uhh... My... Irken.." Gaz got up and left with a evil smrik and close the door "oh no... This is bad... Now I'm going to turn Tina crazy human sex thingy atau whatever they call it.... Ima go crazy.... Doing every female humans..." I sigh in anger till I had grain my muscle to alih I pull up my pants and pass out on the katil "damn.... anda Gaz...." I berkata sleepy... "why do I feel sleepy... I'm Irken... I never feel sleepy" I was knock out... Than...

Gaz was playing with Gir with a evily smrik still....

Sorry for he rated M going on but it's Fanfiction I guess no one don't mind I I change the story lebih um crazy nasty humans....
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Smile sejak Avril Lavigne version sejak me!

You know that I write fanfics,

I post what I want when I feel like it,

All I want to do is lose control (oh oh)

But anda don’t really care about it,

You review and subscribe and kegemaran it,

Cuz anda read whatever that gets post(ed)

You berkata ‘what’s

This story’,

It took one look,

And now we’re not the same,

Yeah anda berkata ‘what’,

And since that day,

You turned obsessed and you’re the one to blame,


And that's why... I write,

It's been a while,

Since one of my fanfics have had actually been read…

And now,

You turn it all around,

And suddenly...
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Heyy, this is something I wrote a while lalu for Emmett and Rosalie, please komen there will be lebih chapters :) x

OK, let me just get this out now, I am NOT a vampire, I want to be, I wish I was but I am not. Well not yet anyway. I can tell anda my story so far. My life. I can’t promise that it was the best life ever lived, actually it was bad, horrible and just down right crap, and I’m only 12. My life got better eventually though and when I have telah diberi anda all my past information then anda can choose if anda want to live the rest of my life with me atau not. My name is Caitlyn Aimee Mailan...
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Can anybody tell me if this work is good enough to muat naik on FanFicion, atau if it's just crap? It's the first half of chapter 1 to a story I am writing, however I've always had a problem with writing. I'm Dyslexic, so my work always comes out as a jumbled atau scrambled mess, even though my story is clear in my head it just never comes out that way whenever I try to writeT_T So if anda have time, care atau interest please read this and tell me what anda think, all criticism is welcome, just don't be too harsh, okay. Thank you, and any help and atau Nasihat would be highly appreciated.

Chapter 1

‘I know...
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My alarm rang at 6 pm for high school of mistical creatures/students (a private and secret school). School starts at 8:30 pm for those who need to be shaded from the sun. the school is located in sunny californina near san diego.

i dragged my feet from my katil and headed down the hall to my sister's room to wake her up for our "breakfast" but to others it would be dinner. my mother had made pork chops with mash potatoes and peas. After the meal me and my sister went to go get ready. as we were about to leave we berkata good night to our mother.

The time was 7:15 and i got in my car to warm it up...
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Chapter 1: New Life, New Begginings

The door flew open. Maria entered. Maria had dreaded this day. The hari she was opening the foreign doors into her new life. The exact same hari she was closing the familiar door on her old life. Last night she couldn't sleep because of it: the nerves had gotten to her.

What if someone found out how she got into this place?

Or worse, what would they make of it?

She now felt miserable. A step into this place and she was already miserable, what a great start to a new day! It was her first hari at Noughts & Crosses boarding school and she already didn't like...
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Elena’s POV
    The night got colder as I walked further away from the Founder’s hari party. Just a few lebih steps and I’ll be at the school.
    I reached the school’s front door but when I tried to open them but they wouldn’t budge. I gave up and sighed. I crossed my arm’s trying to keep warm. Looking around trying to find another way in, though the only way I knew of was the doors in the back of the school.
    I slowly walked my self to the back doors. I grabbed the frost bitten door handle and pulled it open. Once I walked...
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Sometime in our life, everyone must face the fear of rejection and being alone in the big, messed upn world.
Just what exactly do we know about love?
What insanity drives us to go through the whole heart-aching process that we dearly desire?

I, myself faced a type of rejection not long ago. There was a guy i liked in my year, who is very cute and therefor has lots of pretty peminat-peminat of his own.
One day, i decided that i was getting too depressed about the whole thing and decided to tell him. atau ecactly get my mate to tell him, and it turned out...not so greatly.
He knew that i like him-am i too obvious?-and does not, in any way at all, like me.

i tried not to be so damn depressed, but i cracked when i was walking home, i started crying. and he has no idea what an idiot i felt like, likig someone who doesn't like me. who doesn't know i exists...
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Veronica ordered them to stop in front of a stake. In the center there was a big pole where they were being tied onto.
“Where’s Elena?” Damon begged to know.
“She’s with her brother” Veronica replied.
“Don’t hurt her. She’s sick” Damon appealed.
“She’s just a girl. It’s not her fault she’s the doppelganger. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’d sacrifice herself for her loved ones anytime” Stefan tried to reason with Veronica.
“Shut up, both of you. She’s responsible for Tyler’s transition to a hybrid. It’s a good thing he was the only hybrid ever created”...
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A couple of hours later Veronica unchained Damon. “Don’t even think about running” she berkata threatening. She opened the door and three of her minions appeared. They cuffed Damon’s hands and feet and when Damon looked up he saw Stefan, Katherine and Caroline were all chained onto each other. Veronica’s minions dragged Damon ke hadapan and chained him onto the rest.
“Now, walk” Veronica ordered. They wouldn’t alih and thus Veronica nodded at one of her minions. He fired a bullet and Katherine screamed.
Stefan started moving, but Katherine, Caroline and Damon tried to stop him.
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The door opened and Derek appeared. He gasped at the blood and the insides lying on the floor.
“What happened?” he asked difficult.
“Exactly what happens when anda double menyeberang, cross me” Veronica shrugged. She walked past him to Jeremy’s cell. “Where’s Damon Salvatore?”
“They brought him to a private room, like anda asked” Derek answered agitated. “Veronica, anda need to call this off. What you’re doing is wrong”
Veronica turned to him. “You’d be very wise to shut up now” she said. She walked through a door at the end of the room, entering another one.
Damon was chained...
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Veronica parked her car in front of her Supernatural prison. She stepped out and walked to the back of her car.
Two of her minions, guarding the entrance, came towards her to give her a hand. Veronica unlocked the batang and the two men grabbed Jeremy’s arm.
“Lock him up” she ordered furious. They both held him tightly, though he was in no condition to fight them. “Is Rachel inside?”
One of them confirmed that and she headed to the entrance. Rachel was pacing through the room where Caroline, Stefan and Katherine were captivated.
“Can I talk to anda for a moment?” she asked dead serious....
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Elijah walked through the woods. After some bickering with Rebekah they had agreed it would be safest if one of them, Rebekah, would stay behind and man the headquarters, while the other, Elijah, would go back to Esther’s grave.
He removed the stone and climbed downstairs. Two coffins were still closed. Elijah walked to the coffin that stood on the left side of his. He opened it and revealed the body of his oldest brother Finn.
Elijah slowly removed the dagger. While Finn slowly regained his life force, Elijah walked to the only closed coffin left. He opened it and gazed at the undead body...
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While storming through the hallways of the hospital, Damon attempted to call Stefan, but once again he failed. He was in such a hurry he didn’t see Meredith and bumped right into her.
“Sorry” he mumbled distracted.
“Where are anda heading so fast?” Meredith asked surprised. Damon didn’t answer that question. Instead he leaned ke hadapan and mumbled: “Make sure no one enters Elena’s room”
Meredith frowned at that somewhat strange request, but promised Damon she’d tried to keep an eye on his girl.
Damon ran outside where he smelled the scent of blood. He looked down. A young woman...
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Klaus was running through the woods, trying to catch Tyler’s scent, when suddenly his hati, tengah-tengah ached. He gasped and grabbed for his chest, while falling on his knees. It felt as if someone was cutting out his heart.
“Tyler” he swallowed. He scribbled up as he heard sobbing and scraping. He ran in the direction of the sound and ended up at the cemetery. Caroline was standing a few yards away, a shovel in her hands. Even in the distance Klaus could see she was crying. Keeping in mind there was a Supernatural hating army on the loose, he walked towards her as slowly as possible.
When he stood...
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“I can do this all night long, anda know” Charlene berkata a little bored. She had been cutting into Tyler’s body if she felt he wasn’t answering her soalan in all honesty. And so far he hadn’t any answered any soalan in all honesty. “I’m wondering” she berkata slowly and sinister. “if you’d be so unwilling if it were Caroline hanging here”
“If anda touch her I’m going to rip your head off!” Tyler snapped threatening.
“Yeah, good look with that” Charlene replied sarcastically, with a look at the chains. “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. Answer one soalan and...
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The seterusnya morning
Caroline arrived in the kitchen, where the breakfast meja, jadual was set. Liz was making some coffee and it seemed as if she tried to avoid looking at her daughter.
“Mom?” Caroline said, sensing something was wrong. Liz didn’t react, but pretended to be busy. “Mom, what’s going on?”
“You want some coffee?” Liz asked, avoiding the question. Caroline got up and walked towards her mother. “Mom, what’s wrong? Why are anda Berlakon like this?”
Liz turned around and leaned against the sink. “I’ve been having flashes”
“Flashes of what?” Caroline asked.
“Of things...
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Kelsey’s body dropped on the floor and Damon appeared with her hati, tengah-tengah in his hand.
“You killed her” Stefan said.
“You’re welcome” Damon said.
“You shouldn’t have done that” Stefan said. “I deserved to die”
“You’re welcome” Damon repeated now pissed. Stefan’s ingratitude annoyed him immense. His ripper mood didn’t appeal to Damon, not anymore. But neither did he have to go back to his holier than the pope days.
“You always do this. anda face a problem anda can’t handle and so anda eliminate the problem” Stefan said.
Damon lifted up the body and threw it over his...
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