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Blaze Takumi Phoenix
Introduction: Tenth hari in The Box.

I am Kaji Takumi Feng. Well here, my name is Blaze Takumi Phoenix. Here, we are trained assassins. anda may be wondering where and what this 'here' is. Honestly, I don't know. I was transferred here from Jepun last week. They berkata I qualified to sertai 'Them'. Apparently this place is so secretive, not even it's member knows anything about it.

Anyways. This place, which they call "The Box" is huge. No one ever goes out, only a few high ranking officer and those on missions. I haven't receive one for the outside yet. I know this place is underground...
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hari 32 (This time I know for sure, snuck into the front office and mencuri the entry book. I was brought here 32 days ago, so about 40 days since I last saw home.)

Well, I’ve got a handful of Friends now, that’s good enough for me. Cara, Ace, Blake, Alvin, Peter. I’ll have to describe them later; maybe stick another sheet into the back describing them. [ Yes, I will write an artikel like that. ]

Oh, hey, I got a demigodish power a couple days ago. Visions. Yep. Now I see the future at totally Rawak moments. Now don’t act like it’s all amazing, please no, “Wow, lucky you! I want to...
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posted by JasmineValdez
Reina here, Penulisan to anda as part of an extra credit assignment for school. School being the one time each week I have normal classes. The other six days are spent in interrogation rooms, on obstacle courses and special ops, and learning 10 other languages. Ah, well, all in a week’s work for a teen spy. The U.K has high expectations for us.

Oh right, us. My Friends and I. We’ve all been training here since at least…3rd grade. We’d be in 9th if we were going through regular schooling. At this point though, we probably have the intelligence of a Harvard graduate and the physical training...
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posted by Hades_Shadow
Log One

Hi there!
The Last couple of days, Have taken a turn for the weird. My life has changed so much since finding the little camp in the woods, but that is not the beginning of my story only the adventure.
My Name is Cato Tycho. I only know that because that name is berkata every time someone would enter my lair. Other than that I was called Project 00-15-01. I have no clue what that means, but I knew to say "Yes Sir" after it if I did not want to be beaten, atau worse, have double duals.
See. Since a young age, I have always known a few things about life.
1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Train
4. Kill
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posted by ConnerandTravis
Ace looks at the paper the therapist gave him. What would this accomplished? Ace asked himself. After hours of thinking, he finally just picked up a pencil and started writing. He started from when he was about 5.
I remember being in the woods, scouting. I heard some leaves rustle and pointed my stick at the noise. A dude came out and put his hand up. "Woah, kid," The guy said. He looked about 12. He had icy blue eyes and brown hair that was short. He had dirt on his face and a scar on his right cheek . "I'm on your...
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This is my seterusnya 'entry'. It's been a week and we made it to Atlantis. Let's say its been horrible since we came. The Atlantans wouldn't let us in so we snuck into some tunnels. Did that work? No. I'm just gonna write the most important part of today. The traps.

"Move!" Alex yelled at me as he pushed me aside just in time, seeing as a large pole swung down from the roof and nearly took my head off. I laugh and thank him. We then alih on further into the Tunnels.

"Alex." I say shaking.

"Yes?" He says grabbing my hand.

"I can see everything." I mutter.

"You mean anda can see what happened to people...
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Honestly? I'm Penulisan this to keep me entertained when I'm the only one on here, so if anda want to post. I don't bite. Anyways, Parker is my fave OC because he reminds me so munch of me. So here goes nothing!

Chapter 1: Just a little about me

"Ember, for the 5th time today, anda always look OK!" I berkata to my twin sister.

I'm Parker. Possibly the most entertaining, special, amazing, epic, fun, cocky, funny, easy-going, people's person, and best looking demi-god since Percy Jackson himself. Remember the name Parker Levine. One hari soon, I'll be a famous as my dad. I'm telling anda this story because...
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posted by Nicolicious
So I'm Penulisan in this thing. I think it's called a diary. I can't remember nowadays, but anyways. I'm Cara Elise D'Lassio. I'm the last daughter of Thanatos and a Demi-God. If you're Membaca this I'm dead atau anda found this where I have hidden it.

To cut a long story short, my sister was claimed sejak Thanatos so Grazers attacked my town and killed everyone except me. I then found my way to Olympus where I was cared for for 5 years. Until of course it was burned to the ground and my dad Thanatos faded. I then ran to some fancy airport where I snuck onto a plane with my Shadow powers and took a...
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senarai of bahagian, atas Contributors for the Club, most contributions to least ( According to Fanpop, not me!)


Not included, but definitely good contributors! Sorry it left anda off, I don't know why!

Phoenix_ Stone

I found out how to find this, figured I'd post it. :P Thanks to everyone who's helped add to the club!
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the pitt
theme songs
posted by Nicolicious
18th of February 2020,

0700 Hours.

Williamtown Military Base, NSW, Australia.

Sergeant Cara 'Deadshot' De'Lassio, 21 Years Old.

"Get your keldai of the floor Sergeant!" Lieutenant Johnson my Basic Training Instructor shouted whilst spitting tobacco in my face. I swallowed some blood and stood up. "You go shot sejak an Air Rifle(AR) filled with pellets while wearing a f*cking Kevlar Vest!" He screamed. "So suck it up and get running!"
I start jogging off down the road again, this time avoiding the AR pellets. Today I had to run Two Miles to a Radio Tower situated on bahagian, atas of an extremely large and steep...
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Somewhere around hari 20. Also known as hari OhmygoshIcan’ttakemuchmoreofthisabsoluteinsanity.

I thought I was kind of getting used to this place. Boy, was I wrong…..

The Warden’s been menunjukkan me around, new people, places. The Pitt seems to grow and become worse the lebih I see. One of her Friends I met, Blake, has to fight in an arena, twice a hari for the grazer’s entertainment. Did I mention that it’s to the DEATH?

Gah, I’m already running out of room… no lebih diary entries on sticky notes…Ah, well Cara’s taking me to somewhere called the courtyard anyway.

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Devin’s Diary, Entry 1
Day 4582. (In reality, about hari 10, according to Ace.)

My life’s pretty pathetic. ‘Bout a week ago, I would have been sitting at home, minding my own business. Now my home’s burnt wood and ash, ‘n I’m sitting in a cell like some horrible criminal. They say I’m a demigod, like one of those traitors from the news. But if I try to tell the others here that I’m not one of them, they laugh and ignore me. Wonderful. They’re not all bad though. The warden’s nice, and so is the guy in the cell across from mine, Ace. That’s all the people I know...
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Name: ?

Nickname and what he goes by: Ace

Age: Looks around 17-18

Birthdate: Unknown

Ace's Background:

When Ace was born, his mother left him on the sidewalk, only thinking about her own safety. Ares watched over him until he was about 5. He was on the run for a few years, until he got caught when has about 16.
His 'name' was formed sejak a group of demi-gods who only spoke in code and Ace's code-name was Ace. The reason being was he could escape almost anything. He was the escape ace

Ace's Personality:
He can be stubborn,...
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This is the story about Cara De'lassio from the Camp-DemiTitan forum. Hope anda enjoy it.
Chapter 1

I walked down the bricked road two blocks away from my house in the winter snow after a harsh school day. Today was one of the best days of my life! Yes I'm serious, just wait till anda hear what happened. So anyways this morning I woke up feeling like crap. A)Cause I had a cold and B)I am the most hated girl at school. And no it's not because I'm a nerd(I get C's and D's in most of my classes) it's because I'm harsh. Yes I'm harsh. There are people in the...
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Okay this I am making so that it might help people when choosing a God, Titan, Primordial etc.

Koios - also spelled Coeus. God of intelligence, heavenly prophecy and the axis.
Kreios - also spelled Crius. God of leadership, domesticated Haiwan and the constellations.
Kronos - also spelled Cronus. God of time. King of the Titans. Roman name Saturn.
Hyperion - God of light.
Iapetos - God of mortal lifespan.
Mnemosyne - Goddess of memory, the inventiveness of words and language.
Oceanus - God of salt water.
Phoebe - Goddess of the Oracle of Delphi and intellect.
Rhea - Goddess of fertility, the...
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