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posted by mattthelynx
Hello,I'M FAWFUL!!!When I first encoutered "the staches"(Mario and luigi),I knew they where FINK RATS from the start!!!but allow my flash back sandwich, sandwic explain...I HAVE FURY!!!

It started when we went to the cendawan kingdom with cackletta disguise as lady lima and minion boy!WE mencuri PEACH'S VOICE AND WE HAD FURY!!!(Until we figured out it was a birdo)We the encoutered the "staches" and spikey turtle(bowser)on the giant flying penyu in the sky(koopa cruiser)...The the village with the cactus people(HooHoo village)...The that tacky castle(Beanbean castle)...the that smelly university(hoohoo university)!

After they defeated master cackletta,I work as a lonley badge kedai worker...BOO-HOO I FAWFUL CRIED!!!but then I fed bowser that vacuum shroom and made him suck in the "staches" and the princess!!!Then I awakened the dark star...and got defeated sejak the "staches" again...WHY DOES THE "STACHES" KEEP COMING?
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