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posted by vegeta007
Hiroto slowly awoke to find Lucy sitting seterusnya to him watching like a little puppy, “Hm ?” he asked trying to sit up but felt a pain in his stomach and laid down again
“Don’t try to move, your stomach is still not healed”Lucy berkata giving him some water.
“Thank you”Hiroto berkata taking it, “How did I get here ?” he asked taking a sip and looking around trying to find somewhere where he could get out
“That’s what I’d like to know”Lucy said, “I heard a cry from anda but when I got there anda were unconscious”
“I was ?”Hiroto asked holding his head and then his stomach,...
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    During the reception, Gabby had felt like the whole room was closing in on her and it was trapping her and it was going to kill her soul. The whole room's oil lamps felt like they where flickering and it felt like there was a dark tunnel and it was a pinpont ending. Going along the line getting thinner and darker as it a went down. She felt sickly and raw like a wound was opening up inside of her. She could not go though this....
    The rest of the night was Strained and incapable of happiness. Her father was silent and a little cold as a response...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
Miguel stood before the mirror and tried to see why he did not look okay to himself today. He tried lebih hair gel for his spikes. Still not right. His braces shined in the sunlight just rising above the horizon almost blinding him. "Stupid sunlight..." he whispered. It rose, but it was still very cold outside. Freezing even. A chill ran down his back and he whispered to the person that he felt was watching him, "I can feel you, your warmth. I know your there." He smiled...
    Last nigh something atau someone had awoken him in the most violent way possible. It was like the...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
The picnic had reminded her of a funeral. It had been very quiet ( with the exception of a very very vain Donte' talking of him self and nothing else.) His mother had tried to Converse with her, but Donte' had interrupted her at every turn he could. She could tell that his mother was getting very irritated with him and so was she....
    "So Gabrielle, what do anda think of this lovely weather we have been having lately? I for one just adore it....." she had started to have small talk with her then..
    "Well i just hate it because humidity makes my...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
Gabby felt a deep sting in her shoulder blade. She touched her bantal and found blood. but she had not cut herself, had she? There was no trace of anyone being there atau anything like a pisau on her whole bed. The she remembered the vision of sweet Miguel. He had gotten cut.... But how did that equal her getting cut? She was afraid. She was slowly but surely falling in Cinta with a boy she didn't even know and now she was being cut sejak a pisau that was not there in the same place as her. This was getting strange. Then she remembered, the reception was today.
"Oh my God!! It's today!" she yelled....
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Gabby opened her eyes feeling the dark circles underneath coming up to the surface. "Gurtrude, can anda please come in and help me?" She yelled. The elderly maid came in so fragile and danity that she seem a little younger.
    "Hello and goodmorning Ms. Gabrielle Conrad. Are anda going to the picnic with your fiancé Mr. Donte' and his mother this afternoon?" She asked politely. Tightening the corset around her torso much to tight. But Gabby didn't say a word.
"Actually, yes, I am...." She replied reluctantly.
     Further more, Gurtrude...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Gabby awoke with a abrupt startle....The vision had shaken her quite a bit, though they always did. The moon shone birght through the window making her puples retract from the brightness. The boy in her vision had been beautiful.. His name was Miguel Ararryo-Torres. She had no idea how she new that, she just did. She didn't even know when atau where he was.
    He had been in a small room. An attic maybe. And he had been sleeping in a tiny katil that took up most of the room there. A dresser had been shoved in and other little thing helter skelter. There...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
     Miguel walked slowly up the stairs and back to his bedroom. Mrs.Bangelle had made him work on etiquette for the three hours he had missed and even after it stopped raining, she had made him stay inside for lunch. Though she usually let him out so he could play Bola sepak at midday when they ate, she complained even of that today. No surprise there.                         "If anda go outside in the wet rumput you'll slip on the rumput and get your pants all...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Miguel awoke slowly in a deep sleep endused fog. The cold was coming from the window. Hadn't he closed it? "Oh my God!!" he yelled. "It's already 7:30?! I am so late!"
He was supposed to have woken up at 5:30. His aunt, Mrs. Bangenlle, as she made him call her, had a specific time to wake up atau anda where not fed. Though he was usually good at waking up on time, today he felt he could sleep forever..

    He rushed over to his dresser to get dressed, pulling out a plade madras baju and dark sagging jeans witch had been his mother's brother'a when he...
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posted by Knowitall123


Yacumama (South America) - Sea monster
Yadōkai (Japanese) - Malevolent, nocturnal spirit
Yagyō-san (Japanese) - Demon who rides through the night on a headless horse
Yaksha (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Male nature spirit
Yakshi (Keralite) - Vampire
Yakshini (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Female nature spirit
Yakubyō-gami (Japanese) - Disease and misfortune spirit
Yale (Medieval Bestiaries) - Antelope- atau goat-like animal with swiveling horns
Yallery-Brown (English) - Nature spirit
Yamaarashi (Japanese) - Porcupine spirit
Yama-biko (Japanese) - Echo spirit
Yama-bito (Japanese) -...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
"Why must we do this?" Arawn sighed, rolling his wide red eyes. "Because. Prisca asked me to get wood in case of an emergency." "Or was it just to send anda away a little?" "Shut up Arawn! Besides, you're not allowed to talk. So zip it." Aden hissed, whirled around, and slapped his wolf's mouth shut. With that out of the way, he turned and began his cari again. In his small town, their wasnt much warmth because of how close they lived to the arctic seas. It sounds strange yes, but when the icy winds blow sixty miles an jam across a freezing ice capped ocaan into your neighborhood? Brr. Aden...
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This is a fanfiction for a girl called Naomi.
I hope anda like it! ^^

Before starting the fanfiction for her,I will tell anda some infos for her!:
Naomi is a teenager 14 years old.She lives with her parents and her little sister,Angela.
She lives in an apartament with her 2 best friends,Bob and Sarah,but she and her family moves out to a villa an abandoned villa for sale...Where the story starts.
Naomi likes to dance and sing,she is a really a"crazy" friend for Bob and Sarah!!
She have a little anjing, anak anjing dog called Lulu.
But now let's read the history of her...

*It was afternoon and Naomi was listening...
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15.Grim Reaper
 Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper













Serigala Jadian

Zaren sits in a lawn chair down sejak the water with his sunglasses hanging off the side of the chair, his red eyes staring up at the sky. His right arm in a sling, he pops a pain pill into his mouth followed sejak a drink of water.

Airlo comes down to him from the temple "Your back? I thought you'd be off with your little friend."

"No, she didn't tunjuk so I came back." he says back with a hint of disappointment.

"Well I'm actually glad I don't have to go get anda now." he says standing seterusnya to the chair.

Zaren looks up at him with a confused look "Why?"

"You must have forgotten... anda have to go on the...
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posted by prim17luvr101
The Vampire Academy series sejak Richelle Mead (#1 Vampire Academy, #2 Frostbite, #3 Shadow Kiss, #4 Blood Promise, #5 Spirit Bound, #6 Last Sacrifice)-vampires (moroi & damphirs)

The Harry Potter series sejak J.K. Rowling (#1 The Sorcerer's Stone, #2 The Chamber of Secrets, #3 The Prisoner of Azkaban, #4 The Goblet of Fire, #5 The Order of the Phoenix, #6 The Half-Blood Prince, #7 The Deathly Hallows)-witches/wizards and other stuff

The Immortal Beloved series sejak Cate Tiernan (#1 Immortal Beloved, #2 Darkness Falls, #3 Eternally Yours)-immortal & magical powers

The Darkest Powers series...
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posted by sickla
i Cinta fanstasy for these reasons. helps me go into my own perfect world.

2.i can express how i feel about others.[punch them ect.]

3.i can make my own creatures.

4.i can be a witche atau a demigod atau anything else.

5.if i want a villan he'll be exactly how i want him to be.

6.if i want a heroe he'll be exactly how i want him.

that is why i Cinta fanstasty. any thing i want will come true. i can be who i want to be. i can do what i want t do. spell how i want to spell.[just kidding]
posted by nikkiluvzu
     Mrs. Bangelle sat in her study inspecting the sample of Miguel's blood. It was dry and the color rust. He had delicious looking blood. It had very easily come off the knife, and had instantly made her true form show. She loved blood. It made her mouth water. Miguel couldn't stand the way it tasted. When it got in his mouth he made a horrible face and spat for hours. But when it was outside his mouth, he was fascinated sejak it. But still, he loved violence.. Another asset to his becoming.
    But it bothered her that he also had a gentle side, a caring...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Gabby sat quietly at the meja, jadual in the dinning hall. Her and her father sat at the opposite ends of the long table. She sat at the left end; closest to the fire, and her father at the other end intently starred at his plate. He sat at the other end underneath her mother's big, green watchful eyes from her only perch.
    Her mother had died while she had been giving birth, so the only way she'd ever seen her had been the portrat, and when she had once looked at it one night, and berkata to her father, "Daddy, I wish Mommy had gotten...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
The door gently opened, and there stood her father in his dark black suit and his gray over jacket. His long black hair tied back in a ribbon and his face freshly shaven and he looked absolutely immaculent, but his face was full of displeasure.
"Dearest Gabbreille, I have intense news to tell you. Your wedding has been moved up to seterusnya week. It is no longer in a month. It will be a small change and will affect almost nothing else."
"What? seterusnya week? But that's too soon!"she felt sick and deludded.
"I know it feels like that right now but soon you'll be married and it will all be fine."
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I knew it was coming.
I’ve broken
the law
s o m a n y t i m e s.
It was inevitable.
I just wish I had
and Violet
here to support me.
I can almost hear Mother’s
calm, smooth
voice, telling me It’ll be
I can almost feel Father's
h a n d o n m y a r m,
squeezing reassuringly.
I can almost smell Violet’s
homemade strawberi perfume
as she buries her head
into my neck.

A final good-bye.

I don’t like good-byes because

they seem too formal.
I’d rather settle for
just leaving
than facing the
people I love
and risk
in *t e a r s*

Anything but that.

I might die right