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RoseWolfLala posted on Nov 03, 2013 at 11:16AM
~Welcome to the Hetalia dream diary~
If you ever have a dream about Hetalia, you can post it here to share with other fellow hetalians. Then you can then look back at your dreams and think " how the frigg did I dream of something like that? D:"
But before you post post anything, please follow these rules:
❖ Try post your dream as soon as possible, otherwise theres a chance you might forget it later on.
❖ Add the date of when you had your dream. If you can't remember, just guess.
❖ Please keep sexual and offensive content to a minimum.
❖ Respect each other. Don't bite each other's heads off saying your dream is better than somebody else's dream.
❖ Make sure it has some relation to Hetalia.
❖ Have fun!!!

 ~Welcome to the Hetalia dream diary~ If anda ever have a dream about Hetalia, anda can post it here to

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hampir setahun yang lalu RoseWolfLala said…
I guess I'll go first then ;u;


I was Pirate England lying on a pretty topical beach with a random girl with dark pixie cropped hair. I didn't know the girl in real life, and she didn't say much in the dream. So while I was being Pirate England, I was watching a white peacock floating along the sapphire blue waves. it was so beautiful <3
Then I said something like, " is that an English bird or a French bird? Cuz if it's a French bird..."

Then the dream went form being on a tropical beach to Gotham city. I was taking a car ride throughout Gotham city when i saw Spain on top of a building XD He then took out a light saber and jumped from building to building at extremely long distances until he stopped at a large bridge. Who knew Spain was a jedi ninja?!! :D

In the next part of my dream, I was stranded on a mossy island with England and Spain who were both unconscious. But this island wasn't any ordinary island oh no..... This island was inhabited by giant robots!!
So after a while, England woke up and me and him had to follow a robot wolf for some reason, meaning we had to leave Spain behind, and I was like "ENGLAND, Y U NO LIKE SPANISH JEDI NINJAS!!"

........I can't believe I dreamt so much in one night XD
 I guess I'll go first then ;u; 8/11/13 I was Pirate England lying on a pretty topical pantai wit
hampir setahun yang lalu LilMissDoodle said…

Mine is short, but really crazy.

I dreamt that I was Canada, and all the nations were having a pool party. I remember that Sweden and Finland wouldn't stop poking Switzerland, so to get them to stop, I pushed them in the pool. Sweden got reeeeeaaally mad at me as a result, and I ran to hide behind America. England cast a spell which sent Sweden flying back into the pool, right on top of Finland. I remember America laughing annoyingly, and England calling him a 'bloody wanker'.

Then I woke up. It seems kind of out of character for Finny and Sweden...


Wait! I remember that Finland had pancakes, and pushing him into the pool ruined his pancakes! So before Sweden fell on him, he was upset that his pancakes were ruined!
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RoseWolfLala commented…
Lol, I would laugh so much if I saw Sweden being pushed into the pool...and then fall in again! XD hampir setahun yang lalu
LilMissDoodle commented…
I know, right? XD Looking back on it, watching Sweden fall into the pool twice was hilarious! I feel kinda bad for Finny though, having Sweden land on bahagian, atas of anda would really hurt. XD hampir setahun yang lalu
Aph-Finland commented…
Why did u push Finland? :'( Whyyyyyy *cries alot* hampir setahun yang lalu
Aph-Finland commented…
btw do u like Switzy thats why u pushed them? if so than OMG I Cinta HIM... but still *cries alot* IWHY WOULD U PUSH A GENTLE bunga T , T hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu RoseWolfLala said…

Ok, I seem to be having a few dreams with Russia and the Baltics for some reason XD

So in my first dream, it was set in a quiet little village filled with all the Hetalia characters (lets called it Hetalia town) and some of the characters had their own shop or cafe or whatever that they owned.
Germany owned a rescue centre for dogs, but somehow all the dogs managed to escape and Germany had to run after them!! After that, Hetalia town was in chaos!
Then some of the dogs ran straight into a shop owned by Russia! They charged through the window and stole all of Russia's goods!! Russia was traumatised and he shouted " OH NOOOO MY SHOP!!"
So then he stated to run after the dogs with Germany. And the dream ended there.

....so yeah that dream was a little boring and childish, but the next one is better ^.^ and its got Russia in it again!

I went ball room dancing with my friend and all the Hetalia characters were going to be there! We were really excited! My friend wore a pretty white dress, almost like a wedding dress, and I wore a very elegant black dress with flowers on it.
Basically, what happened in the ball room was that the humans had to stand in a line at one side of the room and the countries had to stand at the other side. At first, everybody had to dance solo, and if the countries were attracted to you, then they will dance with you!
However, as soon as I started dancing, Russia came straight towards me, and thats when I got a little nervous. He offered me his hand, and I sheepishly took hold of it, and we started dancing. I was surprised how well Russia could dance. His footwork was very graceful.
However as I start looking around the room while dancing with Russia, I could see that Lithuania couldn't find a partner to dance with! He was standing in the corner of the room hugging himself as if he was holding his non-excistant partner, swaying from side to side with a fake smile on his face. I have to admit it was pretty funny seeing Liet that way, but was really truly sorry for him ;3;
 2/4/14 Ok, I seem to be having a few dreams with Russia and the Baltics for some reason XD So i
hampir setahun yang lalu Crowhart said…

This dream was incredibly short, but when I woke up it did leave me thinking "What the hell..."

So basically I was in my room with my friend, and we were pretty much just sitting around talking. I went and took a look out of the window, and when I turned back around my friend had turned into Lithuania. All of a sudden, a woman burst through my bedroom door randomly carrying Poland. The woman shouted to us "You must make Poland go to sleep, he is a danger to society!!", and then left. Me and Lithuania then anxiously tried to make Poland fall asleep, but we completely failed and he just lay there on the ground staring up at us creepily. Lithuania then went to find the woman and ask her what we needed to do to make him fall asleep, and she said that we had to give him "The pasta". She placed a bowl of pasta on Poland's head and then left. Me and Lithuania stood there for a few minutes, sort of startled I guess. For some reason I touched Poland's nose, and then he disappeared and I turned into him. Lithuania then started to laugh like a maniac, and I (now randomly transformed into Poland) just sat on my desk with this "had enough of your shit" expression on my face >_< Lithuania started teasing me about the pasta and was saying things like "Eat your pasta, Poland!" while shoving a bowl of spaghetti in my face. I then proceeded to say "Shut up Lithuania" and pulled his hair.
Then I woke up.
Honestly i'm not sure how I had this dream, but I still laugh whenever I think about it! Especially when Lithuania says "Eat your pasta, Poland!". That just cracks me up XD
RoseWolfLala commented…
Your dream was so funny! the form post below was supposed to be my reply xD hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu RoseWolfLala said…
Hahaha I love that dream so much!!!:XD I wish my dreams were that funny XD
RoseWolfLala commented…
I might as well use this post to tell anda another dream I had last night XD 2/15/14 Basically I went to a zumba class atau some sort of fitness class with all of the Hetalia gang.... and thats it :D hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu Crowhart said…
I had a dream last night that I and a bunch of 5 year olds that were supposedly micro-nations had formed a jazz dancing group. One night after a performance we went back to our lair-ish thing and looked out of the window. It was midnight, and it was pouring down rain and there was massive amounts thunder and lightning. Suddenly, outside of the window, I saw someone fall to the ground, but then regain a little bit of strength and pull himself back up and continue walking. I instantly recognized it as Lithuania, and ran outside to help him. I grabbed an umbrella and ran to his side to give it to him and ask if he needed any help. At first he was rather reluctant to accept the umbrella from me because he thought it would be rude to take someone else's umbrella, but after slight persuasion he realized that i was genuinely wanting to help him and gladly accepted the umbrella from me. He was extremely grateful and couldn't stop smiling. I led him back to my house. He was smiling sweetly at me the whole time we were walking. He also kept telling me how grateful he was and kept telling me how hardly anyone besides Estonia and Latvia were nice to him nowadays. He said that most people treated him like a peasant. Anyway, so when we got back to my house I made some tea and biscuits for both of us (I'm british in real life haha) and we sat at the table in my dining room chatting.
So yeah.
P.S: I have like a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anime crush on Lithuania so thats why it was all about him lol XD
RoseWolfLala commented…
aaaah I did it again ; A; the komen below was supposed to be my reply xD hampir setahun yang lalu
Aph-Finland commented…
its like when i had a huge crush on Poland. thats funny hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu RoseWolfLala said…
Aaaww thats adoreable > w < heeeey... is it just me or is lithuania always appeaing in hetalia related dreams?? I mean ive dreamt about him three times now!
Also, I'm british too!!!!! XDD
Crowhart commented…
He does appear in my dreams a whole lot! I've probably dreamt about him almost 10 times now....and if you've dreamt about him about three times....that's a whole lot of Liet dreams......maybe Liet is just some magical wizard country that can invade your dreams atau something XD hampir setahun yang lalu
Aph-Finland commented…
Omg he affects ppl just like when i affect ppl after i 1st find out about the thing O,O weird hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu Aph-Finland said…
1st dream: ok, i had a dream that everyone in my school knew Hetalia and the kids were showing the class there Hetalia projects. (this was a long time ago before i went to my other school so it was in gym where this happened) and than i was so happy and i teleported to my cousin's house O , O this is a weird dream. and than when i was trying to sit in the chair i went upstairs and saw a HUUUUUGE Hetalia Certain O,O after that i appeared in a Spyro game (what the heck) and i saw Hetalia pictures all over the walls and i was wondering why is there Hetalia in a old video game? and the game was not called Hetalia Spyro at all. idk why i keep dreaming of Spyro and Hetalia mixed together am i turning crazy?? ok that was it.
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