Hetalia Why Do People Think Germany Is The H.R.E.?

elite9446 posted on Aug 09, 2015 at 01:20AM
Hello, I'm new to this place, but I've always wondered why many people think that Germany and the Holy Roman empire are one and the same. While they do compose a similar historic area, their formation and their government structure are different. Another thing that I find odd is that the Holy Roman Empire is an actual being. This doesn't really make sense since it was composed of different princes which many had their own cultures and languages. If the HRE is a being, then why is the USSR not a being as well? I understand it's a comic show, but things like this really bother me because it doesn't make sense that things seem out of place. I remember there was a post that showed the birth of Germany, and it stated that he was already a bit grown since they used another body. This does make sense, but it still shouldn't make him the HRE, in fact, it would make more sense if it was basically the body was a vessel in which a country can occupy to represent it. They both had similarities, but they were different in the end. One died at the hands of France, Prussia, and Austria. The other was formed by Prussia against the will of France and Austria in the beginning.

Also, I don't think Italy's relationship with the HRE or Austria for that matter should be so sweet. Actually, Italy shouldn't exist. If Germany gets a bunch of big brothers, then the Italian states and the Spanish states should be represented as well because trying to represent the older stereotypes with modern stereotypes makes it a little odd. Like Japan, during world war II many of the nations that I've seen tend to portray Japanese soldiers as inhumane monsters who view others a 'subhuman' which contrasts greatly with the modern view of the Japanese which is much more friendly. Korean Comfort Women anyone? The same with Italy, the Italian city states often fought with the emperors of the HRE because they didn't want to be controlled by the HRE or anyone not Italian for that matter. The Lombard Leagues and Risorgimento(which happened three times mind you) are great examples of this.

I like the show, it's funny, but I honestly think it should have stayed in the more modern times than having colonial and older eras represented too. Like Spain for instance. I think we all know how medieval Spain was. *Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!* Plus how it treated the natives of Latin America. Italy too was made up of different city-states with their cultures and languages, so it surprised me that Germany gets all these different brothers and Italy is just lumped up into North and South. Plus if the HRE is Germany then Rome died in the 1450s at the hands of the Ottoman Empire/Turkey. Since the "Byzantines" actually called themselves Romans and their empire was the Roman Empire or at least it's actual successor.

Sorry for the long thing, I know it's a comedy show, and I'll probably get some flak for this. I just wanted to know what you guy think about this?
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