We are made in the image of God, born to tunjuk forth His divine creativity and power. Eph 2:10. In each of us God has deposited a gift, we must become His mirror, when people look at us they should see God, just as they see him in the Bunga of the field and the sunset over the mountains. God’s people must reflect Him.

In order to reflect God we must seek to become one with Him. John17:22-23. We come into oneness with God through prayer. This oneness will allow us to know the mind of God. 1Cor2:16. When we have the mind of God we will operate in the plan and purposes of God. We will begin to tunjuk His creativity and become His divine influence. God’s gift deposited in us will be unearthed and we begin to live above and beyond the mundane.

What do we see when we stare out at the ocean, what do we see when we look at the stars atau the birds of the air? We see a master creator, placing each creature on this earth having a unique form and to fulfill a specific purpose, we see God. So God has placed in each of us a specific gift so that through us He can unfold His manifold character, so that through us others will see God.

As we become one with God, He begins to tunjuk us that which is deposited in us, and as we begin to unearth that which He deposited, we begin to walk in victory, peace, provision and purpose. Our gift makes way for us because the creator sustains the creature. That is why Jesus spoke about the lilies of the field in Matt28:30, He is a God that sustains. He designed the root of the pokok in such a unique form that it will find water and be sustained. He has designed each creature with a specific thing that will ensure its sustenance. He designed us with a specific gift in order that we will be sustained.

When we begin to truly walk as God would have us, using the gifts that He has telah diberi us and walking in the purpose for which we were born, we begin to showcase the creator. We become God’s mirrors. People will gaze at us as they do the stars, because we are doing exactly what God intends us to do.

Use prayer as a medium to know God, use it as the tool to fellowship and become His friend. Become united again with the creator and begin to reflect Him, so that others will see and know who God is.

-Written sejak Gillian M. Henriques