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posted by shieldmaiden
Rowling reveals truth about Harry, Hermione

penulis J.K. Rowling has revealed shocking new details concerning the relationship that existed between characters Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Despite what many peminat-peminat had considered overwhelming evidence to the contrary, according to the penulis the two characters shared a deep, lasting romantic bond for years, and eventually got married (ditching their respective spouses). Mr. Potter, she also revealed in a copy of her much-anticipated Potter Encyclopedia, is the father to all of Ms. Granger's children. Rowling added:

“I had to advance the plot somehow and putting the two of them together at that stage in their lives would have been too difficult from a literary perspective. They were in each other’s presence far too often, so Ginny had to suffice as Harry’s Cinta interest.”

Delusional? I guess not.