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i believe ill be your news reporter from now on anyways

Aug 14

Casio Opens Official Baby-G Website Featuring Girls’ Generation and Releases New CF

Casio has opened an official Korean website featuring Girls’ Generation and the “WINK” campaign for its Baby-G watches. The website, which can be found at link opens with a page that shows tiles with animated foto-foto of each of the members. Hovering a tetikus pointer over any one of the members’ foto will cause the tiles on the page to flip over to reveal a different foto of that member and her Baby-G watch.

The website also features an event page and a page for a kertas dinding and screensaver, which is scheduled to be released on September 3rd.

Finally, Casio has released a new CF for the “WINK” campaign and Baby-G watches featuring the foto-foto of Girls’ Generation found on its website. Check out this new CF below.
Tiffany's Perspective

Bubbly Gemini makes a great friend for you. This sign's eternal youth only fuels your playful spirit. In fact, anda become so childlike in each other's presence that a Makanan fight is likely to break out at your table. Of course, after the peas stop flying, Gemini will clean up the mess between fitful giggles, while anda wipe the tears from your eyes with a linen meja, jadual napkin. (You're far too regal to get down on the floor, but appreciate your pal's willingness to tidy things up.) Yes, Gemini will tire of your grand manner, while you'll roll your eyes at your pal's inability...
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Recently, there were rumors about SNSD’s Yuri joining the main cast for an upcoming sitcom. This new sitcom is going to come on after Highkick Through the Roof ends. The sitcom is supposed to start around March and many peminat-peminat were getting their hopes up for Yuri’s new role.

Sadly, Yuri had to turn down the role because SNSD already has a packed schedule: it’s been revealed that the girls will be doing Japanese promotions starting in May.

An MBC entertainment representative said, “Yuri had to back out so we’re looking for a new actor.” It’s probably going to be hard to find someone...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
*This is solely for entertainment and for your own pleasure. I don't own any of the performance video I post on here and all credits for the video will go to YouTube. Enjoy!*

Previous Episodes:

Sooyoung: Welcome to the one and only competition tunjuk that airs every weekend! This is Top...
Both: Talent!
Sunny: This week, we have another great performance from a group on the rise of the Hallyu Wave! Wouldn't anda say so, Sooyoung?
Sooyoung: Of course, Sunny! This group had garnered much attention for their song, BBB, atau Big Baby Baby. Please give a warm welcome to...
Both: Dal Shabet!

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posted by sone123456snsd
BEST S♥NE For Each Member

☆ Aerias

☆ Pearlxashxdawn

☆ Tiagih

☆ Tippany

☆ snsd_hyo

☆ mnpl

☆ Curlymckay_

☆ Sonemich17

☆ Princess89

★Most popular POLLS★

☆ Curlymckay_
Which member do anda have the least amount of foto-foto with only them in!

☆ sone123456snsd
(SNSD Couples) - Which anda Like Least

★Most popular GAME★

☆ KaitlynEllie
My Bias vs Your Bias

☆ KaitlynEllie
Ḡιяℓѕ Ḡєήεяατιόη Gάмє

★Top 10 Most popular S♥NE★

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maybe some of anda had already read it... :)

After its release a few weeks ago, everyone of us had different interpretations about SNSD's characters in their Muzik video for "Time Machine".
Not anymore because SM Entertainment Jepun has revealed the story and concept behind each member's character.

Hyoyeon is waiting for her ex-boyfriend. But she doesn’t know if he’ll come. She arbitrarily told him she wanted to meet him. If she was able to go back in time, she would call him desperately. Hyoyeon looks at the time, but he doesn’t come. The men size antique Rolex she received from her...
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Hyoyeon's Perspective

You and Cancer can form a cozy friendship that will last for years. The two of anda are homebodies who prefer quiet nights in front of the api, kebakaran to wild evenings at the local watering hole. anda appreciate the Crab's uncanny ability to soothe your frazzled nerves, while Cancer loves how anda never forget their birthday atau their aversion to olives. True, your pal's propensity for hoarding can get on your nerves, for anda need organized simplicity to thrive. Similarly, your refusal to entertain any of Cancer's flights of fancy can put your pal's nose out of joint. For the most...
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posted by JG444
One legitimate approach is to keep ones head down and muddle along. There is a famous saying in Asia -- " the nail that sticks out too far gets hit on the head first" The trick is to get is to get all the nails(Fans) to stand up at once. It is the Korean way atau culture for people bow to the societies hierarchy according to status atau authority; however, Koreans do protest when the conditions are right and they see an in-balance in power.

First we do not know the whole story about SM and Jessica, the contract is not open for public viewing and the rest of the Girls are under contract clause to...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Disclaimer: This is copied and pasted from a tumblr page that has decided to put on this project to support Taeyeon. This is not my own personal project and I don't intend to take any credit for this. I'm just here to share with anda guys this project, and I've telah diposkan a link in the club for anda guys to see how much work would be put into this, and if you'd like to do this. But, I won't be forcing anyone. Introducing...

The “ALWAYS HERE” letter project to Taeyeon

Hello SONEs,

We are a group of Sones who would like to tunjuk our support to Taeyeon.
Our plan is to send her letters which will be hand-delivered...
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posted by JG444
Here are some facts I came across:

The growing acceptance of South Korean pop culture as a valid form of entertainment in many parts of the world has prompted the government of South Korea to use the Korean Wave as a tool for soft power. Ultimately, the government hopes that the acceptance of South Korean culture in foreign countries

South Korea's Ministry of Culture set up a cultural industry bureau to develop its media sector. The result is the K-pop industry can pretty much do what ever they feel they can get away with.

"In the 21st century, culture is power...Together with the Korean people...
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*Disclaimer: The main ideas are based on the Hunger Games, but most of it is completely false, since I've never really read the book, and never watched the movie, and to avoid plagarism, I'm adding stuff that never really happened, so please don't complain about how this might be very unrelated to the movie. Hope anda enjoy!*

Chapter 9
Jessica(narrating): It's been a few days since we've started. I see a death every once in a while, but not like the one that happened that first day. Kris and I had tried to get as far away from the others as we could, but this is eventually what...
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Hyoyeon and Yuri will soon appear on “Dancing 9″, Mnet’s newest global dance survival show. The two Girls’ Generation members will coach the show’s contestants as “K-pop dance masters” alongside other notable stars including Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, Lee Yongwoo, Park Jiwoo, Park Jieun, Woo Hyunyoung, Ducky (Kim Dukhyun), and Poppin J (Lee Jaehyung).

Regarding the show, Hyoyeon and Yuri revealed, “We saw, in person, people all over the world be enthusiastic over just a dance while performing in various countries in Asia and Europe. We keenly felt just how powerful the ripple effect...
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On May 12th, Jessica traveled to Hong Kong for the Demin Popup Store koktel Reception at I.T Hysan ONE, a large store housing various shops and brands, as well as an exhibition site to tunjuk shoppers the latest in art and fashion. I.T Hysan ONE is one of several stores under I.T, a Hong Kong fashion conglomerate.

The reception took place on May 13th, and Jessica arrived at the event in a beautiful yellow outfit. Other guests invited to the event included fashion designer Chang Minyoung and stylist Jeong Yun Kee. lebih foto-foto of Jessica at the Demin Popup Store koktel Reception can be found...
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posted by usuitakumi77
2012: International promotions, TaeTiSeo and Girls & Peace

On January 12, 2012, the group attended the Golden Disk Awards, held in Osaka, bringing utama two awards; the "Digital Bonsang" and the highly coveted "Digital Daesang". A week later, on January 19, 2012, they attended the Seoul Muzik Awards, and brought back two awards, the "Bonsang" and "Popularity" awards. The group also won two awards from the Gaon Chart Awards, winning the Album Of The tahun for the fourth Quarter and Oricon "Hallyu Singer" award.

Girls' Generation perform "The Boys" at the LG Cinema 3D World Festival, 1 April...
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It was recently disclosed that SNSD’s Yoona is a great eater and drew a lot of attention.

The June 9 episode of ‘Made In’ from TV Chosun’s Entertainment in TV the Trend will investigate Yoona in detail.

Many experts, who work in makeup, hair, clothes, advertisement, and Muzik video fields, will testify that Yoona is a great eater. They will also talk about an episode, in which Yoona visited a tangerine orchard in Jeju Island to shoot a commercial.

An expert says, “Yoona is well known as a great eater, who eats anything she can. When she shot a commercial in a tangerine orchard, she didn’t stop eating tangerines and she even made a no good shot.”
Seohyun's Perspective

Making Friends with Aquarius is an interesting business for you, Cancer. You're a traditionalist, while Aquarius is a rebel. anda like creature comforts, but the Water-bearer rejects material pleasures. You're emotional, whereas your pal is logical. So how can anda keep this friendship alive? sejak drawing on each other's strengths to compensate for your own weak points. For instance, your Aquarius friend can offer logical solutions to upsetting problems. Similarly, anda can teach the Water-bearer the finer points of being a great host, including stok the larder with delicious...
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Just if anda wanted to know why Tae, Yul, and Hyo are on the bottom of my bias senarai here's why. This is something I wanted to do and decided to do it know, enjoy!

7. Taeyeon
What she is known mainly for...
- Her singing
- Her personality
- Being the leader

So, for her singing...
She sings well just I prefer Jessica's higher-pitched voice more. She can sing well enough just she doesn't really amaze me when singing.

For her personality...
She annoys me a lot. I don't find her that funny and usually find her boring.

For her being the leader...
This usually gets her a lot of popularity...too much popularity....
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posted by sgsone
Most people probably thought hyoyeon was the ugliest in snsd when they see snsd for the first time,but for me,i don't really think she's ugly,she is just looking a little lebih special and it's not that her face is ugly,but because of her make up styles and her hair.I Cinta her gee hair and i hope she will bring it back now that her make up changed and became prettier!I'd say she is in the bahagian, atas 3 most pretty in 2012,i loved her hair too,straight hair really suit her.I think she is the prettiest in time machine but i hated her giant Barbie doll curls,they make her face look wider but the curls...
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On June 12th, Tiffany appeared in a special segment on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” to interview Brad Pitt, who had traveled to South Korea to promote his upcoming film, “World War Z”. The interview took place at Geunjeongjeon of Gyeongbok Palace.

Before the interview began, Tiffany presented Brad Pitt with a pair of wooden geese, a traditional gift for newlyweds meant to symbolize fidelity. In addition, Tiffany asked Brad Pitt to greet Sooyoung, who has been a peminat of Brad Pitt for years and is the host of “Midnight TV Entertainment” alongside Yoon Dohyun.

During the interview,...
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posted by mitsuki963
[Tiffany] Hello?
Damn, pick up the phone ya?
HELLO? Oh, meori apa!

[Sunny] Beep Beep Baby doko de nani wo shiteru no
[Hyoyeon] Tsunagare phone call
[Sunny] Anata no poketto de furueru my Cinta
[Hyoyeon] Are anda busy now?

[Sooyoung] Rusuden message mojimoji shite dame
Youji nantenai no ([Jessica] Ah~)
[Seohyun] Koe ga kikitakute kakete mitadake
Isogashi butte ([Jessica] Ah~)

[Taeyeon] Shinjisasete Ciuman de kuchi ga
Fusagaretenai nara
[Tiffany] Nee dare to itatte denwa ni dete
Mmmm, I gotta call anda right now!

[All] Hello hello moshi moshi ciao ciao busy busy
[Yoona] Every time ai ga beep beep...
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