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Character theme songs?

Ok I know there are Character songs that they sing!
But I was thinking...
If each character could have a theme song what would it be?
(Example: America - Hero - Nickleback?)
So... Character - song name - artist name!
 CyanKorea posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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RainingBadgers said:
This is quite the tricky. I'm a huge peminat of Fall Out Boy, so don't be thinking 'Woah!' if 75% of my senarai is FOB.

Germany: Phoenix. FOB. Reason: Lyrics: You're a brick tied to me that's dragging me down. (Italy being in his way.)

Italy: (I'm currently thinking when typing this... Kinda hard. Light Bulb~!) Ain't It Fun. Paramore. Reason: Italy just has fun no matter what ;)

Japan: What A Catch, Donnie. FOB. Reason: Honestly I don't know. It's calming.

The Three Allies: Immortals. FOB. Reason: They stick together. :) Lyrics: I try to picture me without anda but I can't./ I'm the guard dog of your fever dreams.

America: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid. The OffSpring. Reason: I think it makes sense.

China: Centuries. FOB. Reason: I dunno. Kinda Suits China in my opinion.

England: I Don't Care. FOB. Reason: He has imaginary friends, I mean he cares and wants others to see them, but then he doesn't care if they call him childish, I mean he does, but anda KNOW!

France: This Love. Maroon 5. Reason: He's a Lovey Dovey.

Russia: I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Panic! At The Disco. Reason: Teehee.

The Five Allies: Time To Dance. Panic! At The Disco. Reason: I dunno...
There's those for lebih of the main(er) characters.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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