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kertas dinding
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This Girls Generation/SNSD kertas dinding might contain bilik keluarga, ruang tamu, bilik depan salon, salon, ruang menunggu, bilik, and kedai.

This is voted from the poll,not my opinion

8.Sunny-Sun is really beautiful but in Round-1,she get 0% of vote,maybe because she hasn't has much of peminat-peminat here in fanpop,but i think she's really cute and pretty

7.Tiffany-It is much of a surprise for me thinking that she is in the 7th position,she's really pretty,but the results are the results...our eye-smiling beauty is really pretty,so bad that she get so many haters here in fanpop

6.Yuri - She is my beauty Queen and my ultimate bias,she is very pretty and loving,I really Cinta her,and I am happy to her for being in the super girl group snsd.

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omg,i'm so excited ^^
It's been so damn long~ I missed anda guys and i know some are hating me for my last article...well,idk if i would still be named as a 'sone' i actually don't really care about what i'm called as long as i know that i'm forever loyal to snsd.sooo.....u've seen the title,let's start!

Bias List


Those who have known me long enough know that she'll forever be my bias.Oh,come on!It's pretty obvious that she would never change in my senarai <3


Like OMG i Cinta them A LOT and now in this situation i think she deserves lebih Cinta :)...
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1.When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn’t pay attention to other things.. (Win Win Ep. 11)
2. Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..
3. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she’s talking about Tiff that cares her so much.. (IY Ep 1)
4. Yuri is thinking about the member when she’s Berlakon crying in K.Will’s MV (Jeon Hyunmoo’s Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])
5. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days (Win Win Ep. 11)
6. Yuri got slapping habit

7. Yuri was berkata a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member sejak lebih than 1 psychologist...
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