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Normally I don't care about who was better Danny atau Deuce but I have to say this. alright Danny ain't no AMERICAN IDOL REJECT. HU called him cause they were Friends for many years and asked him to be in the band so he DROPPED OUT of the contest. he did NOT get voted off and I'm sure he would of won too. Deuce was good when he was in the band but he messed up and didn't tunjuk up for tours and wanted his "personal assistant" on tour with them and he LEFT. he WANTED to go SOLO so he did and is mad cause people bought lebih American Tragedy CD's than angsa, swan Songs, and that he was replaced sejak a better singer than he was. someone who could actually sing, who is fyi better looking than him, and nothing else but a B.A. and who is this AMAZING person? Danny the best thing to happen to HU yet. and Deuce didnt make all the songs and lyrics thats all BS. HU has lebih talent, better raping/song style than before, with Danny. JS
posted by Cakedude59
Hollywood Undead are so cool they make me cry when I have them playing. They make me want to get up and say FUCK the world and do what ever i belive in so i say to anda haters get fucked and suck my cock. Hollywood Undead are the beast and no one will ever make me see differnt. if i ever meet them i will be so Lost for words because they rock my sole every hari even with all the shit in this world they make every thing better. Death is coming to us all some time so i see the light not just god but Hollywood Undead. Thank you... oh and btw your still young i Cinta anda Hollywood Undead your biggest peminat 'cakedude 59'.
posted by Iheartscene17
The necks of this youth
With their necks through this noose
Were told lies like it's truth
And we suspect that it's you
So anda strap 'em with the a-k
It's Mother fuckin' mayday
They swear I'm fuckin' crazy
'Aint nothin' gonna save me
I'm breakin, I'm feelin'
I'm naked, I'm kneelin'
I'm shakin, I'm reelin'
My god, I keep bleedin'
I watch the world die
Through crimson eyes
I cry, it turns to night
I die, I see the light
And now I'll say goodbye

Now I can see your pain
I'm sorry(Goodbye)
I cried so hard
Now I can see your pain
I'm sorry(Goodbye)
I cried tonight

If I could take all this pain away
Use the rage of our...
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posted by MrOvechkinfan8
 Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead
Take my hand lets go,
Somewhere we can rest our souls.
We'll sit where it's warm,
You say look we're here alone.

I was running in circles,
I hurt myself,
Just to find my purpose.

Everything was so worthless,
I didn't deserve this,
But to me you were perfect.

I'm scattered through this life.
If this is life I'll say good bye.

She's gone like an angel,
With wings let me burn tonight.

[Johnny] 3:
I see me writin on this paper.
Prayin for some savior.
Wishin intake her and save her.

In a world so, so godless and thoughtless,
I dont know how we wrought this,
All the love that you brought us.

It feels...
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posted by sHaDoWsLuVeR
This is happy news.It made me, the emo/goth kid, smile. I was in FYE the other hari looking for a Hollywood Undead CD. I looked everywhere and couldn't find one. So I asked the faggot at the counter, and he showed me the one I already have. I asked if there was a diffrent one and then he told me something that I would've done backflips over. Deuce is releasing a solo album. If you've never heard any of his songs, humor me and go to YouTube, and cari 'Deuce Dot Com' atau 'Overdosed' atau 'Gravestones'. If anda don't like'em, drop dead. If anda do, throw a friggin' parade. Just thought I'd share this with fellow members of The Undead Army.
I found this on YouTube (yes youtube), on one of limpster4ever's videos. I'm not saying i made this. I'm just sharing it with the Hollywood Undead peminat-peminat of Fanpop. So, I guess if anda wanna komen to the creator of this pledge, go to www.youtube.com and cari 'Dead in Ditches' (at least thats what I did, but I found this sejak accident) and leave a komen for limpster4ever. But if anda wanna komen to me, I'm assuming anda know what to do...

HU Pledge:

I Pledge my alligence to the mask
that I'll carry whiskey in my flask.
And anyone to diss HU,
I'll leave a bloody mess with you.
For we are family, anda and I,
3 Tears of you, we shall cry,
All hari all night, our flag wil fly.
The Undead Army Till The hari We Die.
This is for people who don't know who Hollywood Undead is. The members: Deuce, (the guy with the mask that has the merah jambu duct tape over the mouth)Charlie Scene, (the guy with the bandana round his mouth and sunglasses)J-Dog, (dude with the mask that has a $bill over the mouth) Funnyman, (dude with the FM in white on the side of his very dark mask) Johnny 3 Tears, (guy with the Rama-rama on one side of his mask and a pimped 3 on the other) and last but not least, Da Kurlzz a.k.a The Phantom (dude with the white theater-type mask that shows a happy and evil face). I recommend anda listen to these songs: City, Pimpin, California, Undead, Young, and This Love, This Hate. Don't be a hater with no reason.