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why do so many ppl choose Derpy Hooves to be Japan??

I mean really! thats just dumb who would do that? seems like u guys ran out of characters because that makes me say "what the heck!" Jepun IS NOT CLUMBZY AND DERPY IS NOT SHY HOW IN THE WOULD U CHOOSE DERPY TO BE JAPAN!!?? sorry... its just that... there NOTHING ALIKE AT ALL!! WHOEVER MAKES DERPY Jepun U HAVE NOT SEEN EITHER Hetalia atau MLP AT ALL ):O DERPY IS EITHER ITALY atau SOME OTHER COUNTRY, NOT Jepun atau GERMANY atau ANY SERIOUS AND NON WEIRD COUNTRY!! I'm not trying to say Derpy is a bad kuda, kuda kecil she's cool... but... WHAAAT? i ship MaudPan (Maud Pie and Japan) thats just wrong! sorry for over reacting.
 Aph-Finland posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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huntershadows said:
Maybe people just don't understand. I agree with anda
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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