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A/N: Okay, I AM still Penulisan my chapter for tonight. It may be a little off though…since I feel sick from these god-forsaken side effects because of the epilepsy I just discovered and now is late to me, since I’m supposed to be going to katil 2 hours lalu atau somethin…oh, and unless I have some Luar Biasa talent for Penulisan these types of chapters in a little over an hour, it will techniquely not be done tonight but early tomorrow morning. *sigh* Anyways, if it makes anda feel better…I believe that according to my outline this chapter is lebih of a filler chapter. Don’t be too disappointed. I will be updating this story quite a bit for awhile and there is not even that much left, so it’s okay. Also, if anda were ever afraid of me running out of ideas and therefore stories…have no fear. ‘Book of Beginnings’ is essentially previews of all the stories to come and I have at least 40 planned for that particular selection thus far (even if they haven’t been written up yet)…I will be Penulisan CB stories for quite some time.
    Also, one lebih little thing to mention before I dive in…I believe today was one of my buddies on Fanpop birthday! Happy Birthday, Elli! And as promised….since I have been so completely unmotivated for vids as of late…after each of the following ‘So What If I’m Jealous’ chapters until the story’s end….I will be Penulisan and submitting a chapter of a little fluff fic, based on that delightful ikon of yours (will post ikon in the first chapter of that story). lebih to come on that later, ladies and gents, now on to swiij…
Ch. 17—Calling For A Change

The chirping of blue jays and quiet, rusty vehicles woke the cranky brunette from her anything but peaceful sleep. The chair had no headboard to it and so, even though she had drifted off soon enough….when Jason had halted his interrogations and amateurish attempted rapes, Chuck could do way better, she never hesitated to think…the sounds atau morning woke her instantly.
Her eyes fluttered open, noticing that Jason was exactly where she had last seen him…pacing on the opposite end of the room. It never ceased to amaze her how utterly disgusting this warehouse was.
And unkempt.
Not to mention it was in Brooklyn. But she had chosen to deny that fact…it was really the least of her problems.
She straightened herself in the chair, drawing the attention of Jason across the room, but also making her quite aware of the crick in her neck. She winced at the pain and vowed to get herself some serious therapy once she got out of here. And a nice long bath...in a hot tub…with Chuck.
She didn’t know what to really expect from him at this point. They had spoken their feelings, but only sejak beating around the belukar, bush as much as possible. It did appear he felt genuinely deep feelings for her, but the fear of him falling for that Brooklyn girl seemed to be popping up again and again. Tears welled up in her eyes again, but Blair made certain that they would not fall…even if Jason had gone back to fascinating himself concerning how big a dust pile he could create with his own ridiculous pair of hand me down shoes. She shuddered, just thinking alone of all the places those shoes had been. Thankfully, he didn’t notice, and she was beginning to realize that he was perhaps much stupider than she had first thought him to be.
Even if her face would not heal for days…
God, it hurts.
Any expression alone drove welled up pain to radiate through her. And that reminded her that beyond her relationship issues with Chuck, which just simply would not disappear for good…no matter how much she wanted them to…there was the fact that Chuck was being hunted sejak this idiot, and soon enough her silence would not be enough to save him.
She turned her head ever so slightly, in order to witness Jason’s ever so dull movements of constant pacing. There was ducktape plastered across her ruby lips now. And the tape and rope surrounding her wrists and ankles had grown tighter. She sighed in how paranoid this guy obviously was.
It wasn’t as if she had screamed recently atau even really thought about it…not that anyone would hear her if she did.
What…was he afraid of her insulting him? She nearly beamed at this. Blair Waldorf beaming at acing her kidnapper when insulting was involved.
It did not go unnoticed.
“What are anda smiling at?” the man asked, stalking towards her.
Blair’s smile nearly flickered away, but it did not disappear completely. “Nothing anda need worry about,” she glared at him.
He scoffed. “You think you’re so smug. Insulting me, refusing information?” he leaned over her again, bracing his hands on the arms of her chair, crushing her fragile forearms. “I have news for you…”
She tried to look sarcastically amused.
“…it will not go unpaid for.”
She cringed at that, as he turned to walk away. She was very tempted at that moment to ask him what the hell he was doing on that side of the room anyways…but figured it was not the best time to ask such questions, and that when he was shoved away in the recesses of a Brooklyn prison, he would get his punishment for treating a Waldorf with such disdain and…she shifted uncomfortably…abuse.
Blair’s head snapped up. Jason had not noticed….but it would only be a matter of time. She tried desperately to rip her hands free from the several layered tape, but it was no use. Too much lebih movement would do nothing but draw attention.
She whimpered every so slightly, and of course that was the ticket to draw her kidnapper’s eye. He stopped his pacing and stumbled over to the Waldorf, of course grabbing the cell phone out of her pocket with ease.
“Answer it,” he demanded, and she sent him a look asking if he was a crazy.
Without sinking in on the realization of his foolishness, Jason pressed the proper button for answering the incoming phone call. His hand was shaking and though Blair could not imagine why, she was grateful for it.
“Be calm,” he whispered demandingly. And in her desperation she rolled her eyes, forcing herself to imagine herself in a different time…a different place. Perhaps in a dream?
This could not be adjusted to any Audrey Hepburn film.
“Yes?” she asked, cockily, ignoring the reaction from the abuser hovering over her. “Humphrey?!” she asked in shock.
Why on earth would Dan Humphrey be calling her? If she had little to no information on Vanessa prior…being kidnapped sejak a—oh wait, they didn’t know that, and all her kidnapper had required was calm, perhaps…
She shoved the thoughts from her mind. “I haven’t seen her,” she said, forcing a few shakes into her voice. Jason’s eyes widened at the sudden difference in tone, but Blair wouldn’t look at him.
True, she could have been completely calm about the whole situation, and she had been up until this point, but it was all becoming too clear to her….there were so many connections and she just couldn’t piece them all together. Something about this whole investigation was…unusual.
Her eyes finally floated up to Jason’s. The phone dropped from the side of her face, where it had been held before. Jason picked it up and stuffed it in his own ratty pocket. Blair’s face scrunched up at the new habitat of her most important commodity. She gulped as his face leaned closer to hers.
“I hope anda didn’t spill anything in that phone call.”
“I didn’t,” she said, half offended half sounding too scared to speak anything else. She had so flippantly turned from scared to death then rude and an absolute bitch. It was as if she couldn’t contain her emotions, and she wasn’t sure which cover was best…or which she truly felt.
He walked away again, looking smug with himself again somehow, and reaching the far end of the room too fast to be normal.
“I…I just have a soalan though,” she spoke with a stutter and cursed herself for it.
“What is it, princess?” his voice became that of a husky seducer.
It made her shudder once more, very visibly this time.
Where are you, Chuck?
“Well?” he asked when silence had slipped between them…longer than expected.
She gulped, and took a deep breath. She had to be composed sejak the time he had come to stand in front of her again. She had to be the jalang, perempuan jalang so she could remain believably confident while he was so close.
“Who’s your partner?”
He didn’t know what to say atau how to say it. How in the world was he going to tell Chuck everything when he knew seterusnya to nothing? He had been telling the truth. He didn’t know much about him. He had decided on only discovering out the bare minimum…only doing the very least of what was required of him…he hated these cases.
Chuck sensed they were probably half-way. In the truth of it all, he had no idea where they were going. But it was in Brooklyn and he liked to know that he was in control and that everything would only go down on his watch. There was no telling him things weren’t going to get better…or that it would be other people causing the trouble.
He was Chuck Bass.
…a scared human being, just like everyone else.
Truth be told, the thing that scared him most was losing Blair. It had been bad enough losing her to Nate, and Marcus—to an extent…but a kidnapper? The end results of that were almost too catastrophic to truly think about.
He wanted to know more.
He needed to.
Because if something happened…
Chuck’s and Kevin’s thoughts were interrupted. But not sejak either of their phones. It was the phone that had been hidden away sejak the young boy. His brother’s phone.
Kevin gulped reaching for it, and tried to make out a casual, yet slightly confused response when he answered the phone.
It wasn’t a usual caller after all.
Not that Kevin would really know who the usuals were on his brother’s phone. He was supposed to know, but as of late he had chosen not to.
“Hello?” he asked.
Chuck froze in his spot, trying not to look too frazzled as he waited anxiously for the keseluruhan summary after the conversation had ended.
He just expected anyone calling that bastard would be connected to finding Blair somehow. No one knew Kevin had stolen it away. Chuck himself had only just found out.
“Y-yes, this is he,” Kevin made out. “Uh…okay.”
Chuck watched as the boy scratched his neck awkwardly and tightened the temporary shutting of his eyes. He played with the zipper on his jaket and dragged his foot lazily along the cracks in the sidewalk.
He was mesmerized with the boy.
He had never felt such care, such devotion for someone he had hardly known for long.
And after this ‘case’ was taken care of….where would that leave him?
Back to his abusive brother?
The phone clicked shut and was slid back away into whatever compartment it had rested in before. Before Chuck could get a word in, Kevin spoke.
“We have to go to the hospital.”
The older boy’s eyebrows immediately fused together. “For what reason?” he asked, folding his arms demandingly.
Kevin looked around nervously. “Wyler is there,” he nearly whispered.
“Wyler,” Chuck stated, hardly believing the statement himself.
The younger boy was Frozen in his spot. Both his hands and his feet had ceased to move.
“Wyler?” Chuck repeated, “As in your older brother who beats you, his partner?”
Kevin’s breathing quickened, but he would not answer the question. He turned to walk away in the opposite direction they had been heading. “It won’t take long,” he muttered under his breath.
And the only reason Chuck followed him now was so he wouldn’t lose track of the way he would go when finding Blair was of the essence, which he truly believed now was that time.
“If anda just tunjuk me the way, I can go and get Blair and this whole mess will be done!” he was growing impatient, and Kevin knew it.
He stopped abruptly and turned around. “No. anda can’t go. Not alone.”
Chuck was confused again.
He didn’t like that feeling. It hardly ever happened to him.
“What are anda talking about?” he asked.
Kevin’s eyes closed temporarily again, but he turned around to finish his speech.
“Just trust me,” he said. “We have to go to the hospital. We can’t go to save Blair. Not now, not first…and anda can’t go alone.” He heard Chuck huff. “You don’t know where it is,” he turned back around, snapping at the older boy who nearly melted at the sight.
But he didn’t move.
And he was tense.
Too tense.
Chuck reached ke hadapan and lay a hand on the boy’s skinny shoulder. “It’s ok,” he nearly whispered. “We can go to the hospital first,” he nodded for assurance, even if the boy couldn’t see it.
Kevin visibly relaxed, and Chuck released his hand allowing it to fall to his own side. The boy started to walk again, lebih briskly now, and Chuck wouldn’t be surprised if he broke into a jog after awhile. Not that he would so much as follow suit. Chuck. Bass. Does. NOT. Run.
There are always exceptions of course.
A/N: Okay, I hope anda liked this. And as predicted it is about an jam atau so into the seterusnya day. XD I do hope anda don’t hate me for making this chapter SO much shorter than the most baru-baru ini ones. But it was a filler chapter and it DID only have two scenes, so that is my defense. Lol. XD PLEASE REVIEW! =D
 Grown up...?
Grown up...?
This is Season 2 of Chair Tales.
Catch up: Blair, Serena and Dan are at Yale universiti and it is set in their final tahun at Yale. Nate is not around as he is travelling the world. Blair's mother is still living in their house in Manhattan. Lily still lives in Manhattan. Eric and Jenny both attend other Universities. Rufus has moved out of Brooklyn to Jersey City.
Due to the fact that they have all moved away from the Upper East Side, unfortunately there will be no Gossip Girl Blasts anymore, in fact Gossip Girl isn't around any lebih so this season is based on their futures after High school...
continue reading...
A/N: Okay, this has taken me too long, I agree, but I am DETERMINED to get this chapter done today! Call it a happy valentine’s hari present, whatever! ;p Although, I have to warn you…I will not be updating this story for awhile after this chapter, b/c I’ve made a schedule of when I update things and I plan to stick to it! *huffs* So yeah….several other stories will be updated after this, and not all of them on ff.net, but some on fp.com and yes. Just as a forewarning. ;p I would go on and on about how the NB pics have been driving me insane and I just don’t know what to do with myself...
continue reading...
 Welcome Back!!!
Welcome Back!!!

Ok, So these are similar to Chair Tales, but maybe shorter....
You'll have to rewind your mind right to the beginning....so this is set around season 1, but some things anda will find are different, one example, Blair and Nate have never dated. So at the moment the "GG Gang" are all good friends. Chuck and Nate are best friends, Blair and Serena are best friends, Serena is good Friends with Chuck and Nate. Chuck and Blair have their typical early Season 1 "Poison Ivy" kind of relationship. Nate and Blair are also friends.

PART ONE - A Mid Summers Night Visit

Gossip Girl: # Hear Ye,...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
*This oneshot is not connected at all with the other fanfiction I put up on here. It takes place sometime into Season 2. Blair has tried everything to make Chuck jealous and even if there are signs of it occurring, they are very subtle. Chuck had tried his very best to put on a Brave face and appears to be the very bass he was, before he ever slept with Blair. Blair finally cannot take it anymore. She is heartbroken. She wants only him and can’t even seem to create misery for him to make him pay for what he’s done. She goes to him, to confront him on her feelings and to soalan his own....
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