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 Hermione and Harry
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This Harry and Hermione kertas dinding might contain tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, and chalkboard.

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First *Story Time*
When is was little and just starting off Membaca the Harry Potter buku I knew the basic couples, because sejak the six book everyone knew who was going to end up with who ... basically.
Anyway, I just thought that was right so I like when Ron and Hermione had cute scenes together, that was until the end of book 3 atau beginning of book 4 (can't remember) I started seeing that Harry and Hermione had a lot of chemistry. And Also saw how plan Ginny was. My sister thought I was insane because I did not ship JKR couples.

Now after everything, the books/ Filem I see everything...
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I decided to use the word ‘relationship’ for this pair because its the best term to describe them and “charged moments” just the two of them, something special which Harry and Ron do not share nor do Hermione and Ron, its these moments which make Harry & Hermione a relationship that is worthy of its nickname which the fandom has telah diberi to them - Harmony.

While there may be a lot of people Membaca this artikel who could have different choices, mine is my own opinion and choice and kegemaran so the best thing to do is respect our individual differences if they exist. To me, Harry &...
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