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 I Cinta anda Taeyeon! <333
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This Girls Generation/SNSD foto might contain potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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 Tiffany , Hyoyeon and Yuri!
Tiffany , Hyoyeon and Yuri!
Hey! I'm back with part 2 of SNSD's 7th Anniversary Special!

Tiffany (Brighter than gems)

Firstly in part 2 we have our brighter than gems , Tiffany!

"Tiffany ~ She is considerate, energetic, and charming. Always loud and talkative everywhere she goes, which is one of her charms. She always put all of her efforts in everything she does, a very hard-working idol." - Tippany

"Tiffany - I Cinta her because she proves to me that even if your family doesn't quite support your decision for what anda wanna do in life, anda can still do it." - Mariah_Faye

Fanytastics :

Cute Fanytastics!

link Gretulee- Oh yay,...
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Sunny, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany Singing a ballad version of gee that turns into a rock one, I think its so calming ^_^ Cinta it! Too bad the others weren't there >.<
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