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Answer: Jennifer Aniston :)
Answer: hoody
Answer: DBBBBB
Answer: A little LotR theme. Orlando's eyes are so intense!...
Answer: David on Ellen. Longer but damn funny. Starts at 0:...
Answer: Thomas <3 <3
Answer: Vinnie Woolston!
Answer: C'mon ;)
Answer: my sexy silver fox <3
Answer: Kellan in dark blue<3
Answer: Matthew looking moody here. :)
Answer: no Rob why would anda do that?
Answer: <3
Answer: for GQ magazine *-* adore it! :O
Answer: Jensen Ackles. <3
Answer: my oh my,Matt what beautiful teeth anda have<3
Answer: the Duke
Answer: from 0:56 one of my fav songs right now
Answer: with a lovely peminat
Answer: he is the whole world... he means everything to me...
Answer: Alex Pschill
Answer: Matt Felker.
Answer: Tony, the Vampire Slayer
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Wilson Bethel.
Answer: my baby and his luxurious brown hair.I want to run...
Answer: Cinta dat shooting
Answer: Suits man
Answer: One of the best scenes of The Hot Chick. Rob is an...
Answer: Bernardo Velasco!
Answer: Derek Theler <3
Answer: Richard in white<3
Answer: Robbiiiiii
Answer: like the pants XD
Answer: he looks kinda like a dinosaur xD
Answer: Lucky
Answer: my gorgeous pissed off babe
Answer: Gorgeous JB *_*
Answer: Sam :)
Answer: Jagger <3
Answer: Cinta raging Rob
Answer: Alain Delon
Answer: Leto baby
Answer: Jensen wearing glasses
Answer: my sexy baby menunjukkan part of his sexy chest in this...
Answer: Brant Daughtery is 28!
Answer: Taylor Lautner
Answer: Paul's bright blue eyes<3
Answer: sean o'donnell!
Answer: baby face
Answer: XD
Answer: Cinta em
Answer: Bowie throughout the years
Answer: DT
Answer: It's just a different style for him
Answer: his stunning golden hair <3
Answer: Matthew so sad in the sky. :(
Answer: oh that sexy British tongue<3
Answer: Jamie with his FSOG co-star,Dakota Johnson<3
Answer: this <3
Answer: DB
Answer: There anda go! Happy birthday :)
Answer: there would be a meja, jadual seterusnya to him
Answer: Orlando Bloom in a hat<3
Answer: I do I do I do!!!
Answer: a magazine LOL
Answer: Jack Derges
Answer: Kieron Richardson.
Answer: maybe anda can't recognize him but it is Rob in Sher...
Answer: Gaspard Ulliel.
Answer: those two perfect people
Answer: Sam claflin as the hottest tribute EVER in "catchin...
Answer: Jared :O
Answer: Aaron Renfree!
Answer: Gabe Mann <333333
Answer: Haha
Answer: Misha Collins. I just think he looks super adorable...
Answer: my sexy Robert holding his sexy arm<3
Answer: Rob rocks
Answer: Unfortunately there aren´t many shirtless pics of...
Answer: Taylor Lautner as Jacob in a scene from Eclipse whe...
Answer: my gorgeous babe with light from where the Twin tow...
Answer: my poor anjing, anak anjing betrayed sejak his brother *sobs*
Answer: I look up at Him every time
Answer: Theo in a mint green suit<3
Answer: just luv that puc *-*
Answer: the Winchester Boys with toys (from the Jus In loceng...
Answer: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith<3
Answer: Chris Tucker
Answer: Rob with some funny hippie
Answer: Oh my, seeing Jensen crying breaks my heart...I'm a...
Answer: Theres nothing that John Barrowman wears that surpi...
Answer: Rob teeth
Answer: my ginger babe
Answer: Smith
Answer: Zegs
Answer: *dead*
Answer: my beautiful Robert looking down<3
Answer: Matthew with his hands clasped together. :)
Answer: LOL sorry. best manip ever XD