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Answer: hell ... he'S hot xD
Answer: Riva
Answer: my gorgeous Robert looking down<3
Answer: jared padalecki
Answer: Misha wearing sunglasses!
Answer: Misha being adorable with a young fan! <3
Answer: cartoon Rob I made
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Justin in Canada!
Answer: I could listen to him sing forever and it still wou...
Answer: simply because he IS
Answer: hands off my man, Moss
Answer: <333
Answer: Andy Whitfield
Answer: my Robert with his Twilight co-stars for a VF foto...
Answer: my baby against a graffiti dinding with his name on it...
Answer: Mr. Jones
Answer: Giulio Berruti
Answer: Mr. Jones is not pleased
Answer: Sherlock & Watson
Answer: :P
Answer: come on baby light my fire<3
Answer: Bowie recording stuff looks like this *_* WOW
Answer: :D
Answer: bum pics are so nice
Answer: even his sweat is hot<3
Answer: Luke Evans
Answer: Nick Roux
Answer: RDJ as Chaplin kinda sweet^^
Answer: Zac's hair = amazing!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Answer: hope you're having sweet(and naughty)dreams of me,l...
Answer: my yummy hottie in b&w<3
Answer: Kev
Answer: Tay n Marie
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Normally I'm a happy person,but since today is the...
Answer: Cam looking at his daughter,Everleigh<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Chaz!
Answer: don't anda just wanna run your fingers through those...
Answer: Leto suit
Answer: ...
Answer: Poor Matt!!! :(
Answer: BOW
Answer: UNO ? :s
Answer: Robert, Indio and pokok ^^
Answer: Lucky
Answer: breaking rules: Wolfgang Joop
Answer: David Boreanaz & Ty Panitz
Answer: the good doctor...
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: :)
Answer: Robert looking very annoyed during a press conferen...
Answer: josh bowman
Answer: my Irish hottie,Jamie wearing a scarf<3
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Matthew, the little one in the middle <3333333
Answer: Rob and Mark playing superheros xD <3
Answer: god
Answer: Teddy
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Jar for Hugo
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: sexy poster :)
Answer: Jake Hold
Answer: Robert Downey Jr. <3
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: LOL Teddy
Answer: Cam's gorgeous face<3
Answer: my funny baby <3
Answer: my heartthrob<3
Answer: CHAZ <3
Answer: I want to bite his sexy bum!!! <3333333
Answer: I don't have a pic of Matt caught sejak paparazzi but...
Answer: Luke
Answer: my sexy red hot Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: Guess who :P
Answer: Bow
Answer: Chris Pine and the whites of his beautiful blue eye...
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: Johnny Depp holding money :)
Answer: ^^ !!!
Answer: uhh his arm :O - no his whole body! :OO
Answer: Jake Hold
Answer: Milo & Jared <3
Answer: Nemily <3
Answer: <3 I Cinta this interview of Sam. His accent is so h...
Answer: hmm hard soalan there are so many hairstyles I li...
Answer: together atau apart,Robert and Kristen are AMAZING ju...
Answer: David!!!
Answer: Master of Subtlety
Answer: Bieber.
Answer: angel<3
Answer: just to read your komen
Answer: my awesome Aussie touching his face<3
Answer: ok ... too much *-*
Answer: Hugh.
Answer: Steven Tyler