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On November 9th, Yoona began a Weibo account under the nama pengguna linyuner90. Along with her first foto post, she wrote in Chinese, “I’ve arrived~ It’s almost winter in South Korea, how about for anda guys? Everyone please take care of yourselves! Be careful to not catch a cold! p.s. Although my official name is ‘Lin Rune’ (林润娥), to Chinese fans, saying ‘Lin Yuner’ (林允儿) is lebih familiar, so I just used this name to start Weibo. anda all should come here and chat with me!”
Yoona has now joined Jessica, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung on Weibo. She also opened an Instagram account this past September; Instagram posts can be seen on the right side of Soshified’s portal page, under “SOSHI ON INSTAGRAM”.
Sunny to leave her beloved radio tunjuk 'FM Date'

November 9, 2015 @ 12:16 am

Sunny will be stepping down as the DJ for 'FM Date'.

MBC said, "Sunny is leaving 'FM Date'. Her last tunjuk will be on the 15th. We have yet to decide on who will be following her." She's been the DJ for MBC's 'Sunny's FM Date' since May last year, loved sejak many listeners because of her bright, fresh DJing.

SM Entertainment explained, "Sunny is leaving her MBC Radio FM4U 'FM Date'. Girls' Generation will be going on a konsert tour starting in Korea and then continue with a Japanese tour and an Asia tour. She'll be incredibly busy, so she has decided to leave the show."

We'll miss anda on the radio, Sunny!
Girls' Generation's Yuri reaches 3 million followers!

Girls' Generation's Yuri's popularity has no bounds. Not many can say that they have millions of followers on social media, but Yuri can!

The pretty member has reached an incredible 3 million followers on her Instagram account! She's an avid Instagram user, as she posts lots of selcas, group foto-foto of her and her members, foto-foto of her Anjing and more. It's no wonder she has so many followers!
anda can sertai the 3 million and follow her too @yulyulk.
Girls' Generation's Tiffany rehearses with Truedy for 'Unpretty Rapstar' semifinals!

Truedy and Yezi, two of the show's most talented aces, went up against each other for the last stage of the semifinals on 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'! Truedy confessed, "I want to battle her properly at least once. I think she is my true rival."

Before the actual performance, the two contestants readied themselves with a rehearsal. Truedy had prepared an 'old school' concept, and during her stage, Girls' Generation's Tiffany made a surprise appearance! At this unlikely combo, Jiyoon mused, "I don't think that they make that good of a picture," raising curiosity as to what Treudy's performance featuring Tiffany will be like.

Meanwhile, Yezi brought on rapper Hanhae, who was a contestant on 'Show Me the Money 4,' showcasing a powerful stage with a sensual rap and performance.
 EXO and Taeyeon's
EXO and Taeyeon's
EXO and Taeyeon's contracts renewed due to their healthy and clean image

We think makeup brand 'Nature Republic' made the right choice. Their brand muses EXO and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon have renewed their contracts with the popular cosmetics company!

Both EXO and Taeyeon have been the brand's ambassadors since 2013, and their CFs and campaigns for 'Nature Republic' have been immensely popular.

The brand's representative stated that they decided to renew their contracts because of their healthy and clean images.
It's gonna be a snowy Kpop Christmas, as Girls Generation's vocal sub-unit comes back with a winter song.

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are dropping a new track on the first week of December, according to Nov. 2 reports, writes AllKpop.

Girls Generation has been very active in Muzik this year. The bahagian, atas girl group released "Catch Me If anda Can" in Jepun early this year, before releasing "Party," "Lion Heart" and "You Think" in Korea. Taeyeon also debuted solo with "I" last bulan and is still actively promoting.

So far, all songs charted high, sold well and won awards. That means we have high expectations for TaTiSeo.

The December comeback will be the unit's third album, following "Twinkle" and "Holler."
Girls' Generation's Yoona Becomes The Main Attraction In Taiwan

The singer and actress updated her peminat-peminat from Taiwan on Sunday, November 1st with a selfie with a crowd gathered outside the window as her backdrop. Yoona witnessed and felt the overwhelming support of Taiwanese peminat-peminat as they gathered on the streets and sidewalks trying to catch a glimpse of the idol.
"See anda again~," Yoona berkata in her Instagram caption. "Thank you."
Despite their individual activities and projects going on, Girls' Generation will be holding their konsert in Seoul on November 21 and 22.
Taeyeon successfully kicks off her 'Very Special Day' solo concert

Taeyeon successfully kicked off the first set of her solo konsert 'Very Special Day'!

She was at 'THE AGIT' on October 23-25 for her solo concert, which was sold out as soon as the tickets went on sale. Taeyeon sang along with a live band, Singing songs from her first solo release 'I' as well as a TaeTiSeo medley and various OSTs she's had over the years.

SEE ALSO: Girls' Generation announce their 4th solo konsert 'Phantasia'!

Because she also wanted to be closer to fans, she introduced stories from them and sang specially for the peminat-peminat whose stories were introduced.

Taeyeon has 4 lebih concerts from October 29th to November 1st.
On the night of October 25th, Yuri uploaded a foto of her dog, DooE, onto Instagram and began talking to peminat-peminat in the photo’s komen section. The foto is captioned, “Sunday #DOOE”.
Yuri: 우리 얘기하자 ..^^ 모여봐바.. 나 잠이 또 안오는거 같애
(Let’s chat..^^ Gather around.. I don’t think I can sleep again)
Yuri: 태연이 콘서트? 이상한 기분..뭉클한 기분.. 잘해내고 있어서 고맙고 맘 고생했었던 시간들도 생각나고
(Taeyeon’s concert? Weird feeling.. Emotional feeling.. She’s doing well so I’m thankful. It made me think of times...
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 yuri and Oh Seunghwan
yuri and Oh Seunghwan
[★BREAKING] Girls’ Generation Yuri breaks up with boyfriend after six months

Reports have revealed that another Girls’ Generation member is no longer in a relationship.
According to a close acquaintance of Oh Seung Hwan on October 15th, “Yuri and Oh Seunghwan has recently broken up.”
The reason behind their baru-baru ini break up is because of their busy schedules.
As Oh Seung Hwan was forced to stay in Jepun because of his team “Hanshin Tigers” during game season and Yuri was busy promoting Girls’ Generation’s new album and her other schedules, they were not able to see each other often...
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Girls’ Generation has announced that the group will will hold a long-awaited solo konsert in South Korea called “Phantasia”. The konsert will take place for two days, on November 21st and November 22nd, at the Olympic Park Stadium. These will be Girls’ Generation’s first solo concerts in Korea since the “Märchen Fantasy” konsert in December of 2013 and the Seoul konsert stops of the “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” on July 8th and July 9th, 2013. Tickets for GIRLS’ GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL’ will go on sale on October...
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Girls’ Generation alum Jessica Jung attempted to return to her former group but her Friends reportedly turned her down.

A tahun after Jung’s departure from the popular K Pop group, several speculations emerged on the possible reason behind her sudden exit and her alleged attempt to return to the group.

Twitter user @RealSamchon revealed that Jung initially planned to go on hiatus after Girls’ Generation’s Tokyo Dome tour last year, but she had a change of hati, tengah-tengah and asked to stay in the group.

However, the members did not want to let her back. In fact, they had already prepared for her farewell...
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Sooyoung Cast in New Drama, ‘Perfect Sense’

It looks like Girls' Generation's Sooyoung is about to make her small screen comeback! According to people in the broadcast industry, Sooyoung will bintang in the upcoming drama special 'Perfect Sense'!

On October 13th, broadcast officials announced that Sooyoung has been cast in a special KBS 2TV drama named “Perfect Sense”. Sooyoung will bintang in the role of someone who is blind. This will be Sooyoung’s return to the silver screen after starring in “Springtime of My Life” in 2014, for which she recently won an Excellence Award at the “2015 Korea Drama Awards”. The role will likely be a very meaningful one for Sooyoung, who is also very involved with the Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society.
“Perfect Sense” will begin airing in early 2016. It will be Sooyoung’s fourth drama as a leading role.

If this is all true, Sooyoung will be making her drama comeback in over a year.
 Burning Girls' Generation foto-foto
Burning Girls' Generation photos
'SNL Korea' apologizes for burning Girls' Generation foto-foto in latest Wonder Girls episode

The staff members of 'SNL Korea' have issued an officially apology to SM Entertainment, SONES, members of Girls' Generation, as well as the viewers for their baru-baru ini episode, hosted sejak Wonder Girls, that discomforted many viewers.

In one of the skits titled, 'The 5th Army President,' members of Wonder Girls were seen depicted as military generals who took the takhta for their numerous years of being the number one girl group for soldiers.
As a part of the skit, SNL crew members were seen burning and stomping...
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 Tayeon and Heechul
Tayeon and Heechul
Super Junior's Heechul promotes Girls' Generation Taeyeon's solo debut with 'I'

Idol bintang buddies and SM Entertainment labelmates Super Junior's Heechul and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon got together recently, and Heechul made sure to support Taeyeon's solo debut with "I".

The two are well-known as close Friends among fans, and Heechul mentioned the nickname of the duo on Instagram on October 10. He telah diposkan the foto above of himself holding up her album as well as the message, "Bipolar siblings."

peminat-peminat responded, "I really really like anda because anda always seem like a brother and protect Taeyeon," "Fighting Taeyeon," and more.
Girls' Generation attend longtime stylist's wedding

Girls' Generation attended the wedding of their longtime stylist Seo Soo Kyung!

All the members, excluding Taeyeon who's currently promoting her debut solo song "I", attended the wedding on October 10, 2015 in Seoul's Yeoksam Province. They also sang the congratulatory song for the popular idol bintang stylist and her husband, who are walking down the aisle after 2 years together.

Other stars who attended are SHINee's Key, SECRET's Hyosung, pop artist Nancy Lang, and Akdong Musician.

Congrats to Seo Soo Kyung and her hubby! Take a look at the photo.
Taeyeon to bintang in New OnStyle Reality Program

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will have her own reality program.

On October 12th, a sumber stated that Taeyeon will become the bintang of OnStyle’s “Taengoo Cam” (translator’s note: this is a temporary title). They’ve been filming consistently from the hari her album released until recently.
The program name, “Taengoo Cam” comes from Taeyeon’s nickname, “Taengoo”, and will tunjuk her real, daily life. It will consist of behind the scenes content related to the release of her solo album ‘I’, along with her papar on Muzik and other little happenings in her day. It will be filmed with the staff following Taeyeon’s every steps and will deliver fun content to her fans.
OnStyle’s “Taengoo Cam” is currently being filmed, and the first episode broadcast tarikh is being decided. They are planning on revealing it within this month.

Source: mydaily
2NE1 vs. Girls’ Generation — PopCrush Battle Of The Bands (Round One)

When it comes to K-Pop dominance, no two acts manage generate quite as much feverish, shaking and crying fandom as Girls’ Generation and 2NE1.

The two mega-popular groups have managed to carve out names for themselves not only in South Korea, but in several other territories as well, including Jepun and China — even the United States. (In fact, Girls’ Generation is the first-ever girl group to have two number one records in Japan.)

Girls’ Generation, eight-piece troupe (formerly nine – gone but not forgotten, Jessica!),...
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 Taeyeon 'I'
Taeyeon 'I'
There's always a soalan of how solo releases will effect group dynamics: will the other members be jealous atau supportive?
Luckily for Kim Taeyeon, it looks like at least one member in Girls' Generation is extremely happy for her.

On Oct. 6 Girls' Generation's Taeyeon hosted a broadcast on Naver's "V" app in celebration of the release of her solo mini album "I." During the broadcast, fellow member Tiffany Hwang made an appearance via phone call. It was revealed through their conversation that Tiffany cried when Taeyeon finished recording "I."
Soompi reports that the conversation of crying came...
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Sunny reasserts the 'Girls' Generation diet' circulating online is false

On JTBC's 'Serial Shopping Family' on October 7, the rumors of Girls' Generation's diet came up once again.

The topic of maintaining their bodies came up on this episode and the soalan was asked, "How do Girls' Generation maintain their bodies?" MC Sunny responded, "There is so much stress and promotions, so we are unable to moderate our eating."

Park Ji Yoon stated, "Girls' Generation's diet, according to the internet, is three ceri, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and stuff like that."

Previously, Girls' Generation have already refuted such rumors. Here, Sunny once again stated, "We've never eaten like that."