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posted by Irene3691
A couple of months goes sejak and his leg is getting better. He wakes up and Lisa is still asleep. Greg stares at her belly and smiles. He hugs her and then thinks of their baby. Cuddy opens her eyes and smiles.
‘Morning. I’m huge, uh?’ Today they’ll know if they are having a boy atau a little girl. ‘Are anda coming with me later?’
‘Of course, I'm not gonna leave my little ikan paus alone...’ House smirks.
‘I don’t like that nickname…’ She says serious. ‘Wow, aren’t anda a bit nervous? What do anda think we’ll have?’
‘Hmmm... I think we'll have a boy, I had a hunch!!’
‘And anda prefer a girl atau a boy?’
‘Uh... it doesn't really matter if he atau she's healthy...’
She smiles at him. ‘Let’s find it out.’

They get dressed and get to the hospital. Once there, they wait until the doctor calls them.
‘Here we go...’ He gives her a Ciuman and they come in. They take a sit there and the doctor brings them the file.
‘Come on, read it!!’ House closes his eyes.
‘It is... a boy!’ Reads Lisa, and he doctor smiles at them.
‘Congratulations. anda are gonna have a healthy boy.’
‘Oh, I knew it, I knew it!!!’ House says excited. Lisa smiles at him and they kiss. He caresses her belly and shakes doctor’s hand.
‘Thank you’

House and Cuddy leave the hospital and go back home. They go to the living room and sit down in the couch.
‘Wow... a boy...’
‘Our little boy.’ Lisa says.
‘We can choose a name since we know it's a boy... don't anda think?’
‘Yes, that's a good idea.’
‘Which names anda like most?’ Greg says caressing her hair.
‘I like James, like uncle Jimmy.’ She smiles. ‘Which one do anda like?’
‘Hmm... I like... Hugh... it sounds good.’
‘Hugh House... it sounds good, yes. But James House sounds good as well.’
‘Well, it's clear... let's mix them.’
Lisa chuckles. ‘What about… Hugh James? anda like it?’
‘Sounds good to me... Hugh James House...’
‘I like it very much.’ Lisa touches her belly and smiles looking at Greg. He kisses her belly.
‘Hi there, Hugh James... it's daddy out here... how is it going buddy??’
Cuddy smiles stupidly while she stares at him. ‘You're gonna be a great dad.’
‘Well, I can guess we both are gonna have fun...’
‘I’m sure of that.’ They Ciuman sweetly and House stares at her belly. She talks.
‘It’s incredible to feel him.’
‘I'm looking ke hadapan to seeing him... out of anda I mean, as two different people...’
‘Yes, yes, I get it. Look.’ Cuddy takes his hand and puts it on her belly. ‘Can anda feel it?’
‘Oh my God!! If he keeps on kicking your belly so hard he's gonna get out of there right now!!! Like an alien os something...’
‘Greg for God's sake...’
‘Hahaha...’ He laughs.
‘You’ve just called our son “alien”.’
‘No, no, no... I berkata he was gonna get out in the alien way...’
‘Yes... Thanks for all that concerns me...’
He chuckles and kisses her. When he is gonna separate from her, she puts her hands on his neck and gets him closer to her. She kisses him deeper and House puts his arms around her body, being careful with her belly.
‘I was starting to miss this...’ Lisa says and hugs him while they kiss. House chuckles and jokes.
‘I don't like the idea of making Cinta in front of our son but... I hope he doesn't notice... and I don't want to disappoint anda either...’
‘Well... if anda don’t like the idea anda can wait 3 months more... ah no wait, then I won’t have him inside but he will be in the room seterusnya door... So I think you’ll have to wait... like eighteen years at least.’
‘Oh dear... it doesn't sound very good...’
‘I’m not so patient...’
‘Neither am I...’ He kisses her and Lisa caresses her back.
‘Wait, can we go somewhere lebih comfortable?’
‘Yeah, yeah.... sure...’

House helps her to stand up and kisses her while they go to the bedroom and lie on bed.
‘You prefer this room??’ He smiles and kisses her. Lisa nods and chuckles.
‘More comfortable for us three.’
‘Oh no... anda shouldn't have berkata that...’
‘Two, two, just the two of us! Hugh is asleep.’
‘Much better, thanks...’ He lies seterusnya to her and they Ciuman passionately.

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House. I just own a burning desire to follow Hugh Laurie around the set and fetching whatever he needs atau wants. Forever.

“Letting Go – A Winter Fanisode”
Act Four


Wilson looked closely at the small freckle on the left shoulder of the patient in Exam Room 2. He took extra time to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. This was a consult, after all and he needed to be 100% sure so that his hospital would be well represented.
“It looks like it’s just a freckle,” Wilson berkata somewhat cautiously. “Probably from too much sun.” He looked along the patient’s...
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posted by HuddyLover1
"Is there anyone else that could possibly 'drop by'?" Says House.
Cuddy heard the door open and she nodded.
"Ohh don't tell me." House looks back.
"Oh joy."
"I couldn't guess."
"Reservations under-"
"Wilson!" House mumbled.
"Ohh yes sir right this way."
"He better not bring him and the Devil over here."
"Be nice. I know anda saw what she did too him last time but give them a chance."
"I did."
"quiet here he comes."
"Well what a surprise to see u here." Wilson looks at House.
"And I'm guessing this is the important 'somewhere' anda had to be?"
"Why yes it is. And I see the devil has risen."
"hmph funny." Wilson...
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posted by rosehustle1
"So, Rachel is a Krismas baby?" House asked nonchalantly as he sat down across from Lisa Cuddy's desk. She looked up from her computer screen and sighed.
"House don't anda have clinic?"
"I don't actually. Someone named Taub is filling in for as I was saying, isn't her birthday around this time of year?"
"She was actually born a few days before but no exact hari is known. I picked December 20th so she can share the hari with my dad. I thought it would be a special connection for them to share. Why?"
House studied her face for a moment before digging into his pocket and revealing a small...
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posted by bRiNnAyCuLlEn
*****I know this may be better fitted for the House peminat-peminat spot, but I think this may be interesting to do over on this spot. Also, many peminat-peminat on here aren't on House Fans.
*****I'm going to start it with me, and continue with anyone who wants to do, and basically end up with an alphabetical encyclopedia of everyone's kegemaran character and their ships. If anda want to be included, just make a komen on this artikel with what anda want your entry to be and I will add it to the article.
*****Sorry about the pic, it's funny!
*****Also, sorry abot not being able to complete this quickly, I am now out...
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posted by houseluva8
Today he thought ‘Today is the hari I’m going to tell Lisa Cuddy how I feel.’ He had been smiling all morning. He was smiling while he was getting ready for work. He went out of his way to make sure he trimmed his stubble and put on her kegemaran sky blue button down shirt. In a rush to get to the hospital he grabbed his cane, keys, backpack, and helmet. Walking out to his bike he was humming Drive sejak Dawn Landes.

As he was driving down the jalan his thoughts strayed to Cuddy. They strayed to how he was going to tell her and what her reaction would be. ‘What if she didn’t feel the...
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“House wake up” House covered his head with the pillow. God, he hated that voice.
“House covering your head won’t make me disappear, I’m inside your head remember?” House rolled over and opened his eyes. Amber was sitting at the end of his bed.
He gave her an angry look and glanced to the clock. 7:00 am.
“God! Why are anda waking me up at seven? “He berkata sitting up. Amber was dressed with her white coat, merah jambu baju and white skirt.
“I don’t know, is something bothering you?” House sighed and threw his head back while he closed his eyes.
It has been 2 weeks since he first saw...
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10. The show. The tunjuk is perfect it has everything a tunjuk must have. Drama, Comedy, happiness, pity, "love", mystery, etc. It is so interesting, it’s your puzzle. Specially because of the main character House, he’s quite a character anda either Cinta him atau hate him. He’s a jerk that everybody is supposed to hate but why does everyone loves him so much? anda are always trying to figure why he acts that way. And there are character that help which leads me to the 9th reason.

9. The other cast members. It doesn’t matter who it is. anda always Cinta other character from the tunjuk apart from...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The seterusnya morning was like before. Things change since they decided to go with the flow last night. Cuddy was up and was closing the last button on bahagian, atas of her blouse. She wasn’t looking at House who was seated on katil with only a blanket on. He, too, wasn’t looking at her. He ran a palm on his hair and finally got the courage to look at her.
House: I’m sorry for what had happen…
Cuddy: <smirk and looked at House> Knock it off… It wasn’t your fault… We both wanted it…
House berkata nothing as she went out the room to prepare their breakfast. He hated himself for what he did, for...
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“House?” a voice from behind made House turn to see who was it. The old yet familiar voice brought not only soalan in his mind but a cold feeling that ran downward along his spine. When he finally faced the person that he was certain that he knew, he was happy to know that it was Cuddy. After several years, he finally got the chance to she her again since her marriage to John, the marine soldier House treated in Season 3, since they moved to Michigan and stayed there for good. He walked towards her as she wears a smile.
House: <still in disbelief> I still couldn’t believe that...
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posted by laughingGrl
this is from EW

"House undergoes some pretty traumatic stuff in the last half of the season," Hugh Laure "not physical but mental"
series creator David pantai wouldn't say whether the crisis his tajuk character will be facing is what ultimately leads him to katil his boss Cuddy. "They're both troubled people. It's not like she's this thing that if only he coulod reach out and grab it, everything would be okay." In non-Huddy news, Chase and Cameron will finally alih back to the forefront in a "really cool" way, and there will be a "hint" of a new romance for Wilson.
posted by Sheps88
My kegemaran episode in season two was "Who's Your Daddy." It hit me with a whole new story line, House and Cuddy. I was mesmerized sejak the fact that they were growing closer and was drawn to the lure of the possibilities. Later in the episode, Cuddy enters House's office to tell him something, but once she gets there, she loses all nerve and merely thanks him for the injections he had assisted her with. This is a twist on that episode. I can only hope it's to your liking.

The hari was over, and darkness began to menelan the sky. House, as always, spent his hours after work resting on his well-worn...
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Sorry I didn't post the remaining 3 chapters of my fanfic yesterday.I didn't have access to my computer.
I had to rewrite some parts.

Cuddy walked toward House.House saw her come towards him."I like it."Cuddy berkata putting her hands on his shoulder."I assumed..."House began."Don't assume everything House.I assumed anda didn't like me.You assumed that I don't like music."Cuddy berkata going to sit on House's couch.House finished the song."Don't stop."Cuddy berkata disappointed."That's the end of the song."House berkata popping a few vicodin.Cuddy shook her head."What?"House asked."You took 5 vicodin."Cuddy...
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A multi [H]ouse ships collab! House/Cuddy, Wilson/Sam, Chase/Cameron, Foreman/Thirteen and Taub/Rachel.
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