The whole concept of placing these two together has irked me since the idea was introduced. Call it the Joey and Rachel (Friends) atau George and Izzie (Grey's Anatomy) effect. Just like Blair berkata in the Hurt Locket, some couples only look good on paper. These are my 5 reasons why I don't think this couple is going to work. Please note, this is JUST MY OPINION.

5) Lack of story development
Yes, we all know about the fateful night at the wedding. The event that started the series. We all know about Nate's Cinta for her, and Serena's wish to keep her friendship with Blair. The Serena/Blair/Nate segitiga, segi tiga was the basis for the first half of season one. Anything after 1x13 dealt with nothing of Nate and Serena's relationship other than pointing towards friendship. Now that Blair and Chuck have solidifed their relationship, it only makes sense develop that of Nate and Serena's.

What the writers need to realize is that regardless of what happened two years ago, anda can't just throw two characters together without properly developing their story and the dynamic they have between each other. Nate and Serena are completely different from what they were two years ago. These new character developments need to be addressed and dealt with when creating a pairing. The writers jumped right into their relationship after the break. This tactic tends to "work" for guest characters, but it's a cheap cop out for the main characters, who we expect the writers to at least spend some time on developing. Without taking the time to properly create the basis of their relationship, many peminat-peminat (including myself) are left without any sort of investment into the couple's storyline.

4) Just because it worked in the books, doesn't mean it'll work on TV
There are lots of things that worked in the buku that won't work on TV. Chuck's pet monkey, for example. Just because Serena and Nate worked well in the book, doesn't mean it'll work well on the Televisyen adaption. Book GG and TV characters may share the same name and features, but they are completely different characters in essence. Book Nate and TV Nate are where near similar, just in the same way as Book Chuck and TV Chuck are two completely different characters. Book NS and TV NS therefore, are two completely different relationships created in two completely different contexts.

3) Lack of conflict
In order for a TV relationship to exist for a long period of time, there needs to be conflict. With Serena and Dan, there was the class struggle. Blair and Nate juggled with infidelity and trust issues. Chuck and Blair, trust issues. Nate and Serena... are in many ways, mirror characters of each other. Since their characters are so similar, they are going to lack conflict that isn't trivial, atau events solely created for the purpose of breaking these two up. Today's episode was a pathetic and trivial attempt to "create drama" between the two.

2) Serena is boring and Nate is boring
Individually, these characters used to be what drove the show. Serena used to be charming, charismatic, independent, and striving hard not to indulge in the privilege and power she was born in. Nate, remains true to his "manwhore label", but at least was interesting when he pursued each relationship, as well as dealing with his father and family issues. Nowadays, Serena's storylines mainly revolve around which UES guy she's going to fall in Cinta with, and Nate has been reduced to the meddler on the sidelines. These characters on their own are nothing like they were originally, and lack the initial charm and charisma they had when entering the series.

1) No Chemistry
Chace Crawford is gorgeous. Blake Lively is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I've seen on television. But putting them together, the two have little to no appeal. In the first season, they had great chemistry. That scene of them at the wedding? Hot.But for some reason it's not working this time around. Nate and Jenny have lebih chemistry than these two now, quite possibly? The lack of investment and development of the characters, and the fact that for two seasons, these two have been pitted to become friends, may be the problem.

ps, if you're going to rate low because I don't ship serenate, THATS COOL WHATEVER, don't really care
NGL, I totally used to ship them