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posted by tokidoki123
Hex felt sick,the two kids were not to be seen.
Hex looked around,He saw that he was no longer in
the dark. He heard a little chirp,that startled him. "Damn you!" Cried Hex and realized that he was at the bahagian, atas of a tower. "What the hell..."
"You are at the bahagian, atas of saints tower" a soft voice said. Hex spun around,and saw Finn standing at the edge of the tower. "Get me out of here atau i'll kill you!" cried Hex. "What will it do for me?" Asked Finn "I'll spare your life" He pulled out a dagger. "I'm trembling" berkata finn. "THAT'S IT!" And Hex stabbed him. Hex's eyes widened,Finn was fine,no cuts,no...
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posted by tokidoki123
Once Upon a time-Blood was being shed in the demon
Kingdom. There was an important war being fought,
And Devils and Bidadari were At war. The most Important demon,Was Being assasinated. Tied up,Being burnt in the Cellar,Was Hex-He was the most evil Devil ever. 10023 Years old,and looks like a 12-year old boy. A Red eye gleaming in the eye of his enemies. Bidadari Were kind-hearted creatures,And Killed him still. Little did Hex know, He was being reincarnated as a saint on earth...7 Years later-Hex awoke in a deserted field. "What in hell...?" berkata Hex As he stood on his trembling legs. He looked...
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