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Hetalia Mochi Soalan

This one's intriguing but mochi GerIta is so canon.

The vid is the original one telah diposkan on the "Otyauke 2".

Check it out at this link: link

Here's the Yaoi part:

starting at 0:19

Italy mochi: (speaking in Italian to Germany mochi) I miss you. I do everything for you. I want you. I like anda a lot. You're my happiness. I need you.

Germany mochi: (speaking in German to an interviewer) Did anda understand [what he said]?


I sure did understand what he said.

But I didn't know Italy mochi has feelings for Germany mochi. I wonder if it goes the same with the real Italy. What can anda say about it?
 Tinekraut posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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