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( Please notice that I'm in a rush, please excuse any mistakes. )
I had actually planned on making an artikel about Fanpop a few months lalu and never had time and I still don't.
So instead of me just going into it full force detail like I planned I'm just gonna skim through it.
I'm Penulisan this because I've been on Fanpop since 2011 and it has been amazing, but in the past tahun atau so Fanpop has turned into a ghost town. It's so bad even some of the biggest Kelab aren't really active anymore.
It really makes me upset because I can't even go to most of the Kelab that I use to visit because it's...
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posted by deathding
Alright, I just wanted to say to the people who made this site, thank you, a lot. This website REALLY means so much to me, and I can't even describe how happy I am this place exists.

I remember WAY back I found this website a little before I went to school when I was searching up Tails from the Sonic series, and loved everything about this site! I even made a profil named Kirbysoda (You can still find it here) and met so many Friends it's ASTONISHING.

A little/long time later, I forgot my kata laluan (I WAS 8 YEARS OLD! >.<)

(I think. :P)

And sort of gave up on the place for a while. But...
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