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posted by FunSize123
Harry nervously flattened his hair as he stood under the flowery altar waiting for the Muzik to to start. His best friend Ron was standing beside him, tugging at the kolar of his black dress robes, obviously the heat was bothering him. Harry flattened his hair again.
“Seriously Harry stop it! You're making me nervous and I'm not even getting married! Oh and one lebih thing. I know this is completely the worst time to tell anda this, but if anda hurt my sister i will kill you!” Ron whispered to Harry, this time tugging on the bunga pinned to his robes. Harry guessed that was bothering him...
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I think and I feel Harry and Ginny are the BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!
I Cinta BONNIE WRIGHT and I'M IN Cinta WITH DAN RADCLIFFE (he's just so beautiful and nice)
I start loving this fantastic couple when I saw the 5th movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", 'cause I felt totally connected with Ginny and she became my kegemaran character (she's the BEST). And Harry is my saat kegemaran character (I Cinta him).
Well, though I like Membaca Harry Potter buku and I admire a lot JK Rowling; I have to recognize that my ONE TRUE Cinta are the Harry Potter films.
So as I said, I Cinta Harry Potter movies,...
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posted by clumsy121598
Every Gryffidore was screaming. Ginny could feel hands grab at her and pull her into tight hugs. She was very aware of Ron yelling and screaming in delight as he held the cup high. Ginny felt the bodies of her Friends pushing her towards the castle.
Once they reached the common room , the party began. She looked around for Harry. She couldn't wait to tell him! He would be so very happy.
The common room door opened and people screamed even louder. Ginny saw Harry's happy face watching her.
Ginny rushed ke hadapan to give him a hug, but instead he pulled her up to his face and their lips meet.
Tne common room became very quiet. She coul;d see Ramilda Vane's angry face, and Dean holding a broken glass.
Yet, the only face she searched for was Ron's. Surley he was furious.But when Ginny saw his face there was no trace of angry. He even looked calm. She felt like screaming in trumphit.After five years , she had finally kissed Harry Potter!
posted by princesscool
Their bodies are smushed together
The smell of perfume and colonge fills the air
The way is hand pulls her back in
Ever so slightly and his other hand
Flittingly in her long red hair
The way she gropes for his body,
So longing, so mysterious.....The First Kiss
As they lean in their noses gently touch,
He pushes, she pushes and their lips meet
Sparks of love, happiness and joy
Form a flamming heart
Of affection
Their souls
Its Full On War People!!!!!! Are anda ready to fight? Stand up for what anda believe in? Will people turn backs on anda and shun anda down for what anda believe in? Well here it is I am Laurl23 and I am starting a full on Harry Potter VS. Twilight on Fanpop War. anda may hate me for it anda my Cinta me atau like me for but the truth is all I want to see is are anda truly a Harry Potter peminat atau are anda a huge Twilight Fan. anda can’t like both, anda might say anda do, but deep inside your only in Cinta with one of these amazing series. This war will include: Actors and Pelakon wanita Wars from each movie, The...
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My mind drifted from the wondrous dreams I was having. Something was pecking. I struggled to get up. Pain spread to my whole body. My eyes, still clouded with slumber, blurred my vision. As I drifted back to focus, I noticed the tiniest owl I'd ever seen. I stood up and unlatched the hook on my window
Bad choice.
The little critter fluttered around the room. The light blues and lilacs of my room suddenly felt less calm as it sped around.
"STOP!" I shouted angrily. The owl skidded to a halt. I untied the note from his leg and let the owl loose. As I unfurled the parchment, thought raced through...
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Mum smiled. She grabbed my father's hand and dragged him to the table.
"Harry, anda HAVE to read this!" Mum berkata in utter shock. A few minit passed. Dad's eyes darted across the letter several times.
"Oh Ginny!" Dad beamed. "This is wonderful!"
"Who's Her-mee-own?" I questioned.
"Her-mioh-nee was a friend of ours at Hogwarts." Mum stated calmly. Wow. I must've thought my parents were old because it shocked me their Friends were still alive.
"So this Hermione has a daughter?" I asked.
"And a son. Aww look! She does her T's like 'Mione!" my Mum cooed over the letter.
"I am going to Hogwarts....
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uhm.i noticed sth lately.many people wanted harry&hermione to end up together.why is that so? i mean i Cinta harryhermione but not as couples as best friends.and (at least in the books) they were never lebih than friends. They were there for each other understood each other and everything but harry felt never lebih than friendship and neither did hermione.everyone who read the buku must see that,right?

also harry and ginny are just awesome.they have this connection.and they have a really belieable story.he,a little girl that had a crush on him when she was little and then decided to live her...
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posted by emilykuru

edward-bella vs harry-ginny

Edward and bella go to a railway station during one rainy hari in london. They meet harry and ginny there,

( bella is not changed into a vampire yet )

Edward: bella love, close your eyes please!

Bella: why edward?

(thinks to himself)

Edward : just yesterday I had promised her that she was the prettiest one I have ever seen, but here here is ginny who looks so pretty.
And bella should better stay away from harry, atau she will ditch me like jake..

( meanwhile harry is using legilimence when edward is busy thinking )

Harry: well, why am I going to eye a crackpot...
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Ginny's p.o.v.:
"Hermione im so exited. Harry is going to take me out to makan malam, majlis makan malam tonight and he berkata he had a suprise for me!" We squealed with happiness. "Awww that's great i wonder what it is!" Hermione berkata looking...weird. I had no idea what it was.
Hermione's p.o.v:
I wanted to tell her, i truly did! But that would mean i was a bad friend and that's never going to happen!
Ron's p.o.v:
"I'm so exited for our double tarikh tonight!" i practically screamed to harry. "And ginny berkata something about a suprise..?" "Oh...UH..you find that out tonight..." Harry berkata nervously.
Harry's p.o.v:
God im stupid! i forgot ron would be right in front of me when i give ginny her suprise!!!! Oh crap this is going to be harder than i thought.