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3 Key Reasons Flash Games Online Are So popular

A significant number of browser-based games work using the Flash and Java technologies, and because of that, they’re typically known as “Flash games”. Why the increase in these types of games? Well, it boils down to three things:

- Availability
- Variety
- Affordability

1 – Availability

One of the biggest advantages to Flash games is the availability of them. They can be used on any platform and don’t require much hardware. So long as your computer has access to the Internet and a web browser, anda can play a Flash game.

Another huge advantage...
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- idol production and communication game - developed sejak Time and Eternity studio Imageepoch - play the role of producer - train the idol Sonico - completely original scenario - enjoy Sonico in 3D - due out in Jepun this Winter 2014
in production
eighth generation
8th generation
anda can no longer donate VIA Kickstarter, but anda can still donate using Paypal: link
If anda donate $15 anda can get a DRM-Free atau Steam copy of the Digital PC, Linux, atau Mac Key.
If anda donate $15 anda can get the PSVita atau PS4 Version.
If anda donate $15 anda can get a Wii U Version.
If anda donate $15, anda get the Digital Soundtrack.
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Check this out -- really cool video.