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This Gossip Girl foto contains kaki yang terdedah, pantyhose, seluar skintight, skintight, pakaian ketat, leotards, dry, triko, unitard, guaman badan, guaman kucing, leotard, badan guaman, and penekan kucing. There might also be pakaian dalam, hos, hosiery, hose, pakaian dalam bahagian sulit, bustier, kemeja dlm, goncang, peralihan, slip, teddy, chemise shimmy, and shift.

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 Only as friends?!
Only as friends?!
-So i'm a first timer... hope anda like it. I started to write it bcuz, i'm a huge fan, of all your fanfics and bcuz i <3 chair!!!

Chuck and Blairs 'Love Story', it takes place in the 1st season, right after nate breaks up with blair, after she slept with chuck...

GG: Good morning upper east siders, gossip girl here. It's a beautiful sunday morning, and look who i found! B and N walking trought the park, looking friendly after everything! How's chuck bass gonna react?! I heard he comes back from his so called business trip tonite!!! xoxo Gossip girl

B: So anything from vanessa?
N: No, i'm starting...
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A/N: Okay, I am literally INSANE! Updating everyday this week? What the heck is wrong with me?! Lol. XD I know…you all don’t mind. Lol. The bad news…still no homework done…the good news? I HAVE A PLAN!!!! *gasp* I am DETERMINED to get through this week with all academic and fun hobbies completely satisfied! Lol. ;p Anyways, I AM in fact wrapping this story up, so it shouldn’t be too many lebih chapters….and as far as my other multi-chaptered CB stories: “Unable”, “Queen Bee for a Reason” and “Never Again: A Chuck & Blair Story”….I have put them on hold until I finish...
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