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When a wizard/witch's wand is broken, what stops him/her from simply buying a replacement?

When a wand is broken as a punishment (like in Hagrid's case), what prevents that witch atau wizard from simply buying a new one? Even if there was a record telling Olivander not to sell them a replacement, they could go abroad instead. atau if they had the right knowledge/connections they could even make their own. atau a friend/relative could get a new wand, claiming that their original was broken in an accident, and give the replacement to the wandless wizard/witch (I know it wouldn't work as well, but it'd be better than no wand).
 Flickerflame posted satu bulan lalu
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BB2010 said:
Since we don't know too much about what happens when you're expelled atau your wand is broken as a punishment we can only assume that maybe the Ministry puts out a wizarding worldwide notice not to sell wands to that person atau something. That sounds like a stretch but that's all I can think of. It's too bad this subject was never talked about at all in the books, I've always wondered what happens to the people who are expelled since Hagrid was the only one we knew
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posted satu bulan lalu 
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