1. Sooyoung - miss beautiful.....she got a pretty face and her without make-up is so pretty....her charms lies in her face,she has a beautiful face,of course

2.Yoona - no wonder she is the 'face of the group'..so beautiful and so pretty!no wonder she is so popular..

3.Tiffany - our eye - smile beauty is here....her face is smooth and kinda creamy and i Cinta that looks so much

Hyoyeon - she is pretty,all right .... many says that she's ugly,but i don't think so...all in her is pretty,and she's perfect....okay,amazing Suits her the most

5.Yuri - she has such a beautiful face and with make-up she is the prettiest in my opinion,but she's still pretty without make-up too

6.Taeyeon - our kid leader is so pretty, her prettiness is not something anda could look down to...she is so amazingly cute and pretty too

7. Seohyun - our maknae is so pretty,all kind of make-up atau clothes Suits her...'cause she's so pretty,i Cinta her so so much

8.Sunny - she is still pretty,all right all snsd are so pretty and she's one of snsd,so she's pretty too...she is one of the 9 Bidadari (now 8)so she can't be ugly,she's still pretty