Harry Potter MBTI//Personality Types// what is Ron' personality type?

Pick one:
♞ INTJ //architec// imaginative strategic thinker with a plan 4 everything
♞INTP //logician// innovative thirst for knowledge
♞ENTF //commander// bold imaginative strong-willed
♞ENTP //debater// smart curious charismatic fluctuating self-esteem
♞INFJ //advocate//inspiring determined perfectionistic creative
♞INFP //mediator// poetic kind altruistic hard-working
♞ENFJ //protagonist// reliable tolerant natural leader
♞ENFP //campaigner// free spirit observant overthink highly emotional
♞ISTJ //logistician// honest direct responsible calm practical
♞ISFJ //defender// supportive reliable reluctant to change
♞ESTJ //executive// dedicated strong-willed stubborn judgmental
♞ESFJ //consul// dutiful loyal vulnerable good at connecting with others
♞ISTP //virtuoso// great in crisis creative spontaneous
♞ISFP //adventurer// charming passionate artisitc competitive
♞ESTP //entrepreuner// risk-prone impatient direct sociable
♞ESFP //entertainer// bold conflict-averse unfocused practical
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