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A/N: hope anda enjoy this one. remeber to review loe to hear what anda think.

Tonight I’m gonna do
Everything that I want with you
Everythin that u need
Everything that u want I wanna honey
I wanna stunt with you
From the window
To the wall
Gonna give u, my all
Winter n summertime
When I get anda on the springs
Imma make anda fall
anda got that body
That make me wanna get on the boat
Just to see anda dance
And I Cinta the way anda shake that ass
Turn around and let me see them pants
anda stuck with me
I’m stuck with you
Lets find something to do
excuse me
I dont mean to be rude
tonight - enrique iglesias

chuck and nate were sitting in the livng room waiting for serena and blair to come down the stairs. they had brought a bottle of chapagne, which chuck had left over from buying to much for the last party. he headr heals coming down the stairs and his eyes widened when he saw blair's outfit. she looked hot was the first thought in chuck's head.

"i see anda came as the devil. fitting." blair smirked at chuck's reaction to her outfit.

"you look amazing. better than Ciuman on the lips" chuck smiled finally looking blair in the eye, after looking at her outfit like three time to make sure he wasnt imagining it.

"why thank you. i see anda brought drinks, i'll go get glasses. welcome nate" blair turned on her heel and walked to the kitchen.

chuck smirked and handed nate the champagne "i think i'll go help her"

chuck walked into the dapur and blair had her back to him, she heard his footsteps she smirked knowing he would follow him. she turned around with her smirk on her face.

"this is becoming a habit of yours"

"what is?" chuck berkata walking towards blair.

"following me into the kitchen. dont anda have anything better to do" blair berkata with her bitchy smirks still in place.

chuck smirked back "you got your attitude back from last monday"

"never takes long"


"yeah, clearly i was delusional after though because i nearly slept with you" blair noticed he had put his hand on her back very near her ass.

chuck then pushed her up against the dinding and they were in the same postion like the night before they went to Ciuman on the lips "but anda wanted to have sex with me, when i stoped anda were desperate for me to get back on you" chuck smirked "i bet anda couldnt wait to have me inside you, but i wouldnt go back to nearly having sex with you"

"if i wanted that i would have told anda the seterusnya hari like our deal" blair berkata ignoring the hand sliding up her skirt.

"maybe anda forgot"

"i may not have been sober but i wasnt drunk, i remembered everything" blair berkata taking chuck's hand out from under her skirt pushing him back and turning him around so she had him against the dinding "i have lebih guests than just you, and i wont let anda hand up any further do anda want to know why/" blair asked.

"enlighten me" chuck smirked.

blair leaned over and whispered in his ear "im not wearing any underwear" she then picked up the four glasses from the counter glanced at chuck with a sexy smirk and walked out of the dapur swaying her hips as she walked. of course she was wearing underwear, but they were very small. but she berkata that to make chuck feel lebih attracted. if she was going to sleep with him just tonight then she had to make it worth it and teasing chuck would do so.

"what took anda two so long again?" serena asked, "you do this every time"

"just chuck following his usual stalking ritual" blair smirked as she sat down on the kerusi, tempat duduk across from serena and nate.

chuck entered the room still smirking at what blair had said. she really did know how to play him "yes cause i was clearly stalking anda waldorf, i just needed to see lebih of anda in that short dress. they get shorter every time your going out, wont be long till your not wearing anything at all" chuck sat beside her.

"you'd like that wouldnt you" blair raised her eyebrows "to bad for anda it's not going to happen. self respect is something i pry on, like anda pry on taking advantage of gulible 14 tahun old girls with big brothers. stupid idea." blair leaning back in the chair.

"im the devil for a reason" chuck smiled "but what are anda meant to be tonight?"

"your worst nightmare"

"and how is that?"

"because im somthing anda cant have, and i know how anda Cinta a virgin" blair smirked

"ok guys enough, i dont want to here anymore of your games. save it until you're alone" serena berkata with disgust.

"sorry sis, what do anda want to talk about?" chuck asked.

"What about anda not callingme sis?"

"not going to happen" chuck smirked "that was an interesting conversatiion, now unless anda can come up with something better to talk about can we get going. atau we'll be late"

"oh yes lets go" serena got up from her kerusi, tempat duduk and pulled blair up from hers "we have some boy shopping to do tonight" serena pulled blair to the elevator.

"you're with dan" berkata nate

"for blair dummy" serena berkata back sticking out her tongue.

"im not interested in boy shopping S" blair berkata "you know what my plans for tonight are" she smirked.

"let's just go"

blair, nate, serena and chuck were all sitting at one of the tables. jenny came in and walked over to nate and sat beside him. they kissed and blair and chuck both made a disgusted face, which serena laughed at because they made the face at the same time. serena had only been there 10 minit and was drunk of her face.

"so jenny where's don?" serena asked.

"i think anda mean dan" jenny laughed at drunk serena.

"that's what i berkata don"

"he doesnt like these parties remember" jenny told serena, but serena was already to interested in looking for the waiter with the alcohal.

"get use to drunk serena, it happens every time she goes out" chuck told jenny "she has a thing for the party lifestyle and not being able to hold her drink"

"well i need to dance and serena will most likely break her ankle. considering anda insited on her having another chuck anda have to be the person i dance with" blair fluttered her eyelash innocently

"and if i dont" chuck berkata playfully.

"i'll kick anda arse, so get up off it" blair berkata pulling him up sejak the ear.

after chuck and blair had danced for a while they where standing at the bar when connor walked sejak and then he walked over to them.

"well well well, if it isnt blair and her bodyguard" connor laughed smugly.

"go breath someone elses air connor" blair berkata with a bitchy smirk.

"aww no one wants to play today" connor berkata "what a shame, wasted potenial"

"and you're wasted space" blair snapped "now piss off before i do serious damage to your dick with my six inch heels" chuck laughed at blair, she wasnt taking any prisoners today.

"how would anda feel if i told everyone how weak there new Queen really was?" connor said.

"how would anda like it if i told the police that anda attempted to rape me and actually have raped a girl before" blair smirked "i got chuck to tell me about that"

"blair we all know i would get away with it" connor smiled "plus i was already brought to the police sejak the girls father and look who won the court hearing"

blair didnt look please at hearing this and chuck noticed it "well im a bass and as a eye witness i can tell the court everything. my father will surely help out a friend of my sejak making sure anda get a proper punishment even if it isnt behind bars" chuck berkata with his signature smirk "bart might even leave anda in the middle of the sahara desert"

"bass to the rescue again. cant a Queen fight her own battles" connor laughed smugly.

"she can, but she's nothing without her loyal subjects, her guards and her friends" blair berkata sternly "and if we're talking medieval times anda would be in the dungeon sejak now"

"you really are sad blair" connor turned to walk away.

"and anda really are a waste of time, angkasa and energy" blair replied "you arnt even good looking which means girls wont sleep with you" blair berkata mockinly "dan humphrey has probably slept with lebih girls than anda if anda dont count the ones anda raped" blair rubbed it in further.

connor turned on his heal ready to try and hurt blair but chuck pushed him away. it didnt stop connor from trying again and again, each time something like slut atau whore. blair was finding it amusing. nate came over and pulled connor away then let go and with one hayun, swing punched him in the face. he had heard from chuck what he had done, he was angry, and now was furious he had tried to hurt her again.
blair and chuck found nate punching connor hilarious and burst out laughing.

"connor really does know how to make a scene" blair berkata as chuck, nate and blair went into the ally for air.

"that's true" chuck berkata "but nate did anda really have to punch him, he wasnt getting anywhere. people will be alot lebih curious now"

"im sorry. it's just im still angry from what anda berkata he tried to do to her last monday" nate explained.

"you told him?" blair asked chuck

"yes, sorry"

"it's fine, i trust nate" blair berkata "just dont tell anyone else ok?"

"fine" chuck agreed

"shit i left serena with jenny. serena is alot to handle when she's drunk" nate berkata and rushed back inside.

"Bye nate" blair berkata sarcastically because he had already left.

chuck laughed "are anda going to cause a problem with connor every time anda come to a party?"

"maybe it's quite fun" blair laughed and flicked her hair to one side of her neck "plus i thought Gossip Girl loved scandal" blair couldnt stop smiling because of how easy it was to winned connor up.

"she does" chuck berkata and then his phone went off. "speak of the devil" chuck said.

"that would be you" blair laughed and so did chuck, shortly blair's phone went off to she also got the messgae and picture from Gossip girl. the picture was of nate punching connor.

speak of the devil and he doth appear, wearing his trademark scarf. but what has connor o' shaw done to bring him out on service and summon his demon helpers. something tells me new girl, we've spotted them together alot since she got here. my my may the devil have strong feelings for our new Queen B. and what has connor done to api, kebakaran him up.
anda know anda Cinta me.
gossip girl

chuck and blair didnt peak for a while and then blair berkata "why is it that every time i speak to a boy gossip girl immediatly thinks i like him. she berkata something along the lines of me and nate being together and breaking jenny's hati, tengah-tengah when i arrived" blair laughed trying to kill the awkwardness. and succeeding.

"it's what she does best. she twists everything" chuck laughed to.

"would anda happen to have anda limo?" blair asked smirking her sexy smirk.

"yes why?" chuck was very curious at this and with that smirk on her face he wanted to have her there and then.

blair walked up to chuck and placed her hands on his face "because im not traumitsed and i want to have sex with you. i know anda only do one nighters and that's all i need" blair smirked "plus im pretty sure we can stay Friends after considering you've already seen me in my underwear and we'restill friends"

"good enough reason. and yes i always have the limo" chuck smirked.

blair and chuck began to make out passionatly and then made their way to the limo once they got in blair lay on the leather seats and pulled chuck sejak his tie on tip of her. chuck unziped her dress and pulled it of her and firing it on the floor. the same happend with chuck's jacket, baju and pants. chuck and blair were both in their underwear and chuck pulled away and looked at blair.

"you sure?" he asked.

blair rolled her eyes and pulled chuck's head down to her's for another passionate kiss. chuck opened blair's bra and planted kisses the whole way down from her mouth, between her breasts and to her thighs. he rolled he knickers off and after a bit of foreplay down there made his way up to her lips again.
then chuck realised he wasnt done with foreplay just yet and slipped two fingers inside of blair. smirking when she let out a shakey moan. blair was definatly done with forepaly and grabbed the condom they had left out for when they were done with foreplay. she slipped it on to chuck and he entered her.

later chuck and blair were both trying to catch their breath. they were lying seterusnya to each other on the leather seats of chuck's limo. blair's first thought was the fact she had just Lost her virginty in the back of a moving vehical. not at all about who with.

"so how does it feel to no longer be a virgin?" chuck asked with a smirk. but to his dissapointment the fluttery feeling hadnt left his stomach. he had to admit to himself no at least that he had feeling for her.

"it feels like being a virgin only your not one" blair laughed.

chuck looked at her "so anda dont regret losing your virginity to me?" chuck asked a little confused at her change in attiutde towards him.

"I had an itch and i thought who better to scratch it than an experienced one nighter" blair berkata looking into his deep brown eyes.

"who better indeed?" chuck smirked "if anda want to stay in my place for the night anda can. you've done it before"

"what a relife you're not just going to dump me on the streets" blair berkata sarcatically.

"some people dont get the offer, count yourself the lucky first" chuck grinned "but i may want another round, the first night anda stayed was free but anda might have to pay sejak itching a scratch of my own once we arrive at my suite" chuck berkata hanind blair her clothes.

"will i now?" blair smiled "i guess i could stay on berkata terms"

after they got back to chuck's the slept together again and blair feel asleep on chuck's chest. both of them werent wearing anything. but that didnt matter to chuck, what matter was that he knew he had fellings for her and wanted her as lebih than another one night stand. but chuck wasnt sure how she felt.
A/N: i hope anda enjoyed it, please review and tell me if there is anything anda would like to see in particular and i'll see if i can fit it in the story line. sorry for any spelling mistakes. Cinta ya. xoxo.

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And, according to E! Online, none other than Lady Gaga plays a role.

No, she's not joining Dan, Olivia and Vanessa in a foursome, but her visit to the tunjuk serves as a catalyst through which Dan, Olivia and Vanessa have to stay connected and work together, even lebih closely, for the time being.

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