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Tom Marvalo Riddle / Voldemort:

- Voldemort's real name, Tom Marvalo Riddle, is an anagram for 'I am Lord Voldemort'.
- In the Filem Voldemort's wand's handle appears to be made of bone, even though the buku says nothing about this.
- J.K. Rowling has later revealed that the crouched human child-like form in Kings menyeberang, cross when Harry was talking to Dumbledor, was actually Voldemort.
- There were rumors saying that the actors Rowan Atkinson and John Malkovich were considerd for the role of Lord Voldemort for the 4th movie. Both of these proved to be false.
- In 2001 Christian Coulson was cast for...
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So after Membaca Cursed Child I was beyond excited for this character and I thought I'd share why. That berkata there are probably gonna be spoilers in here.

First and foremost, right off the bat I figured I'd like her because Bellatrix is her mom. To be honest out of all of my kegemaran characters I figured that Bella would be the least likely to have a baby but here she is lol. So she gets points just for being Bellatrix's daughter. xP Carry on her legacy well Delphi. :'D

Secondly I Cinta her name. My friend and I, in the last 24 hours have made so many jokes about Bellatrix going 'derp, this is...
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