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 Harry Potter kertas dinding
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Harry Potter kertas dinding
kertas dinding
Harry Potter
harry potter kertas dinding
hp trio
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Once upon a time there was a wonderful story called Harry Potter. The story was not thousands and thousands of hours long, it was not prejudice atau demanding, nor boastful atau self-righteous. In fact, it was a simple story. It was a tale of an orphaned boy who thought he was alone in the world, and destined to be so forever. He soon discovered that friendship, Cinta and family were waiting for him at an odd little place called Hogwarts. His Friends and his foes fought valiantly through seven years of school, discovering that weaknesses could be overcome and strength could be encouraged through...
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posted by emilykuru

edward-bella vs harry-ginny

Edward and bella go to a railway station during one rainy hari in london. They meet harry and ginny there,

( bella is not changed into a vampire yet )

Edward: bella love, close your eyes please!

Bella: why edward?

(thinks to himself)

Edward : just yesterday I had promised her that she was the prettiest one I have ever seen, but here here is ginny who looks so pretty.
And bella should better stay away from harry, atau she will ditch me like jake..

( meanwhile harry is using legilimence when edward is busy thinking )

Harry: well, why am I going to eye a crackpot...
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posted by narniafreak12
 The Tri-Wizard Champion!
The Tri-Wizard Champion!
So, I was buzy making picks to decide your favourite Tri-wizard champion, and I've decided to tunjuk the results in a countdown!

4. Fleur Delacour
In at number 4 is Fleur! She was always going to be last, with anda calling her 'a twit', 'over-the-top feminine' and 'little miss perfect'. She Lost anda guys pretty badly, but I don't think she did too bad in the tornament, but hey, that's just my opinion.

3. Viktor Krum
At number 3, Krum! This Bulgarian seeker seemed to annoy alot of you, including me! Whether it was because he seemed 'bleh' (your words), atau because of the friction it caused between Ron...
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posted by BellaCullen96
This is a fanfiction about Lord Voldemort returning as a ghost, and he meets Albus Potter. I'm still working on it, but here's chapter one! And please don't steal my idea!

The Dark Lord tightened his hold on the Elder Wand. This was it; he would finally kill Harry Potter. “Avada Kedavra!” he shouted, aiming the spell at Potter. A green light burst from the tip of his wand, but at that moment, Potter had said, “Expelliarmus!” And so green and red collided. There was a flash, and Lord Voldemort fell. His spell had backfired, failing him; he was dead.
The seterusnya thing he knew, everywhere around...
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posted by serenafan122
1) Follow him around and keep asking the same stupid soalan no matter what answer he gives.

2) Follow him around chanting, “Who mencuri the cookie from the cookie jar? Remus mencuri the cookie from the cookie jar!"

3) Give him nicknames that are unrelated to his real name. Ex: Paul. Joe. Han Solo. Teddy Bear. Freddie.

4) Ask loudly where Bayi come from. Keep asking him even if he claims he won’t tell you.

5) On the off chance he gets frustrated enough to tell anda where Bayi come from (previously mentioned on number 4), look offended and claim he’s not taking anda seriously.

6) Whenever...
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Harry Potter
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Harry Potter
dark origins
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