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posted by SoshiSones9
1.Tiffany-Hey Girls
Do anda know what time it is
It must be Party time
Here we go (2×)
A shot here we go
We can't stop stop stop
Party time (2×)
2.Taeyeon- We can't stop stop stop
Party time (2×)
We Cinta Summer
Go on and on and on
It's party time~
Yeah~ (I will consider this)
3.Yoona and Seohyun
Yoona- hei turn it up
We gon rock rock rock
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Singing Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
It's a party
Party time~
Seohyun- Summer
kegemaran Song
hei turn it up
We gon rock rock rock
Party time
4. Sunny- Drive
We can't stop stop stop
Party time (2×)
We gon rock rock rock
5.Hyoyeon-Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Singing Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
It's a party
Higher and Higher
6.Sooyoung- Louder and Louder
It's a party
7.Yuri (let's just consider it) Oh Oh

Pls do not get mad at me... :)
 Go SNSD!!!
Go SNSD!!!
Girls’ Generation has been nominated for “Choice International Artist” at FOX’s “Teen Choice Awards 2015″. Other “Wave 2″ nominees in this category include Super Junior, 2NE1, One Direction, 5 saat of Summer, and Little Mix.
Online voting is currently underway until 12:00 PM PST on July 24th for “Wave 2″ nominees. peminat-peminat can vote using their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. To vote through Twitter, peminat-peminat can visit the “Teen Choice Awards 2015″‘s website directly, find the category “Choice International Artist – #ChoiceInternationalArtist”, select “Girls’...
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​Girls' Generation finally confirmed their Summer comeback date!​

Girls' Generation announced to make their comeback on July 7. SM Entertainment said, "Girls' Generation will release a new single entitled 'PARTY' on July 7 at 10 p.m. via online Muzik stores. We try to tunjuk various Warna of Girls' Generation​ in this album with 3 different songs entitled 'PARTY,' 'Lion Heart,' and 'You Think.'"

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will make special appearance on SBS variety tunjuk 'Running Man' episode 254.’s Emily anda ( contributed to this lapor from Seoul.​​​​​​​​​
SM Entertainment announced that detailed information about Girls' Generation's awaited comeback will be revealed seterusnya week!

On June 27, the agency stated, "Nothing has been confirmed for the schedule of Girls' Generation's comeback. The schedule will be confirmed seterusnya week. They've currently wrapped up filming their Muzik video in Thailand with director Hong Won Ki." This comes as great news for peminat-peminat who've been waiting for details for quite a while!

Their return will mark the first time Girls' Generation will be making a domestic comeback after the leave of Jessica.

Are anda excited for Girls' Generation's comeback? How do anda think they'll fare as an eight-member group?
It is confirmed that SNSD are launching their very first unscripted reality tunjuk ever since debut through cable channel OnStyle.

Broadcast insiders reveal, "Girls Generation are appearing on CJ E&M's OnStyle reality program in July." The reality show's format featuring SNSD would focus on fashion and beauty however it will tunjuk the everyday life and routine of the girls. Besides, they added, "Some SNSD members have already appeared on reality tunjuk as solo atau duo but it took time for all the eight members to appear altogether and they prepared this in time for their comeback."

Meanwhile, SNSD are carefully selecting exact tarikh for their comeback and the MV is already filmed. The girls are expected to release their 5th studio album seterusnya month.
It's just in time for their summer comeback that SNSD are the featured artists in the July's issue of 'The Celebrity' magazine.

Aside from their comeback, peminat-peminat can anticipate the interview and pictorial of the girls for this feature. The pratonton foto-foto tunjuk the ladies in sophisticated outfit and there's also an interview column wherein members reveal their real dreams.

Grab this issue if anda want to know lebih deeper revelations from SNSD.
 SNSD talk about their real dreams on 'The Celebrity
SNSD talk about their real dreams on 'The Celebrity
Girls' Generation headed to Thailand on June 10 in preparation for their seterusnya comeback.
According to bintang News, the girls made their way to Thailand to film their new Muzik video. Girls' Generation members Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and leader Taeyeon confirmed their trip to Thailand through foto-foto on their Instagram accounts. The girls shared their excitement as they passed the time before their departure taking selcas.

Fans are eager to see what new side of Girls' Generation will bring. YoonA, Seohyun, and Taeyeon have been already gained a lot of attention with their new blonde hair, while Hyoyeon...
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posted by Leeminshin
 wonderful tiffany
wonderful tiffany
Stephanie Young Hwang (born August 1, 1989), better known sejak the stage name Tiffany atau sejak her Korean name Hwang Mi-young, is an American singer and actress. She is a member of both the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation and its subgroup, TTS.

Early life

Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California. She grew up in Diamond Bar, California, attending South Pointe Middle School and Diamond Bar High School; she graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School in Seoul. She was invited to audition at the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System, where she auditioned with Christina Aguilera's song...
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Earlier today, Billboard exclusively announced that Girls’ Generation will again perform at “KCON 2015″, after headlining the event in 2014. “KCON 2015″ will take place both in New York and Los Angeles for the first time this year, with Girls’ Generation being the first group revealed for the inaugural New York event. Meanwhile, Super Junior, Block B, and AOA have been announced for the Los Angeles lineup, which will be held from July 31st to August 1st at the Staples Center. The following week, on August 8th, “KCON 2015″ will head to New York and will take place at the Prudential Center.
“KCON” will continue to announce additional artists, ticketing information, and other event details in the coming weeks. lebih information can be found on the “KCON” Facebook page and website. Check out Girls’ Generation’s “KCON” promo video here atau watch the clip below.
posted by demmah
peminat-peminat are telah diberi a better look at Taeyeon‘s new hairstyle for Girls’ Generation‘s upcoming and highly anticipated Korean comeback.
On May 26th, the singer uploaded a stunning selca on her Instagram, hand on her chin as she gives an unconcerning look towards her camera. Her hair drops naturally across her face and her skin seems to almost glow as it is untouched without blemish.
While peminat-peminat were telah diberi a peek into her new hair color in a baru-baru ini Instagram video with Seohyun and Tiffany, its style was not revealed as her head was hidden under a hood.
For Girls’ Generation’s most baru-baru ini release “Catch Me If anda Can” had Taeyeon looking beautiful in dark hair. Girls’ Generation is expected to make a comeback this June.
posted by Leeminshin
 Beautiful Jessica
Beautiful Jessica
Jessica Sooyoun Jung (born April 18, 1989) is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of the South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, "Blanc & Eclare". She is currently contracted under SM Entertainment. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Jessica is fluent in English and also Korean after moving to South Korea at the age of 11.

Early life

Jessica was born in San Francisco, California. While on vacation in South Korea, she and her sister were spotted in a shopping...
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posted by -lindsay
English Translation:
Oh Baby, come to me little sejak little
No Baby, not too fast
The moon is bright tonight
Your moonlight shines on me
Your moonlight shines

My eyes that are looking at you
Are filled with the starlight
Until this night is over
I’ll shine brightly, I’m your starlight

My shy trembling
My racing hati, tengah-tengah for you
I can’t hide it, no no no
Now I’ll confess
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Softly touching lips
A Ciuman that sweetly melts like cotton candy
I’ll close my eyes for you
So I can only hear you, ooh

Gently come closer to me
My kegemaran moment
I’ll tell you
I’ll secretly tell you
As I’m held in your...
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posted by jaximus2014
This artikel is about my opinion and what I think about some of the tinjauan-tinjauan in this club. This is my first artikel on Fanpop so don't expect it to be topnotch.

When anda make tinjauan-tinjauan I would like it to be creative and unpredictable. A bad example is something like "Who's prettier?" Tiffany and Yoona vs Hyoyeon and Sooyoung. Tiffany and Yoona are both lebih popular than Hyoyeon and Sooyoung internationally and on Fanpop. This shows that the tinjauan is predictable, pointless, and uninteresting. Another example is "Who's prettier?" Yoona vs Sunny......... Seriously?!?! A rookie sone could have guess who...
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posted by sgsone
Yo!Hi guys,in case anda had forgotten me after me after that few months,I'm @sgsone and I missed anda guys a lot~

😔I'm busy preparing my exams*sigh*I wish I could stay here and update lebih often,I mean I rather write an artikel everyday than do those stupid essays.I promise to update lebih often,I mean,I miss anda guys too much:(Well,I will be updating my fic:Hallyu Academy but since it's mostly about snsd couples,I decided to change the name to "SNSD Couple Scenarios"

anda can request the fics anda commenting on my artikel-artikel but u will have to wait a bit cause I haven't completed the one I'm doing right now.

Anyways,I missed anda anda guys a lot I hope anda haven't forget me cause I'll be hati, tengah-tengah broken 💔 Ok,not that much but since I can update lebih these days,I'll be able to make Friends with u guys agian if anda had forgotten me..Bye!
posted by snsd_hyo
Results for Round 8,9,10 and 11. Share your opinion :)

Round 8 : Your bahagian, atas 5

Round 8 Results
Hyoyeon : 7
Kaitlyn "nice smile, magnificent dress"
pa92 "Hyoyeon: the outfit is amazing and her hair looks amazing too"

Tiffany : 4
Sooyoung : 6
Yuri : 5
Jessica : 6
Seohyun : 1
Taeyeon : 1
Yoona : 5

R9 : bahagian, atas 5 Best Clothes Print

Round 9 Results
Soo : 5
me "Its really hard for me to choose too bec sometimes i like the print but i dont like the Rekaan and vice versa"
Greta "Sooyoung: really pretty, she looks good in white and dress is fabulous"

Seohyun : 4
Fany : 4
Sunny : 4
Sica : 4
Hyoyeon : 2
Yoona : 1
Yuri :1

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Hi there! This is the first time I do this type of things, so I'm not exactly an expert at all...
This is about my opinion about SNSD, I hope anda like it.

I found out Girls' Generation last summer (yes, I'm a very baru-baru ini K-Pop fan) and I admit that I loved them from the first moment I saw them Singing and dancing, in my case was Run Devil Run MV. This group made me fell in Cinta with K-Pop and now I'm a bit addicted!

SNSD is a very classic group in terms of K-Pop, they've been on bahagian, atas of girl groups for a long time and it's normal that they have their peminat-peminat and their haters.

As a SONE, I think they're...
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for the sooyoungster <do i spell it right??>
>>very cute pose...^^
>>loves this picture v.much
>> i really loves this concept
>>pretty picture with pretty background and edit
>>Such a pretty model
>>she looks very cite here ^^
>>this is my most fav picture of her.. It is simple but still elegant and stunning

8. link
>>my most fav selca of her
>>nice hairstyle and glare ~~
>>very very very pretty right???
>>my 2nd fav pic of her

comments ^^
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posted by snsdlover4ever
*This is solely for entertainment and for your own pleasure. I don't own any of the performance video I post on here and all credits for the video will go to YouTube. Enjoy!*

MCs: Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome to Top... Talent!
Sooyoung: Tonight, you'll see another stellar audition and performance from your kegemaran idol stars!
Sunny: Speaking of which, here to perform tonight is a well known for their cute concepts, especially with their song, "No No No."
Sooyoung: Performing their baru-baru ini comeback song, "Mr. Chu," please welcome...
Both: A Pink!

Performance: link

Sunny: Such a great performance! Please...
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Tiffany Check, Yoona Check.. Now Its Sunny time :)
>>She does looks very cute here :D
>>Owh , her aegyo's killing me
>>She looks very innocent + super cute look
>>her matured side :)
>>my fav outfit of her
>>i dont know why but i really Cinta this picture
>>Seriously??? She looks very cool ^^
>>my most fav selca of her... but of course all of her selca is super cute
>>I knida like her blonde hair.... She's so cute

so leave your komen down there
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Yeah, it might seem redundant that I keep doing these, but it's the best way I can actually let out my opinions without being bombarded with riggers on polls. Anyways, let's begin!

I chose this topic since I see/hear the usual komen-komen after watching some of their Muzik videos, such as these:
"(insert member/members here) looked awful here."

"I don't get the plots to these Muzik videos. I mean, was there supposed to be meaning to this?"

And, best of all:


Okay, so maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration, but let's face it, we all felt that way...
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