Gossip Girl The most hypocritical thing peminat-peminat do/say?

Pick one:
Claim Vanessa is judgmental and never utter a word about how Blair acts
C and S/J can't happen, they're siblings! But ship Derena. Vice versa
Harp of Jenny for being a slut when Serena and Blair have done worse
Aww poor Chuck, his mom betrayed him. Serena's believing her dad? Dumb jalang, perempuan jalang
Pfff. I hope Jenny likes losing her V to a guy who's done all of NYC. Blair much?
Blair's such a good friend, always there for S. Serena's a shit friend.
When Blair meddles she's a master schemer. Anyone else? Mind your own business!
Say "I Cinta excitement!" but when your couple is not together for 5 secs and anot
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Hate Jenny For Being A jalang, perempuan jalang but Cinta Blair For It and She's Much Worse!
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