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Source: I drew it.
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This artikel is about silver the hedgehog and his awesome life in the past, present, and the future.
The past is silver as a kid. The world is great and everybody was having a fun time, not now knowing that the Iblis Trigger would soon unleash the Iblis himself.
Later in the present the world was obliterated of all its people except for Silver, Blaze, and Iblis, and the Iblis Trigger. Silver and Blaze then befriended Mephiles. Little did they know that the one they befriended was the Iblis Trigger.
Even further into the future, Silver met Shadow and Sonic. The three had great journeys before battling the greatest battle ever, against Iblis. Restoring Sonic to life before battle, they use the Chaos Emeralds to transform. Then they defeated Iblis with ease. The future was finally saved.