《Ed's P.O.V.》

Tatsumaki said, "6 years ago, when she was 7, her parents were killed in front of her in a torture chamber. Last year, her aunt died of an illness and this tahun her grandmother was killed- she was stabbed twice and pushed down the stairs. Her neck twisted. Kutsuu wants to become a better alchemist, though she has amazing talent, and avenge her murdered family. Even if anda don't see it, she's suffering." I looked down. "Wow..." He sighed. "It doesn't end there. After her parents died, she tried Human Alchemy and nearly died from what happened." He was going to continue when a woman said, "Tatsumaki, I need anda over here." He nodded. "Sorry, boys." He turned and walked into the kitchen.

《Kutsuu's P.O.V.》

I took off my coat, gloves, and boots. Sighing, I undressed and turned to the shower. Automail reached from my mid-back, starting at my armpit, and went to my mid-abdomen, ending at my waist. My right arm was automail and both of my legs were automail. A large X-shaped scar covered my abdomen. I washed quickly and then dressed. I had to study up on a subject Nori had mentioned.

I was halfway through the first paragraph when I heard a knock on the door. I closed the book and got up. I opened the door and saw my friend, Batos. He said, wind blowing his dark brown hair, a shine in his dark blue eyes, "Kutsuu, it's Aohana!" I frowned.

I hope anda like it. You'll find out lebih of Kutsuu's past soon. I'll work on Chapter 3 soon.