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posted by jlhfan624
WARNING: Beware that this coming artikel WILL have some pretty grisly/gory images. This IS the horror Filem spot after all! If anda do not like looking at these things, please DON'T. I don't want to be responsible for your nightmares &/or being sick. :)

Now, as for the origin of this artikel - well, I just wanted to try something new in this spot. I was coming up with nothing for picks, and that's usually my strong suit so I decided to try for an artikel instead and came up with this. Most of all, I hope everyone gets some kind of entertainment out of this. I had fun thinking of things to put!

A is for Actors/Actresses
We all have our kegemaran scream queens & kings. Whether they're lebih modern atau from the classic days, it's no lie that the people who choose to continuously be in horror Filem get a tad lebih support from peminat-peminat than normal.

B is for B-Movies
B Filem is often code for badass :) These are the Filem that normally have the smaller budget, the less well-known cast, and the lebih original storylines. They lebih often than not get underappreciated and ripped apart because they don't have a big budget therefore Berlakon sucks, directing sucks, etc. These are lebih acquired tastes, and at least one true horror buff has one of these lying around.

C is for Criticism
Horror films often come under a lot of scrutiny for being "mindless bloodbaths" atau other variations of the term. Critics don't take them seriously, the "academy" doesn't take them seriously, nobody really does. Majority of the time, a horror film will not even get 2 thoughts from the general public and be passed off as "another mindless slasher flick". To them, we say "What's wrong with that?" :)

D is for DVD's
DVD's! Every horror peminat must have their Kegemaran on DVD! And thanks to the latest technology, even the OLD school classics are made available. Even better for the horror buff are special features such as a gag reel (who doesn't like to see their kegemaran movie's stars have fun on set?), feature commentary, deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, etc. To some fans, all these special features helps enhance the experience of the movie if they did not enjoy it before.

E is for Evil
Evil villains! Girls and guys alike! The villains are arguably what make a horror movie in the first place. Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Norman Bates, Hannibal Lector, and more. Without the evil of these men (and some women I did not mention!), where would we be?

F is for Fans
YOU. Yes, you, Membaca this article! The horror genre definitely has the most loyal peminat-peminat (in both the best and worst sense of the word). They will typically support all 28 sequels of their kegemaran films, buy t-shirts, comic books, and even action figures galore. Heck, we even have entire conventions that are days long devoted to the horror genre. Nobody quite supports their kegemaran genre like horror peminat-peminat do. Just take a look below!

G is for Gore
Blood, blood, and lebih blood. Yes it's true there are quite a few horror Filem out there without all the blood and guts, but even the most boring film can have the best gore and still be salvagable. If anda don't like seeing people die, why are anda watching a horror film?

H is for Humor
Even the most shocking and brutal horror Filem have a tiny bit of humor in them. Comedy/horror go hand-in-hand really well. Whether anda like your horror lebih serious atau lebih hilarious, you're guaranteed to find a little something humorous anda like.

I is for Interpretation
This one is a little tricky. Not all horror Filem are just plain straight-forward, some of them have WTF? endings and some of them are just an jam and a half of WTF? They make anda think, and every peminat has a different point of view about the ending.

J is for Jump
Some horror Filem are lebih atmospheric, and are intended to make anda stay on the edge of your kerusi, tempat duduk the entire time until the climax rolls around. Normally, they will use what are called "cheap scares" like someone tiptoe-ing through the house and a door slamming out of nowhere to make anda jump. atau anda can just jump on your own!

K is for Killing
In nearly every single horror movie, at least one person dies. And for the gorehound (like myself), these deaths can either make atau break the film. Some are very realistic, some are night (ie. Prom Night remake), and some are just downright strange (death sejak Krismas pokok lights, anyone?). Either way, whether anda like it atau not, these killers are pretty dang clever!

L is for Logical
This one is kind of like a REVERSE. Of course, I'm making fun of the horror Filem like Leprechaun, Jack Frost, Child's Play, etc which have pint-sized killers whom are so easy to get away from and/or are completely unrealistic. They are fun, nontheless!

M is for Motive
Motive is not always explained in films. When it is, it has to be done just right. Either a psycho has just gone mental and wants to kill everyone in their sight, atau they have very carefully planned the events out and when all is revealed, you're either left going "Wow, what a great twist!" atau "Psh! This is bs!" For me, the best horror movie motive has to go to Stu & Billy from Scream. They definitely know their stuff!

N is for Nudity
Don't worry, I won't tunjuk anyone actually naked! But it seems, nudity and horror go hand-in-hand. It's come to be expected. Some films (like the Friday the 13th remake) take it over the top, and tunjuk naked boobs every turn they get just to get lebih preteen boys to the theater and get lebih money. Some of it (surprisingly) CAN be done pretty tastefully.

O is for Overseas
The Americans are losing their touch! The French, the Asians, the Russians are coming up with the lebih original ideas that we keep ripping off. Words just can't describe how inventive other countries are when it comes to horror.

P is for Plot
The story of the movie is no doubt the most crucial part of the movie for nearly every horror fan. Sure, some stupid stories are worthwhile saved sejak a good cast, special features, atau just plain keseluruhan campy but generally, if the story is full of plot holes and is hard to follow along with, it will lose a lot of fans. Plot holes are inevitable, but at least try to make it look good!

Q is for Questions
What the hell went on here? Did he/she die in the end? Why did they go psycho all of a sudden? These and lebih are soalan that might arise when an ending is left open. Sometimes a movie just ends, no closure is telah diberi and you're left wondering if maybe it was all a dream, if the killer is really dead, atau what happens afterwards.

R is for Remakes
Remakes have become a horror staple these days. It seems as if everything is being remade, and if anyone has seen the original (likely they have), there will be big debates as to which is better - the remake atau the original. People will jalang, perempuan jalang about the casting, new story, 'why can't they just leave it alone?!', etc. I can't say I blame them, but sometimes remakes are necessary for new interpretations for the younger generations of fans.

S is for Sequels
Sequels are also another inevitable part of horror movies. Sometimes, a director sees an opportunity to franchise, and direct sequels atau prequels will be made from the original. Series like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Saw, Halloween, etc have Filem directly connected to the previous. And some Filem are just direct-to-dvd sequels made for lebih underground horror buffs and not as a whole franchise.

T is for Torture
There's an entirely different sub-genre from gore to torture "porn". Filem like Saw and Hostel are lebih controversial and lebih looked down upon from general peminat-peminat as they are Filem made for the sole purpose of seeing both men and women alike being tortured, just for fun. Though if anda are a gorehound, I'm sure you'd like torture porn.

U is for Unrated
The general ratings most peminat-peminat look ke hadapan too. Believe it atau not, PG-13 horror Filem do not get a lot of respect and praise, if they are not successful in the box office; the dvd release will most likely be an Unrated and/or Director's Cut version that nearly every peminat of the movie will buy. I still don't know why they sell normal versions. Even PG-13 theater releases get Unrated cuts! Stay Alive is one of the best examples for this. The Unrated cut has gotten lebih positive reviews.

V is for Violence
Pretty self-explanatory here. Some films have justified violence, and some just have violence for the sake of having it.

W is for Weapons
Ahh, weapons. Killers have some very creative weapons. Hands, knives, guns, chainsaws, balls with spikes, axes, Krismas lights...whatever your weapon of choice is, guaranteed no matter how strange atau weird it is, it's been used before.

X is for Xploitation
I know I cheated on that one, but I had to re-adjust some other letters! Exploitation films are also very controversial. Often including prolonged uncalled for series of violent acts, rape, torture, etc. The Last House on the Left films are notorious in this sub-genre for their brutal rape scenes. But they are also often praised for being lebih real and honest than other films are willing to be.

Y is for Yelling
I know screaming is better suited, but anyway, girls screaming while running from the killer are pretty typical. Wouldn't anda be screaming?

Z is for Zombies
I hate this one. I didn't want to pinpoint any specific creature/villain/etc, but I had no choice with this one. It's the only horror related Z word I could come up with. Zombies, yes the undead. They can be portrayed pretty cool but mostly (IMO) they are just vastly overdone.
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