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Emma's 16 (Rachel and Ross's kid) , Erica and Jack are 13, Baylee 5, Ty 2 (Monica and Chandler's kids), Ariel 11 (Phoebe and Mike kids), Jasper 10 (Joey and Melissa's kid) They are all cousins at Monica and Chandler's house. All the adults are inside talking while their kids are outside in the back yard around the campfire playing truth atau dare...Baylee wants to play but jack keeps telling her no, and Ty is inside coloring.

"Alright lets go over the rules one lebih time. anda have to do what is chosen for anda to do. If anda don't want to anda get one chicken. And anda can't take anything back or...
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posted by ktgirl266
All of Monica's nicknames during all 10 seasons!!
Hope anda like it :)

Wuss- telah diberi sejak Rachel
Monana- telah diberi sejak Herself

Noisy Girl #1- telah diberi sejak Heckles
Little Harmonica- telah diberi sejak Jack Geller
Smitten Kitten- telah diberi sejak Phoebe
Twinkie- telah diberi sejak Her Parents
Oat- telah diberi sejak Herself
Cheater, Cheater, Compulsive Eater- telah diberi sejak Ross
Tiny Little Woman- telah diberi sejak Herself

Big Fat Goalie- telah diberi sejak Her Old Hockey Team

Lucky Dog- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Mugsy- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Mom- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Martina- telah diberi sejak Chandler

Roomie- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Sweetums- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Tattle-Tail- telah diberi sejak Ross
Wily Minx- telah diberi sejak Phoebe
Big Faker- telah diberi sejak Chandler
Marcia- telah diberi sejak Phoebe
Man Trap- telah diberi sejak Chandler

Ms. Hot Shot Chef- telah diberi sejak Janice
Kandi Lady- telah diberi sejak Her Neighbors
O'Mally- telah diberi sejak Chandler
posted by ToEkNeE
(It's Saturday. Around eleven. Monica walks into her apartment. She closes the door very slowly and quietly. She expects Chandler to be sleeping cause it's his hari off. She takes off her kot and walks into their bedroom. He is indeed asleep. Yet snoring very loudly. She walks over to his side and kisses him on the forehead saying: )

Monica: Morning sweetie.

(Chandler then comes to, smiles half awake, mumbles speaking gibberish, and goes back to sleep snoring. Monica just rolls eyes. She then goes to the window and opens up the drapes and the sun shines on Chandler's face waking him up.)

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posted by nandacavalieri
We have many screencaps here, so here it’s a senarai to guide us and to not muat naik repeated caps. sejak the way, if someone adds please add great keygens (like the season, episode, seasonXepisode, season.episode), it’s easier to find. I listed all episodes, the ones with a link (they’re blue) are the episodes already uploaded here (duuh – obvious). The episodes with ** are the ones incomplete (or with almost no caps). And I’m not counting Mtoll’s caps, ‘cause they are like icons.
If any episode is missing let me know, because there are 579 pages and I didn’t go thru all of them.
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Season Finale:
TOW Ross and Rachel get married.

Part 2 of 2

Chandler's voice: Previously on FRIENDS:

Joey: Well today's your big hari Rach. What time is the wedding gonna start?
(Phoebe Rachel Monica and Chandler look at Joey.)
Joey: I'm just kidding!
(They all look away.)
Joey: (whispers to Chandler) Seriously, what time will it be?
Rachel: Um, actually can anda guys take care of Emma for a while? Just watch her and take her to the bathroom if she needs to go. Stuff like that.
Chandler and Joey: Yeah. Sure.
Rachel: Yes, that'd be great. She's taking a nap right now with the twins and all her stuff is...
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So Friends begun and it began with a bang
Chandler made jokes and Phoebe sang,
Ross was glum whilst Rachel was free
Well if anda escaped Barry, wouldn't anda be?

Monica had relationships but they ended badly
Joey had auditions but never got parts, sadly.
Phoebe found a thumb but never knew her Dad,
She hardly saw her sister but for that she was glad

Ross and Rachel got it on and Chandler was still funny,
But then Eddie moved in and he wasn't a happy bunny
Monica found Richard and Joey got a new job too
But he missed Chandler, well wouldn't you?!

Whilst Phoebe found her brother Rachel found the list,
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