**Spoiler Alert***
This is just a general outline of what I believe to be the best episodes of House. Went into a lot of detail with the best ones, not so much with others. * means best episode of that season, and ** means best episode period.

Season 1

“Everybody Lies”
How it all started, this episode gives anda a general idea of what the cast is like, not to mention House’s prickly bedside manner and his reasons for hiring Cameron, Foreman, and Chase.

“The Socratic Method”
One of the most interesting patients that House treats, Lucy Palmero is a supposed scyzophrenic who came to critical mass at age thirty. Her son Lucas is in charge of her well-being at only fourteen. This episode also happens to be House’s birthday (42nd, to be exact) and Cameron finds out sejak going through his mail. At the end of the episode, we find out Lucy is not scyzophrenic, but actually has Wilson’s Disease.

“Three Stories” *
When Cuddy forces House to address a room full of medical students, House tells three stories of people with leg problems, but in the end House tells the story of how his own leg was destroyed sejak a muscle infarction. At the end of the episode, House agrees to help Stacey (his ex-girlfriend who he lived with for five years) sejak diagnosing her husband, Mark.

Season 2

“No Reason” *
The Season Two finale, a disgruntled ex-patient walks into House’s office and shoots him twice, once in the stomach and once in the neck. House hallucinates a bizarre case involving a man with exploding body parts, but deciding he wants meaning, rips his illusion apart sejak murdering his imaginary patient. House wakes up right after he was shot, and before slipping into unconsciousness, he says he wants kedamine, a drug he believes will heal his leg.

Season 3

Two months after the shooting, House is back at PPTH and his leg is in perfect shape. In an attempt to prove that he’s changed, House helps a patient simply because he can, choosing to try to ease the pain of a man paralyzed and brain dead sejak severe brain cancer. However, now that House is off of his vicodin, he needs his medical puzzles even lebih to feed his addictive and obsessive behavior. He soon runs his team ragged trying to prove that he can save the man, and offers Cortisol as a cure to essentially bring the man back to life. Cuddy disagrees, and disheartened, House returns to his vicodin habits.

“Son of a Coma Guy”
When House meets the son of a man in a vegetative state, he discovers that he might be in worse trouble than his father. In order to get a medical history, House wakes up the boy’s father using an experimental drug called El Dopa, which will keep Coma Guy awake for another hari atau two. They strike up an agreement. If House caters to the man’s last wishes, he gets his answers. House drags Wilson along, and the episode jawapan deep soalan about the boundaries of Wilson and House’s friendship, and why House became a doctor.

“Finding Judas”
With House now on a restricted dose of a vicodin, the team struggles to pick up the slack as they treat a little girl whose warring parents are hindering the diagnosis. Detective Tritter tries to get the members of House’s team to tell the truth about the amount of pills he takes (and is subscribed) but none of them break, although Tritter makes it appear that Chase does. As the girl worsens, they make a drastic decision to cut off one of her arms and one of her legs. Just before the surgery goes through, Chase discovers that Alice Hartman has Erythropoietic Protopopheria, a rare sun allergy. When he informs House of this, House punches him out. In light of House’s actions, Wilson tells Tritter that he didn’t write all of House’s prescriptions.

“Merry Little Christmas” *
Reeling from Wilson’s betrayal, House refuses the deal that might save him from jail time. For two day, Cuddy cuts off all of House’s pills until he takes the deal to go to rehab. While House is supposed to be treating a dwarf patient, he spends this time going through incredibly painful withdrawal in his apartment. Desperate for a fix, he steals Oxycontin from one of Wilson’s dead patients and overdoses on Krismas Eve. Soon after he awakes and is somewhat coherent, House tells Tritter he’s ready to take the deal. However, now that he has evidence that House mencuri the Oxycontin, the deal is off the meja, jadual and it is too late for House to go to rehab.

Season 4

“The Right Stuff”
With Chase, Cameron, and Foreman gone, House has to hire a new team. Instead of simply doing interviews, House hires forty fellowship characters, and over the seterusnya six weeks he decides he will narrow the room full of numbers down to three employees. This is the first episode that Taub, Kutner, Amber, and Thirteen are in. Also, Wilson makes House believe throughout the episode that he’s hallucinating Chase and Cameron, but it turns out the new couple has returned to Princeton Plainboro, Chase in surgery, and Cameron in the ER.

“97 Seconds”
House splits up the candidates into female and male teams, and they have to treat an invalid with spinal muscular atrophy. House is also forced to soalan his beliefs about the afterlife when a patient in the clinic tries to kill himself just long enough to experience what he calls “the best 97 saat of my life”. Puzzled sejak his actions, House decides to attempt it himself while his patient lays dying. Calling Amber just in time to save his life. Their patient dies soon after House awakes from his coma, due to the fact that his dog ate his pills because Thirteen was being inattentive. House decides not to api, kebakaran her on the basis that she’ll be lebih careful than any of the other fellow’s now.

“Mirror, Mirror”
The remaining fellows are forced to look inside themselves when they get a patient with Mirror Syndrome, a disease in which anda emulate the most powerful personality in the room. House tries to see what the man will act like with Thirteen, desperate to know lebih about the mysterious young doctor, but unfortunately House’s dominate personality drowns out any other people in the room. Also, Foreman returns after being blacklisted after an incident at New York Mercy. Although Foreman originally resents being back at PPTH, he soon realizes that he’s happy to be back, and House gives up trying to make him leave.

“House’s Head”
Part One of the season finale, House struggles to piece back together his memory after a bus crash causes him to have head trauma and lose an entire night of memory. After causing a huge meningitis scare, House thinks he’s found the person who had the symptom he thought he saw, but unfortunately it turns out he cures the wrong person. After overdosing on physostigmine, House relives the bus crash, and discovers that Amber was with him and she’s the one whose dying.

“Wilson’s Heart” *
The episode starts with Wilson and House standing over Amber as she lays unconscious in Princeton General. They alih her to PPTH, and House and his team struggle to save her while House deals with his ever worsening brain injury and Wilson’s refusal to let House’s team do anything dangerous. Wilson finally asks House to risk his life to save Amber, and House agrees to deep brain stimulation. Finally, he remembers everything from the night before, and specifically that Amber took flu pills right before the crash, which reveals that she has amantadine poisoning, and there is no way to save her. House has a seizure during the stimulation, and goes into a coma. Wilson wakes Amber up briefly before her death to say goodbye, and season four ends in a huge soalan mark for the best friends, because it was House’s fault Amber was on the bus.

Season 5

House gets the news that his father is dead, and barely has a reaction to it. Cuddy and Wilson conspire together and kidnap House, forcing him to go to his father’s funeral. Wilson and House haven’t spoken in weeks, but the rather exasperating trip to his father’s funeral is slowly bringing the pair back together. After House tries to steal some of his father’s DNA to test and see if he really is his father, Wilson has a meltdown and the best Friends are brought back together. House also finds out that his father is not his biological father.

“Simple Explanation”
A woman whose husband is dying is admitted to the hospital, and fakes her own illness because it seems her husband is getting better since she took ill. Foreman and Thirteen, worried about why Kutner hasn’t shown up to work, head to his apartment to find out the reason behind his absence, and are horrified to find him dead, having killed himself. House and the team spend the seterusnya few days struggling to deal with the loss of the young doctor (although House would deny it) and the episode ends with Kutner’s funeral, which House does not attend.

“Both Sides Now” *
Thanks to Cuddy, House is no longer hallucinating Amber. House slept with Cuddy at the end of the sebelumnya episode, and this one is basically the repercussions of their actions. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, House realizes he hallucinated sleeping with Cuddy and then sees both Amber and Kutner. House has almost completely Lost his grip on reality when Wilson drives him to Mayfield Psychiatric, where House can stay, detox, and hopefully recover. Also, Cameron and Chase get married.

Season 6

“Broken, Part 1” *
Season six starts of with a bang as we see House go through an incredibly painful detox strapped to a katil in a stark white room in Mayfield Psychiatric. After this is over, House tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Nolan, that he’s going to leave, but House can’t go back to practicing medicine with out Dr. Nolan’s recommendation. House spends his first several weeks at Mayfield trying to resist all the doctor’s commands with his eccentric roommate Alvie. Also, House is introduced to Lydia, the sister of one of the other patients, Annie. There is also another person in the ward, Freedom Master, who House attempts to cheer up sejak stealing Lydia’s car and taking him to a carnival. This goes awry when Freedom Master, thinking he can fly, jumps off of a parking garage. At the end of the episode, House looks to Dr. Nolan desperately for help, realizing that his problems go much deeper than his vicodin habits.

“Broken, Part 2”
With Dr. Nolan’s help, House slowly begins to change himself. He discovers, quite simply, that his goal is to be happy. Also, House and Lydia are revealed to have feelings for each other, and despite the fact that Lydia is married, they sleep together. Shortly afterwards, House discovers how to awaken Lydia’s sister from her eight tahun long stupor, and reunites them. Although it’s not important, House smiles lebih in this episode than any others. At the end, Lydia reveals that she is moving to Arizona, and cannot be with House. Heartbroken, House returns to Mayfield and speaks with Dr. Nolan about it, who deems House ready to leave. At the end of the episode, House boards a bus and heads back to Princeton.

“Epic Fail”
House returns to Princeton Plainsboro, and to the shock of his colleagues, reveals he will not be resuming his position as head of diagnostics. House believes that distancing himself from the hospital will help him stay on the right path. On Dr. Nolan’s orders, House moves in with Wilson. With House’s resignation, Foreman takes over the department, which puts significant stress on his and Thirteen’s relationship. Eventually he decides that they cannot work together, and fires Thirteen. Without medical puzzles atau vicodin to distract House from his intense leg pain, House takes up cooking, which he turns out to be extraordinarily good at. At the end of the episode, House decides that maybe leaving PPTH is the last thing he needed.

This episode is one of the only two that doesn’t follow House, but rather one of the other characters, in this one, it’s Wilson. It begins with Wilson going on his yearly hunting trip with a patient he saved years ago. Unfortunately, he gets sick once again and Wilson struggles to try and cure him, with House occasionally popping up to tell Wilson he thinks the cancer is back. It turns out that indeed he has liver cancer, and in order to save him Wilson donates a part of his own liver. House and Wilson also have a fight during this episode after House called him a doormat, but sejak the end they have made up and get a new apartment together, the one that Cuddy and Lucas were originally after.

“5 to 9”
Like “Wilson”, this episode doesn’t focus on House, but instead focuses on the hectic life of Dr. Cuddy. It’s a usual hari at PPTH, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Rachel is sick, she becomes the subject of a bet between Lucas and House, a nurse is stealing from the pharmacy, House is wreaking havoc (trying to infect someone with malaria, specifically), the hospital health insurance deal is in her hands, and she gets called a jalang, perempuan jalang several times. Things are not looking good. However, this episode shows Cuddy’s resilience and how hard she truly works, and everything turns out right in the end. atau as right as things ever are at the hospital.

“Help Me”
Reeling from his altercation with Dr. Nolan, his abandonment sejak Wilson, and continued issues with Cuddy and Lucas, the end of season six finds House is in poor shape, though still clean. In this episode, House is needed at a collapsed building where he finds a young girl named Hannah, whose leg is smashed under the rubble. Throughout the episode House fights to save her leg, but at the end Cuddy proves that it must be done. Hannah’s leg is amputated while she is fully awake, and she quickly taken to an ambulance. However, she dies on the way from a fat embolism, and House is unable to save her. Furious from that and his rejection sejak Cuddy, he returns to his apartment, and is about to return to his vicodin habits when Cuddy walks into his apartment. She tells House that she left Lucas and she loves him. They kiss, and for once, it seems House will get a happy ending.

Season 7

“Now What?”
When House and Cuddy wake up seterusnya to each other, they realize it’s time to talk about their feelings for each other. They take the hari off of the work, and while their gone, things back at PPTH are in barely controlled chaos as the team struggles to handle their patient on their own. Briefly House believes he hallucinated sleeping with Cuddy when she hides in the wardrobe after Wilson climbs through House’s window to check on him. However, it was one hundred percent real, and after some prodding House admits he loves Cuddy, and ‘Huddy’ if officially born.

“Small Sacrifices”
House and Cuddy are still at odds from House lying to Cuddy about the results from a hepatitis test, and House is out to prove that lying is necessary in certain situations and, of course, that everyone lies. Enter the hospital chairman’s wedding, where everyone’s night (except Chase’s) goes horribly wrong. Taub and Rachel fight, Wilson proposes to Sam (again) and she rejects and leaves him, and Cuddy and House’s fight only worsens. House manages to save some face at the end sejak apologizing to Cuddy fully, but there is still tension between them. Also, during this episode House treats a man who reenacts the Crucifixion each year.

“Bombshells” **
A normal morning in katil with House goes horribly wrong when Cuddy finds blood in her urine. House is at first convinced it’s nothing until Cuddy’s kidney scan comes back and it reveals her kidney is riddled with cysts. House has a meltdown, and it’s suspected that he won’t attend the surgery that could save Cuddy’s life. Both doctor’s are berated sejak strange dreams, mainly their subconscious trying to warn them of the impending doom, and when Cuddy goes under the surgical lights, right after seeing that House did come through for her and is with her for the surgery, Cuddy dreams that House and her are doing a duet of “Get Happy” sejak Judy Garland. Just a Rawak comment, but I personally think this was one of the best moments of the whole series. When she wakes up, House is with her, and everything temporarily seems okay, but Cuddy soon discovers that House came to her surgery stoned. Cuddy promptly breaks up with House, and House returns to his old habit, vicodin after a tahun and a half of sobriety.

“After Hours”
For several weeks before this, House was trying an experimental drug that he believed would regrow the tissue in his leg, and House was shortly relieved of his pain. However, House soon finds that the rats the drug was being tested on died, and a scan shows that House’s leg has three tumors in it that could kill him. Not knowing what to do, House decides to perform surgery on himself in the bathtub. While this is going on, Chase and Thirteen are fighting to save an old inmate friend of hers. House realizes that he’ll die without help, and he calls Cuddy, who he still has many unresolved issues with, to help him. They get him to the hospital just in time, and House begs Cuddy to be in the surgery with him, which she does. Also, House and Rachel’s somewhat legendary pirate talk is in this episode.

Season 8

“The C Word”
After Wilson is revealed to have stage two thyloma, the oncologist is very reticent to take normal clinical treatment and is actually planning on taking an experimental drug that has a greater chance of killing him than working. House finds out and originally is about to slice Wilson’s stockpile open, but instead decides to support his friend, and they decide to do the incredibly risky treatment in House’s apartment. The rest of the episode is House slowly watching Wilson deteriorate. House is ready to take Wilson to the hospital after several days when his friend is on the brink of death, but Wilson forces House to promise him that he won’t take him to the hospital. Throughout the last episodes of House, Wilson is adamant about this. At the end, Wilson turns out to be alive, and House has put together a nice slideshow for him…

“Holding On”
House and Wilson are crushed to find out that Wilson’s radical cancer treatment is in vain, and that Wilson has only five months to live without chemo. Wilson refuses to do it, and the best Friends spend this episode warring over it. House needs Wilson, that much is clear, and he simply won’t allow Wilson to die. House begins one of his typical downward spirals, flooding half the hospital and nearly strangling one of his patients to death. Finally, House aquicses and says that he respects Wilson’s wishes, and that five months is better than nothing. Unfortunately, the police got involved when House flooded the hospital, destroying the MRI and injuring Park and Adams, and is sentenced to six months in prison.

“Everybody Dies” *
The last episode chronicling our misanthropic hero, the finale has us watch as House attempts to kill himself in lieu of his prison sentence and Wilson’s death sentence. After treating a drug addict and saving his life, House and the ex-stock broker retreat to an abandoned warehouse to shoot up. House doesn’t kill himself, but the other man does. House now find himself wasted as the warehouse burns down around him, and House has no intention of getting out. Ghosts of his past visit to try and convince him to leave and to live. Kutner, Amber, and Stacy all return to attempt to stop House from killing himself. House has all but telah diberi up when a final face from his past visits, Cameron. Cameron, much to House’s surprise, wants him to kill himself. The Cameron ghost turns angrier and angrier, calling House a pathetic coward. Egged on sejak his subconscious, House is about to escape the building. Foreman and Wilson are about to arrive, expecting the worst, and see a giant flaming patch of lumber tumble on bahagian, atas of their friend, killing him. House’s body is found the seterusnya hari and identified to be the diagnostician. A subdued team, along with Foreman and Wilson, sit at the burnt out warehouse. The scene changes, and now it shows House’s funeral, and all the people from his past. Thirteen, Cameron, Stacy, and even Masters sit as eulogies are telah diberi about House, all of them shockingly nice. Wilson gets up, and begins a speech about how House was above all, a healer, and abruptly stops. Wilson then goes on about how House was a selfish ass, even in his dying moments, but is interrupted sejak a text…
    “SHUT UP anda IDIOT”
    Wilson walks outside, to find House very much alive. House says that is dead, and asks Wilson how he wants to spend the seterusnya five months. seterusnya is a montage of how the series ends for the original ducklings. Foreman is shown finding House’s nametag and the audience almost instantly knows that he’s pieced together that House is still very much alive. Cameron is shown finishing up another days work at Chicago General, meeting with her husband and baby, and finally, we see House’s office, now devoid of the genius diagnostician that has occupied it for nearly nine years. A new name is on the door.
    “Robert Chase MD” A passing of the torch to the seterusnya generation.
    The last line House speaks in the series is “Cancer is boring.” and “Enjoy Yourself: It’s Later Than anda Think” plays as the best Friends ride of into the sunset. This scene is kind of perfect, and displays how this is a mildly happy ending for House. The song echoes it’s sebelumnya performance in season five when the hallucination Amber sings it eerily as House descends deeper into madness, but is now played in it’s original upbeat form. The song plays, and the screen goes black on the best tunjuk ever created.

Hope anda enjoyed. =) Sorry if any information is shoddy, it's quite a lot to remember.