Dazzling Debra fools us all!
Where: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
When: 22nd August 1999
Show: Summerslam
Match: Jeff Jarrett w Debra Vs D'Lo Brown

The opening match of the 1999 Summerslam pitted Jeff Jarrett accompanied sejak Debra to take on the WWF European and WWF Intercontinental Champion D'Lo Brown. Both titles were on the line.

To a loud reception, Jeff Jarrett led out Debra dressed in a highly revealing jaw dropping open jaket outfit. Both appeared to argue with one another during the entrance. Jeff Jarrett had been blaming her for a number of baru-baru ini losses including a major loss where he had Lost the Intercontinental tajuk to D'Lo Brown. The crowd very quickly turned on Jeff Jarrett as he shockingly decided to send Debra to the back! The boos that greeted Jeff Jarrett for this decision showed the crowd were not happy about that and neither was Debra who angrily glared at Jarrett before turning her back on the entrance way and heading backstage.

"You can't have a Summerslam without Puppies!" summed up sejak Jerry Lawler what most people were feeling!

Then we hear D'Lo Brown's entrance to a good reception but this became even louder shortly. We saw briefly Debra & D'Lo Brown having a quick chat backstage and moments later the camera switches back to the main arena and the croud popped big as the dual champion D'Lo Brown brought Debra out sejak the hand. Debra seemed very pleased to accompany D'Lo although it was clear this was to get back at Jeff Jarrett, seemingly finally having enough of him mistreating her.

D'Lo Brown twirled Debra in the ring as Jeff Jarett got increasingly irate on the outside that Debra had defied his orders. Then the crowd cheered loudly again as Debra suggested sejak pointing to herself suggest that she would expose her breasts nicknamed the "Puppies" sejak taking her bahagian, atas off. However just as she begun her tease to do just that, she was forced to leave the ring as Jeff Jarrett attacked D'Lo Brown to start the match.

From the start, Jeff Jarrett would shout at Debra a number of times, barking at her to stay where he ordered her to go. Debra seemed firmly behind the Euro-Continental Champion D'Lo Brown as she smiled and cheered him on each time he did a alih to her seemingly now former client atau look concerned when Jarrett fought back, even helping D'Lo to his feet a couple of times during the match.

Debra was obviously a real distraction for both men but they got with it, wrestling a good back and forth match. Late on D'Lo was dominant, hitting a running powerbomb much to Debra's delight. Then D'Lo looked to finish things off but he missed a Senton from the bahagian, atas rope. Debra sprung into action, distracting the referee to buy D'Lo Brown some time. Jeff Jarrett got up first and grabbed his trademark guitar.

He then yelled "YOU!" at Debra and the referee had to stand between him and Debra because it looked like Jarrett unbelievably wanted to hit Debra with the guitar! Debra shouted at Jeff not to do it as she backed off along the apron. Now came out Mark Henry, the best friend of D'Lo Brown in the company. In the ring, he grabbed the gitar off Jarrett and pointed at him as Debra and Jeff continued to bicker with the referee distracted. Mark Henry without warning as D'Lo moved in front of him, struck him in the back with the guitar! D'Lo fell to the mat as Debra left the ring apron. Jarrett made a pin and got the three count winning both the Intercontinental and European titles in the process!

Mark Henry showed little remorse as he slapped D'Lo in the face on the mat having turned on him!

The crowd gasped as Jeff Jarrett & Debra hugged in the ring to celebrate the victory together moments later! Debra pointed to her head to suggest this had been the plan all along and clearly it had worked to perfection! Jeff Jarrett and Debra with Mark Henry behind left the ring and celebrated lebih as they hugged and smiled at one another leaving D'Lo Brown behind in the ring having been completely screwed over tonight!

Debra proved she had beauty and brains having played a pivotal role in her man regaining the Intercontinental tajuk and gaining the European tajuk here at Summerslam at the expense of D'Lo Brown!
Jeff Jarrett sends Debra to the back!
Debra defies Jarrett sejak coming back out with D'Lo Brown!
Debra cheers on D'Lo Brown!
It was all a ruse planned sejak Debra!