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Aph-Finland posted on Dec 05, 2015 at 05:52AM
who do u think they should be ^-^

Fluttershy X Canada

Pinkie pie X Italy

Big Mac X Germany (why not there both strong r they?)

Applejack X China (i can't see Germany and China being brothers but who cares)

Rainbow dash X America

Maud pie X Japan or if not Japan than Greece

Discord X Denmark :D

Princess Celectia X Norway (both magic and i can imagine Norway teaching England about friendship X3)

Princess Luna X Iceland

Spike X Russia (because thats the only 1 left in the mane 6 so if i add Big mac and maud than it will be 8)

the flower trio X the baltics (they both worry about stuff and they r both a trio)

Trixie X Prussia

Trixie, whoever is spain, and rarity X the BTT (that makes no sense that much)

Angel bunny X Kumajiro

the cutie mark crusaders X the principality group

diamond tiara or Silver spoon X Ladonia (Ladonia does not like the principality)

i just realized will it be weird to see Trixie and Big mac as Siblings because Germany and Prussia are Siblings ^W^ lolz

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hampir setahun yang lalu Aph-Finland said…
i think babs seed can be Ladonia sometimes to because in that 1 mlp episode Babs was mean X3 and i think Gilda is ether, Gilbird, or Switzerland... i'm not sure.... I'm sorry XD