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Answer: Bowie + art
Answer: talking bout his daughter <3
Answer: Zack in baju <3
Answer: Nick Bateman!
Answer: Jb
Answer: John and Misha.
Answer: oh those sexy hands and that body...THUD<3
Answer: my babe
Answer: sexface + neckvein + bedhair = HEAVEN
Answer: David <3
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz in a tight white shirt<...
Answer: that sexy Thor stare<3
Answer: Ryan looking sexy and stunning<3
Answer: kind of a jumper
Answer: Taylor(Lautner)hugging Taylor(Swift).Very sweet pic...
Answer: Justins
Answer: Patrick *_*
Answer: Conchy <333
Answer: Zack in white
Answer: my Robbie <3
Answer: JB
Answer: Garrett Hedlund(I've been mis spelling his saat n...
Answer: hot cowboy Scott<3
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: Bill bo
Answer: cool ♥
Answer: *sighs*
Answer: how did he do that? *_*
Answer: <3
Answer: Richard looking right at us<3
Answer: JB!
Answer: John!
Answer: the sexy Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: Scott looking hot in white<3
Answer: my handsome baby with a sheet wrapped around him<3
Answer: Justin and Mally.
Answer: Justin at the Comic Con 2010 (with Erica Durance)
Answer: I think this suit is actually brown but it looks bl...
Answer: XD
Answer: B.C
Answer: Karl Urban leaning against the backseat of a car<3
Answer: Liam menunjukkan his sexy arms<3
Answer: grumpy gran
Answer: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Answer: let me Ciuman those beautiful lips, plz *_*
Answer: 90s Bowie
Answer: Nick Bateman
Answer: Kellan shirtless<3
Answer: Brandon Beemer.
Answer: Benedict :)
Answer: daddy <3
Answer: Josh Cuthbert!<333
Answer: Chris Pine on Men's Health <3
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: Chris is HOT!
Answer: Robert sitting in a chair<3
Answer: here's my Robert in a museum.Tricked ya!!! It's act...
Answer: :)
Answer: had
Answer: John & Gareth *_*
Answer: Taylor in a blue shirt<3
Answer: Rob in Pointman
Answer: Jared<3
Answer: Zac in leather<3
Answer: my hottie Hottinson lying down on the sand from his...
Answer: Chris looking HOT as always!
Answer: My sweetie talking about this movie, The Comebacks...
Answer: Can anda have different hair plz?
Answer: Zack <3
Answer: Taylor wearing a red shirt<3
Answer: Matthew with Rider Strong holding pool sticks in BM...
Answer: Dave in Blue Jean - tons of make-up on, but I'm sur...
Answer: Justin
Answer: AG
Answer: babyBow
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Kellan the sexy sofa, kerusi panjang potato<3
Answer: Jamie's sexy feet<3
Answer: poor Robbyy! :/
Answer: Marco Dapper<3
Answer: BK
Answer: Aidan
Answer: Jb<3
Answer: Kellan's goatee<3
Answer: Aaron Renfree.
Answer: Leandro Lima.
Answer: Kellan with a hood<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth in a towel<3
Answer: Paul Walker.
Answer: *Garfield*
Answer: Stuff he is doing this tahun : Album and signings...
Answer: :O
Answer: RIP
Answer: Leto
Answer: Matthew doing a play. :)
Answer: my sexy Robert casting a shadow on the wall<3<3
Answer: my McHottinson in black<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner<3
Answer: Juju
Answer: P.W. younger<3