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“How did it all happen?” She whispered sullenly, almost breathlessly. Her vision was distorted, blurry from her tears. They were also bloodshot and her face had paled as well, sometime during her breakdown.

From the other side of the desk, the woman sat there with her head cocked to the side, portraying a face of deep concern. “Ms. Waldorf I take it that this wasn’t planned.”

Blair Waldorf kept her eyes glued to the floor. She used whatever physical strength was in her to put her arms on the armrests and lift her body into a straighter, lebih comfortable position. Instead she failed...
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“Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?”


Author: LittleDancer-123x (Melanie)

Rated: T+ because of occasional language, and strong references to eating disorders.

Published: December 11th 2008

Story Type: Multi-Chapter

Summary: Inspired from the line “Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?” 2x13. Goes back to freshman year, and works up to present day, how Blair’s disorder developed and how Chuck was there along the way. Multi-Chapter. CB, SB friendship....
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posted by Delena_Damon4e
I HATE VANESSA! Always have and always will!! In the sebelumnya episode she berkata that she's over Serena and the NJBC but obviously she's not! How can she destroy her best friend and her ex like that? I mean she's jealous of Serena she always was but Nate and Dan? How could she play with them like she never had any feelings for any of them! And Jenny too! I mean Jenny is always trying to destroy everyone and especially people who Cinta her like Eric last tahun and now Dan?! Seriously how selfish and mean can someone be? She's not a jalang, perempuan jalang in a seducing way like Blair and she'll never be. She tried...
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A Million Cinta Songs Later

A/N: So I started my new story this week and so glad people liked it. And I know some of anda are pissed that Vanessa is on it, but I Cinta her and she is dating Nate so I had to include her. So I hope anda enjoyed that one. But now I've got a lot lebih free time so I can write both of these. Okay so to this chapter. Finally I've wanted to do this for a while but I just didn't have the opportunity to but now I have an excuse, with Dan & Katie out of town and Nate & Serena too we all know that leaves... Chuck and Blair. So this is all them. So I hope anda all like...
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posted by szmootyi
 Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang
anda know, that Asian-looking girl who sometimes hangs out with Blair... but is she really Asian?
Well, her name is 'Kati' and it might sound a bit Japanese, but actually it's a Hungarian name.(Hungary is a small Eastern European country)
Her surname is 'Farkas'(source: imdb), which is also a Hungarian word. It means 'wolf'.
So the soalan is: why does an Asian actress (Nan Zhang) play a Hungarian character? Probably the creators thought 'Kati' must be a Japanese name LoL
But I'm really glad that I've found something Hungarian on Gossip Girl cause I'm from Hungary, too...:)
---I had to share this... LoL---
It had been too long, we were starting to wonder.

Blair and Serena haven't been involved in a nuclear fight in a good while now, but Michael Ausiello of EW says it's just a matter of time until that changes.

Here's what he has to say in his weekly Q&A ...

Q: I’m tired of some people bitching about Gossip Girl being in some kind of creative slump atau funk this year. I’m loving this season. Got any good scoop?

A: I’m (mostly) loving this season, too. The Chuck-Blair stuff continues to be immensely satisfying. And Hilary Duff isn’t as annoying as I predicted.

On the scoop front, there’s a big Blair-Serena blow-up coming. The frenemies will definitely be on the outs for a little bit.

What do anda think it's all about?
Ok everybody i lied! i berkata saturday would be the hari i wrote my Chapter 3 but i couldnt wait that long! (after watching o brother where bart thou? for the 6th time i was so inspired i had to come straight here! so here goes nothing... ENJOY!


It wasnt much of a fall, only about 5 feet. What Blair and Nate hadnt seen when they saw Chuck wobble on the edge of a building was that there was another roof not so far down. He did fall which was lebih of the point."I need a drink," Chuck slurred, even though he was already wasted. "I think it would be best if anda stop drinking," Blair said...
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Gossip Girl's third season premieres this Monday on the CW and the peminat-peminat are rabid. With the swine flu, sorry, H1N1 virus already posing a public threat, the last thing we need is a rabies epidemic infecting the population. I've come up with a solution to this particular strain of Gossip Girl rabies, and it's sooo much better than getting a shot.Two days ago, I began posting portions of my interview with Gossip Girl writer and co-executive producer, Josh Safran. So far, he has covered everything from leaked kisses to Queen misses. Today, in the final installation, Josh administers the very last...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
A/N: Okay, so I finally finished my fictionpress stories…at least how I plan on updating them for awhile, and so now I can work on updating my GG stories again! YAY! Unfortunately for you, I have a few betaing jobs I need to get to before I can really dive into ‘So What If I’m Jealous’ again. Heh. So, to keep anda entertained (hopefully, lol), I am Penulisan a few CB oneshots in between these. Heh. I probably made anda aware of this already with my CB 1x03 oneshot I telah diposkan about a week atau so ago, but I thought I’d reinforce this. ;p
This oneshot takes place during prom. It is a small scene...
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posted by gossipgirljade
 Chase and Leighton,off set. cute smiles : )
Chase and Leighton,off set. cute smiles : )
The Gossip Girl cast Cinta one another a lot!! Ed and Jessica are dating aswell as Blake and Penn which got me to thinking. That leaves Chace and Leighton. Yep, i'm going there.Ok,so we're not talking about their characters, we're talking about the actual actors. Chace and Leighton are beautiful people,we all know this and well, they're hot...together. Now if all the co-stars are falling for each other,then what's to stop the remaing two from it? One name,Sebastion. Now don't get me wrong,he's good looking,a talented actor,and i'm sure very smart.I just like Chase better in genral.You know...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
Chapter 5

She was bulimic.

The door of the bathroom that held testament to that fact slammed behind Chuck as he left.


For some reason, he couldn’t think. Wouldn’t think, wouldn’t let the message enter his mind.

He just had to tell Serena, tell Nate; her best friend, her boyfriend.

They could deal with it. He wasn’t anything to her.


He felt something pull on his sleeve before he managed to get to her bedroom door, the one that lead to the hallway which would take him down to the two clueless blonds.

“What?!” He barked, turning round to face Blair sharply.

She blinked at...
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posted by luvrgirl101
She didn’t need them.

She didn’t need anyone. Not the Lost boy with dirty blond hair, atau his disgrace of a best friend. Not the thoughtless drones she used to call friends. Certainly not Jenny Humphrey, atau any other member of her low-rent family. Her mother caused lebih harm than good, and even if she did need her Dad, he had other things to attend to.

In the movie of her life, the one that ran on repeat in her head, she needed two people. Nate and Serena. Serena and Nate. Her support system, her strength.

That was a lie.

When Serena had left, she’d survived. She’d lebih than survived, she’d...
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A Million Cinta Songs Later

A/N: Ahhh. Wow so I am totally calm now. We've had loads of exams and the worst ones are over now, welsh, maths paper 1 (still got another one to do =/), biology, Religious studies, Rekaan & Technology. Glad I've got them out of the way. Anyway I took some time off from revising English literature to write this. So please please leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Thank anda xoxo

Chapter 12: Goodbye Again

        It had been a week. Serena had temporary moved in with Blair and to play messenger between Nate and Blair....
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Hilary Duff has left the building. The actress has concluded her run on Gossip Girl as Olivia Burke and there are no plans for her to come back this season.

That much was kind of expected after this week's episode and the aftermath of the now-infamous threesome. Olivia doubted Dan's feelings for her and left NYU.

But here's some other couples scoop E! Online just unearthed:

* Dan and Vanessa, as foreshadowed in "The Last Days of Disco Stick," are most definitely on. They will be getting together this season.
* Ditto Nate and Serena, who will become a bona fide couple.
* Rufus and Lily will have a major problem (Serena's father).
* Chuck and Blair will be going strong.
GG: Gossip Girl here, your one and only sumber into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Spotted. Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen stepping into the pharmacy. To pick up what? We’ll know soon enough. anda know anda Cinta me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

[Inside Pharmacy]

(Blair’s phone goes off at the same time that Serena’s does)

B: anda have got to be kidding me!

S: B, don’t worry. After we buy the pregnancy test, we’ll put it in one of our purses.

B: What good will that do, S?!? What if someone steps into the pharmacy and takes a picture of us buying it???? The blast will be all over...
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 Happy Engagement!
Happy Engagement!
Chair Tales S02E10- Beauty and the Bass

The engagement party commences.

Serena and Dan are sharing a dance and Nate and Blair are dancing too. Nate has been pestering her all night to speak to Chuck who has been catching up with Jenny and Lily. (F.Y.I: Jenny is at universiti and, unlike the real Gossip Girl, Lily has never had a history with Bart Bass, she is single and has been mingling with Rufus during her trip to New Haven, Rufus is also single)

C: So...you and Rufus...i saw anda two at the back of the house earlier..(he grins)
L: Charles! Dont be silly..you saw nothing.
E: (Erick and Jenny...
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Mass mailing will happen in two weeks, on Friday, November 20. This should give anda enough time to get started on your letters, because we're sure you'll have a lot to say!

We also strongly recommend anda send in pictures of girls (heck, even boys) in headbands, especially our Gossip Girl cast. We've got a bunch of graphics here, but anda can also make your own (we'll make an entry where anda can share them).

The mailing address is:

The CW Network
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Burbank, CA 91505

Now aside from old school letter sending we'll be doing e-mel and other forms of communication/promotion. So get ready for that too. If anda can't send in printed headband photos, then anda can certainly do it online.

Don't forget to keep promoting The Headband Project!
posted by Shanice_12
Serena: [to Dan] If anda want to tarikh Georgina, then lebih power to you. I would just check to see there's not an ice pick under the bed.
• Season 3, Episode 3: "The Lost Boy" • Rating: Unrated • PermalinkGeorgina: Judging sejak the size of the sock on the doorknob, I didn't want to knock.
• Season 3, Episode 3: "The Lost Boy" • Rating: Unrated • PermalinkChuck: anda can't outbid me. How do anda expect to win?
Blair: Your lack of focus.
• Season 3, Episode 3: "The Lost Boy" • Rating: 10.0 / 10 • PermalinkVanessa: Okay, fine, I understand, anda can't give out class schedules. But, please,...
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 The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
Okay, so to start off I’m so nervous. This is MY VERY FIRST fic about, about ANYTHING really, and plus very first time publishing something of mine on the net. Oh god, haha I’m starting to regret it now. I can 100% guarantee anda I have ABSOLOUTLY NO experience in writing, so don’t expect AMAZING writing. So, please don’t be too harsh if anda don’t like it=P
Well, this fic is about The NJBC + Humphrey, haha I had to add him in this too=) But mainly about the one and only epic CB.<3

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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: YAY! I finally updated something! Short, I know, but I'm already working on chapter three which I'm sure will be telah diposkan sejak later on tonight.

Warning: Rape invloved.
No matter how hard she tried to scream, she couldn't. His hand was placed firmly over her mouth, his grip on her around her neck tight.

"Now, now, Blair. Don't try anything stupid," Jack warned her, wagging the index finger on his free hand. What the fuck? Who did he think she was? A fucking kindergardener? "I wouldn't wanna have to snap your pretty little neck." He put down is free hand and removed his other hand from her mouth....
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