To me nobody will ever Cinta him lebih than me, I think he is cool,he's got swag, and everything else. If anda don't like him back the heck off atau ill MAKE you. He loves who he is and I DON'T BLAME HIM.You may just see a burnt face guy... with a sweater and scary sarung tangan on, but under all that? Is a heart.. and sure he's evil and krap..... but just think about it?Let's say u were a peminat of Jason right? And anda thought he was pretty cool and others didn't?Well if they don't like him they shouldn't open their mouth about it. If ur not a peminat of Freddy?Just don't even say anything, just say: IM NOT A FAN. But back to Freddy I think he is lebih than evil, he's funny, he makes me laugh and I enjoy him alot. So if ur hater, do me a favor? AND SHUT UR TRAP. Freddy is like my #1 killer i've ever seen, why? There's lots of reasons but im not gonna explain though. I just really Cinta him. And if u got a problem with it, get over it, cuz im never changing. Im the kid that's gonna hold his hand, and say im ur friend Freddy, screw them other people.