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    “I don’t know. We need to have an emergency meeting of the NJBC with Nate and Serena now to discuss our course of action. I’ll call Nate and anda call Serena.”
    Nate and Serena had gotten the same alerts as Chuck and Blair and were just as shocked as they were. The last time any of them had seen Jenny Humphrey atau her family was the night of the double engagement party for Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Serena where it had been revealed that she was trying to sabotage Nate and Serena’s engagement on behalf of her brother Dan who wanted Serena to...
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“Why not?”
    “That is a story that your father and I will tell anda five later but first I need to let the rest of your siblings know their futures.”
    While Serena was telling Christopher, Blair was telling Samantha the same thing. They knew that they had made the right decisions for the futures of their children even though they didn’t let Nate and Chuck in on their master plan. After informing Ethan, Ryan, and Danielle about their marriages to Ashley, Elizabeth, and Cameron, Serena decided that she needed to inform Blair that she had told...
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    Roxanne just stood there in shock as she heard her mother telling her that she already had a fiancé despite the fact that they had just started dating. She remembered her father telling her that he could come to him if he had any soalan and that was her seterusnya stop. She excused herself from her meeting with his mother and decided to ask her father if he knew what her mother had planned atau if he was shocked as well. “Did anda know what Mom was planning in regards to my future, Dad?” Roxanne asked.
    “No. Your mother surprised me with this bombshell...
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    As Blair was figuring out how to explain to their children what she had planned for their futures, Chuck was wondering why she had never told him any of this. She planned to tell each child one sejak one about what she did during her pregnancy with them. “Do I start with Roxanne atau Cameron first, Chuck?” Blair asked.
    “My guess is to tell Roxanne first since she’s the oldest and then work your way down the line. I’ll be here if they have any soalan after anda tell them.” Chuck answered.
    Chuck called the children...
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“What did anda do, Mom?” Jason asked.
    “How do anda feel about Roxanne? Do anda like her?”
    “Yes, I like her. Why are anda asking me this?”
    “Roxanne is your fiancée, sweetheart. Blair and I arranged for the two of anda to marry when you’re ready. Chuck and your father had no idea that we did this. She and I agreed that the time has come for us to come clean with each of our children.”
    Jason just stood there in shock as he heard his mother telling him that he already had a fiancée despite...
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