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 Ginny Weasley kertas dinding
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Ginny Weasley kertas dinding
kertas dinding
ginny weasley
ginny weasley kertas dinding
Harry Potter
Bonnie Wright
harry potter and the half-blood prince
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Compared to some of the other dynamics in the Harry Potter, Sirius and Bellatrix's was rarely in direct spotlight, whether in the buku atau the movies. They have, however, one of the most interesting and intriguingly unappreciated relationships in the series.

First of all, their parallels -- they were both prisoners of Azkaban for over ten years, making them both sullen, depressed, haunted individuals who are overly familiar with battling for sanity and hope against the dementor's oppression. The difference? Sirius pulled through, Bella gave in. Still, even if Sirius was strong enough to avoid...
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